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Rant and Rave: Thoughts on the "Toddler-in-Chief"; house phone, what's that?

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Retro telephone on a wooden table

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My 12-year-old son wants an iPhone for Christmas. I said, “I’m gonna get you a house phone.” He said, “What’s that?”

Breaking news: Trump sues Trump.

If this governor is so worried about people being homeless why did he approve for the 26 little homes built by volunteers for the homeless community to be demolished?! Those poor people are homeless now & the government spent all that money to bulldozer the homes while they could have left them alone or relocated them if needed be. Shame on this governor and county commissioners! You are heartless!!

Perhaps we are giving the Toddler-In-Chief too much press coverage. Many wise parents will ignore their child’s bratty tantrums and let them cry it out. We have too much to do as a nation to give so much ink to the loser baby.

I heard Allen Wilson is suing Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Because the scoreboard operate in each of those states cheated in USC losses this football season.

I am a 64 year white male. I am an avowed racist. I don’t like most white people. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe after Trump is gone I will amend my wicked ways.

Are the people screaming "abolish the death penalty" in reaction to Brandon Bernard's execution also upset about the constant executions being carried out by US military drone strikes abroad? Or are you celebrating the appointment of a war profiteer (who happens to be a black man) to head the Department of Defense as some kind of "civil rights victory"?

April, 2020: We're better than everyone else — we're staying closed! We're woke! September, 2020: We're better than everyone else — we're staying closed! We're woke! December, 2020: Ummm...ok we are broke so we're opening up. But we're still better than everyone else — we're woke!

It’s interesting that I read in the paper about Greenville County and Greenville being the hotspot for the virus, and then they got ads on the TV set running: “Come visit Greenville!” Does that make any sense? That was kinda my question, or my rant, or whatever, bye.

President Trump did tell us the truth about one thing. He said he would accept the results of the election if he won.

We've got plenty of social and political problems but policing will not solve them.

Could someone PLEASE explain to me just WHAT THE H*** BOOKIES have to do with proving the outcome of a Presidential election?

Personal opinion: After watching, listening to, Donald J. Trump for nearly 20 years, about the only thing that comes out of his mouth, and that of his deepest supporters, is large quantities of male bovine sourced, vegetative based, creamy excretory matter! Case in point, the BS he is currently spouting in support of his anti American coup d'etat!

(Singing unintelligibly) ... and the sky is gray.

The philosophical principle of Occam's Razor posits that the simpler of two explanations for something is more likely to be correct. So, either he State newspaper, the Post and Courier, the Associated Press, TIME magazine, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the LA Times, the Associated Press, Reuters, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. etc. (aka "the enemy of the people") are all secretly collaborating to create "fake news," to make Donald Trump look bad, or Trump is a thin-skinned pathological liar.

What does a human in the United States have to do to get the first stimulus check that was sent? Neither myself, my fiance, or tens of thousands of others in this nation have yet to see a federal check. I haven't even received my FEDERAL TAXES yet! I have submitted ALL required documents (in March of 2020) to no avail. My faith has been lost for this government... What do I have to do to get my hard earned money? Who do I call? Who do I talk to?

I think I finally figured out WHY Trump thinks former President Obama's response to the H1N1 (Swine) flu in 2009 was so terrible. After finding out that the 2008 CDC had predicted the WRONG flu, and had produced the WRONG vaccine in quantity, President Obama turned the CDC lose in the problem, let the people who KNEW what was going on do their thing without getting in their way, and was NOT constantly on TV BRAGGING about what a great job he was doing! And only lost something near 12,500 Americans. NOT trying to hog the limelight!

Rudy Giuliani got COVID and apparently he is excelling at spreading it across several states. The White House must be proud of him.

If Republican behavior over this election doesn’t convince you that THEY are the problem not Democrats.

Imagine how much further we would be in the fight against COVID-19 if Trump had used all that money for the good of the country instead of looking out for himself.

There is no better indication of the kind of low life Trump is than his unwillingness to graciously concede. His failure to do so is causing irreparable harm to the nation. He is purposely stirring up his blind minions for his own ego. When he says, “our country” most of us are not included.

What a fun show it is as the Republicans turn on each other and eat each other alive. I am all for it.

Know how to identify a Republican out on the street.? No mask. Not Patriots.

The Irmo creek cleanup isn’t a cleanup at all. It’s sterilization to make the creek into an urban drainage channel. Downed trees don’t “choke” (in quotes) the creek’s water flow. They provide habitat for fish and animals that eat fish.

You know, I'm looking forward to Sleepy Joe. I don't think he will be up at 5:30 in the morning, sitting on the sh#!ter, spewing hate, and having grand time when he's golfing. Everyday.

There was massive collusion and voting fraud in Nov. 2016 (while Obama was President). But there was no voter fraud in Nov. 2020 (while Trump was President)?

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