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This is a rant to the so-called war on drugs.

To the guy complaining about all the people sitting outside the Art Bar instead of watching the band (Rant and Rave, June 13): They do that because you can’t smoke inside anymore.

Whether you like him or not, President Trump is trying hard to do his job. I wish everyone worked as hard.

You’re heartbreakingly naive if you think having an all-female S.C. House and Senate would be less crooked than what we have now. (Rant and Rave, June 13)

I live in Summerville, South Carolina. Have you ever heard of a cockfight between two roosters? Well I just seen one this past Tuesday in Greenville. Male chicken beat the other male chicken.

OK, people, when the light is FLASHING RED in front of the chicken plant in West Columbia and there’s nobody in the crosswalk, the law says YOU CAN PROCEED. For the stupid, it means YOU CAN GO.

This rant is for the out-of-touch-with-reality restaurateur who constantly gripes about two of his businesses not putting up good numbers. Do you really think that if you continuously bash groups of people through social media that it wouldn’t affect your business?

In spite of strenuous advice against it, I married for love, real love. What followed was my realization that he was cultivating dreams but was determined not to work a job to support our family. That poverty killed that love illusion. Dead. Gone. For good. Now, in divorce, he wants my money. Of course.

Quit telling me to enjoy something! Honestly, when was the last time you forced yourself to enjoy something? It probably sucked, didn’t it?

I am tired of hearing “I’m a conservative” or “She’s a communist” or “That one over there’s independent.” Politicians are just like us. We’re a bunch of hairless monkeys chasing the paper.

I’m going to a family reunion soon. I’m going to take my kit with me. A six-pack of beer, chips and some mosquito spray. Yeah.

I just got through watching the Sanderson Chicken Farms commercial on TV with a talking hen, which is a female chicken. Strange thing, though, the chicken in the commercial has a male voice. It’s not a rooster, you idiots. Get it right.

I don’t understand why so many contributors to Rant and Rave feel the need to bash South Carolina. In reference to the person who corrected the “attorneys general” issue (June 6), how do you know the person attended public school in this state?

The decision by the state Supreme Court to allow mega farms to draw massive amounts of water from our rivers is wrong. (“Supreme Court Favors Mega-Farms in Water Case,” May 31) May the justices’ water turn to urine when they drink it.

Some people set the bar high. Other people set at the bar and get high.

Former Clemson star Dwight Clark died of ALS. Rest in Peace, Dwight.

When is law enforcement in Lexington County going to crack down on all the pimps, whores, drug dealers that hang out at the off of St. Andrews Road? You can’t even go out there and wait on a friend without some hooch coming up to you and soliciting her body.

Tri County Electric Co-op members need to be waterboarded. Waterboard the board members.

Do you know what holds people back? Themselves. You ever heard the saying “Don’t get above your raisin’?” But if you ever want to amount to something, you’ve got to get above your raisin’.

Am I crazy to think that there are a lot of mentally ill people here in the United States?

This is for the guy that didn’t like my rant. He said his wife’s first husband was a drunk? I think he is his wife’s first husband.

I read your paper backwards. I start with the Rant and Rave and work my way toward the front.

Man, that Trump, he’s way ahead of us. He said he was going to meet with Kim. Next thing you know he’s meeting with Kim Kardashian. Next he’ll meet with Lil’ Kim, my favorite.

The Bible was right when it said don’t put your trust in man. I’m getting tired of getting a half a box of raisins and a half a bag of potato chips.

Yeah, my rant is against the Subway sandwich company. They had ol’ Jared on there, a pedophile as their spokesperson. Then he’s found out. Now they’ve got the nerve to have the instrumental part of “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee,” a much beloved Christian contemporary hymn, as their theme music. Shame on you, Subway!

My favorite new food is barbecue crickets.

Yeah, two really great full-page ads for The Whig and Cool Care Heating and Air. You give a computer address — what’s your physical address? How am I going to find out? How stupid.

Good job, WIS TV News and Chad Mills, you got them to cut the grass in West Columbia. Why don’t you do something about the Uber surge charging in Columbia?

My friend wants to go to Norway to visit relatives but he can’t fjord it.

To the person who loves Carter (Rant and Rave, May 30): What did you do to screw up your relationship with Carter?

I’m calling in reference to that man or chick that wrote about people here wanting to hear more about racism and homophobia (Rant and Rave, May 30): You’re one ignorant mother#!king little small-penis short-ball no-teeth sunburnt runt that puts mayonnaise in his coffee to be wanting to hear that.

To the rant and rave wanting to hear more racism and homophobia: You’re probably one of the nasty, nasty saltines that hate black people. But you know what? We are here to stay forever.

AT&T is paying money to the president and his lackeys, and Facebook is being bought by Russia for information for Trump and his lackeys. Does anyone see a connection to the digital world?

So you want to repeal the Base Load Review Act. I’m telling you now, it’s a little too late.

This is BG the Blind Guy. Let’s grade the legislature. A for Asinine. B for Boobs. C for Can’t Do Nothing. D for Don’t Come Back. And F for French Whores Filling Their Pockets with Proceeds.

Hi, remember when they used to have a program called Nude News? You’d go on the Internet and pull it up and all the female anchors would start stripping as they gave the news reports. So, if those anchors had implants in their breasts, would that be fake news?

The hypocrisy and amount of judgment people bestow on others is out of control. Out of control. Take care, mother#!kers.

I have a photo shoot coming up. A passport photo.

Did people f#king forget how to say thank you?

A huge rant to the team — they know who they are — that I met at Pearlz. There’s a f#!king reason you aren’t married.

All right, if Dominion doesn’t take the old nuclear plant and turn it into a new nuclear plant, then they should turn it into V.C. Summerland, an amusement park. They could build a dozen hotels around it and make it a summertime theme park.

This rant is against a school bus driver. You are supposed to be hauling the precious cargo, the children of our community. And I’m in a 40-mph speed zone and you pass me and leave me as if I’m not even doing the speed limit. Is that allowable, for school buses to speed?

The way we treat people with opioid conditions is despicable. We don’t laugh at or make fun of people with Type 2 Diabetes, and they caused it on their own by eating too much sugar. But we’re going to humiliate and throw away people who got in a car accident or worked too much?

When I drive my wife’s car, she doesn’t want me messing with the seat, so my knees are hitting my head. Yeah.

The most stupid automobile ads are those that center on being noticed. God. How stupid can you get? The last thing I want to do in an automobile is get noticed. Marketers are almost as repulsive as developers.

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