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I’d rather be waterboarded than listen to the music of Drake.

Just curious: How can it be proselytizing if no one’s listening?

I just want to rant about the Gamecocks! Ha ha ha! What flag was flying over Columbia? Oh ho ho ho! Mus-chomp Mus-chomp!

My daughter’s working two jobs just because of the high cost of health insurance. Now these Democrats are talking about giving free health insurance to illegal aliens? Give me a break.

It’s been over a month now since the horrific tragedy in Five Points happened with the Uber driver and nothing’s been done.

Have you all seen Steve No-Jobs Wallace? Got a black T-shirt and black sneakers?

OK, so Trader Joe’s is a popular fricking place and parking is hard there. But you jackasses who park in the middle of the driving aisles and run into the store with your car idled there or and just leave it there for half an hour, you can go to hell.

Man, y’all got to be the most insane people in the world to think we’re going to continue like this. You got drunk last weekend, the weekend before that, the weekend before that. You going to get drunk this weekend too? God said y’all got to be sober.

DOT keeps paving the same roads that don’t need to be paved, i.e. 170 from I-20 to Batesburg.

This is a rave to all the USC women’s sports: They are awesome. Best year ever for women’s sports. Yeah.

I had a dream Trump declared war so he could get re-elected and our nation refused to do it.

Rant and Rave line, editor and chief executive Eva Moore. 5900 Garners Ferry Road, right across from the VA Hospital. Precision Tune Auto Care. Please come and get a free popsicle. Chris Trainor, get a free popsicle. Preach, get a free popsicle. Tug Baker. Tug! Don’t put no beer in it. Come get a free popsicle. You get a free popsicle, Eva!

Trump administration: If everybody is so damned innocent and has got nothing to hide, why are they trying so damn hard to hide it?

I love South Carolina. My question is, is Judi Gatson almost as white as that young lady sitting next to her anymore?

You don’t listen, do dumb stuff, and now we stuck in the same position we were stuck in. Sex, drugs and violence.

Goodbye Jim Gandy. And thanks. With you leaving, that should be the answer to global warming, with all the hot air you spew out about it. Goodbye.

The Pick 3 numbers in the lottery the other day were 9-9-9. Was that a George Sink commercial? Yeah.

The single source of the greatest wealth inequality in this country is inherited wealth, not earned income. The 1 percent simply pass down their billions from one generation to the next, and we know they pay their way into college as well.

There was actually an article on that quoted Barry Walker as saying “per say.” Fire these morons now!

It’s beyond absurd that WIS repeats the weather every seven minutes for three hours, pitches their weather app nonstop and declares every day an alert day. They essentially have no news reporting and less than stellar weather reporting accuracy.  Just try and count how many times they mention the word “Alert.”

When is the Straight Pride Parade? Yes, I will be there. It should not be necessary but I am oh-so-tired of being overwhelmed by gay/bi/queer/questioning/etc. Enough!

What happened to the Rant and Rave, somebody flush it down the toilet? Where’s all the big stars that used to be sending out their rants? It’s either you aren’t printing them or they gave up on your boring rants that you put in.

The state retirement is still, average, about $24 billion in debt. Why doesn’t the state of South Carolina file for debt relief?

The white cane law. If you hit my cane, it’s a felony. If you hit me, it’s a felony.

What’s on my mind is the bad driving here in South Carolina. I was recently traveling on I-77 North near Lexington Hospital, and a gentleman tailgated me, and then a gentleman jumped into the right lane and went towards Charleston. I mean, that’s ridiculous. This is just a continuation of things that happen here in South Carolina.

Don’t thank me for my service. Thank god.

I am hearing more viewpoints out of the mouth of Jared Kushner. No, just no.  

I’m so old my dreams are in black and white.

I only use drive-through windows for two things: banking and dropping off, but not picking up, prescriptions. Some fast food restaurants heavily favor drive through customers. Particularly Chick-fil-A. It is a dodgathon trying to walk into one. Most have two drive-through lanes. I just missed getting hit a few days ago. Then there is this: According to a study conducted by Exxon Mobil some 70 percent of distracted driving accidents are caused not by texting, but by eating in one’s automobile!

My friend owns a Port-a-John business. You think YOUR job stinks.

I hope everybody had a good Memorial Day. Hats off the all the military troops around the world.

Stereotyping people is wrong, so quit talking about “gun owners” as if they think alike.

Why is the city paralyzed by trains every day? We love trains and we need trains but please upgrade your track locations, Columbia. This is the 21st century. Get with it.  

Why do the curled-over chips taste so much better than the flat ones?

I went to the Charlotte 600 car race. I guess they call it that because I was so thirsty I drank 600 Coca-Colas.

I went to get three Doritos out of the bag and somebody slipped a zero in while I wasn’t looking.

Bill Buckner from my favorite baseball team, the Red Sox, died. Rest in peace, Bill.

On these four-lane roads where there’s no turn lane, you have a special place in hell reserved for you all who wait till the last minute, slam on your brakes, and then put on your turn signal.

It goes the other way around, asshole.

If you have ever been stoned at two o’clock in the morning, you might know how good a toasted bacon and cheddar sandwich on white bread with extra mayo tastes. Anybody got a cigarette?

I’m glad DH is there to know pornography like he has seen it. Hope for the future of Columbia!

People who get drunk and mean are not a product of alcohol. Alcohol lowers inhibitions; therefore, if you are a mean drunk, you just do a better job of hiding the fact that you’re a mean person when you’re sober.

How can people keep forgetting this Cheeto-dusted twat waffle claimed the sound from wind turbines causes cancer?

USC’s Board of Trustees (BOT) is living up to its abbreviation’s meaning: a piece of software that executes routine tasks with minimal or no human input.

Pirate captain to crew: “Jaunty, people. Jaunty.”

Instead of contesting the renewal of Group Therapy’s liquor license I think they should designate it as a historical landmark. Can I get a hell yeah?

How does an entire improv group get nominated for the Free Times Best Local Comedian? Comedian is singular. Also improv isn’t stand-up comedy. Here are three local comedians who can fill that final nomination spot: Joe Coughlin, Wayne Cousins and John Gibson. There are many more great comics if you need any more suggestions. 

If I knew we were allowed to nominate whole groups of people for “best local comedian” I would’ve nominated my grandma’s synagogue, because they’re also collectively funny. How am I going to explain this to her and her friends?

There was a time when honor, integrity and dignity meant something in our country. Trump threw all that away. But to a Republican, at least he’s not a Democrat, right?

Joe Biden should go home and be quiet. No matter how we try to get through to Joe Biden, he doesn’t get it. He continues to publicly objectify the physical bodies of females. That is a loser.

The businessman turned politician is adding $1 trillion per year to our national debt. Do not think that our economy is doing well when the national debt is skyrocketing.  NO!

Artists are not machines, grinding out art for a populace not interested in the personal views and mental health behind the effort. They are human beings, God’s most perfect creatures, flawed to the core and vision bursting with his grace.

To the lady talking about her husband knowing everything and making at least half of it up:  Is that you, Melania?

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