One car waiting for train to cross Assembly St.

A Norfolk Southern train crosses South Assembly Street, in Columbia on June 6, 2018. John A. Carlos II / Special to The Free Times

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I just don’t get why people think I want to listen to the music they’re playing in their cars.

I’m just here so I don’t get fined.

There had to be a day when SC gave out driver’s licenses, cause I swear nobody can drive down here (with the exception of myself and a very few). Why would you wait until you’re turning to put on your signal light? It’s too late bruh! I HIT YOU!

So, Attorney General Alan Wilson called marijuana the most dangerous drug. What a laugh. We need to change our government in this state.

I don’t care how flat you make a pancake, it still has both sides. Yeah.

I have to disagree with the gentleman that criticized the Crime Blotter. I think Preach Jacobs does a good job with the Crime Blotter and should continue doing it and continue to be funny. He’s a funny man. I love his quips. Thank you.

Tug Baker. First of all, you still need to learn how to write, young man. Your writing is atrocious. I’ve been around two or three times longer than you. Contact me. Eva knows how to get a hold of me. I grew up in Great Britain. I’ll teach you how to write. Also, Tug, stop whining, man, like a little baby, about IPA Day and all that.

Has anyone noticed how these Democrat underachievers always blame their failure on somebody else?

Richland County Council is complaining about litter and trash all over the county, I have a good way of picking it up. There’s over 5,000 inmates out on Broad River Road with nothing to do.

When I can’t go to sleep, I get up and read Columbia’s newspaper The State. That puts me right to sleep.

Don’t the rich know that blessings come from taking care of the poor?

North Carolina Republicans are suffering from election irregularities, as we politely call them. A congressional candidate and his campaign staff, after being busted for it, claim they did not know it is illegal for them to collect the absentee ballots of local citizens and take over managing those ballots!

The Pope confirms that the Church Lady from SNL was right all along. It was Satan!

The weather is warming up and females will therefore be dressing like sluts. They want to look like sluts but do not want to be considered sluts. It’s a tricky time. 

To the person that says that a business must pay at least $15 per hour, 40 hours per week, or it’s exploitation (Rant and Rave, Feb. 13): Brilliant! All those businesses paying less should just close and leave all their workers making zero per hour. Does that really make sense?

I don’t know and I don’t care what the laws are. If your drone is flying over my property, I will shoot it down.

Looking and listening here. It seems that Cardi B might do a better job of running our government than Donald T.  

White people, y’all win.

P#!sy got all the black men in America all f#!ked up.

The next time Elizabeth Warren is called Pocahontas by our president, she should walk over with two bathroom scales and set them down in front of him and say, “Step up.”

Here’s a rant for my ex-husband. You were the love of my life and you tried to take me for alimony. It was good, honey, but not that good.

People of South Carolina: When are you going to wake up and realize that your state and local governments aren’t doing their job for you and are ripping you off? The penny tax, SCANA, the Housing Authority — when are we going to say enough is enough?

Donald Trump’s Shakespearean moment. When it comes to reimbursing his hair styling contractors. To Pay. Or Not To Pay. That is the question.

Well, let’s all take advantage of county government, shall we? Let’s just abuse the system; who cares if it’s the taxpayer’s dime? Parties, trips abroad, gym memberships etc. can always be made germane to county business. We have just been oppressed. And as victims of the society for the preservation of keeping you down, it’s time for our just rewards that we are due!

A Harbison Boulevard shopping center has become a hotel for three white homeless males. They lay around sleeping or begging for money. If these were three black males they would have been hauled off by the police a long time ago!

If you’re a sound guy at a bar, don’t try and be a bouncer too. Stay in your lane, bitch.

In light of the R. Kelly situation, I was curious to know how the former owner of the beloved managed to escape the #metoo movement? This was an individual who paid strippers to live in his home.

Sure was nice seein’ y’all. yr apt is cute. yr life seems alright and yr love is strong. open the gallery in the back yard and host me again whenever. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please, please don’t leave an ATM machine until you make sure you have completed your transaction, and don’t walk/drive away until you see the home screen. Once again I pulled up to an ATM after someone, to a screen that said “would you like another transaction — Yes or No?” While I choose to hit “no” and clear the screen, someone else who may be more of an a-hole than I am might choose to hit “yes” and see how much they can steal from you. Please take a few more seconds to check the screen and clear your information before you leave.

In my elementary school, hiding under the desks in an air-raid drill was for a nuclear attack. Hiding under the stairs in a stairwell was for conventional bombing attack.

Isn’t it amazing that Waffle House sells more steaks than they do waffles?

We need to declare a national emergency. We’re being threatened with democracy.

I remember when the Eagles had their Hell Freezes Over tour and the tickets were over $100 and everybody was raising hell. Now Fleetwood Mac tickets start at $108. What the f’s up with that?

Let me get this straight. Jussie Smollett deserves time by Fox network to consider the charges against him. Meanwhile Roseanne Barr was immediately terminated by ABC. Hmm.

My friend did a taste test between cheese puffs and Cheetos.

About time Mr. Walker retired. Fifty years with the Columbia Housing Authority? No wonder things are f#!ked up.

I think we should follow up on the fiasco with the folks at Allen Benedict Court. I think y’all should have a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of all of those tenants. Please see if you can find out who would be able to take care of that. Thanks.

What’s on my mind is how people get a chance in life and at life. Lift people up before you criticize people and take people down. Let’s get our homeless people off the street.

Man, so many political figures visiting South Carolina. Betsy DeVos. In a wheelchair. We feel for you, Betsy, even though you’re part of the swamp. And then Mike Pence. Your feelings for us are you just don’t give a s#!t.

I’m trying to find an apartment. There are some that rent by the hour. Hmm.

Concerning Trump’s presidency, do the vast majority of American citizens not respect the rule of law? If so, we all are teetering on the edge of chaos. Hold wrongdoing individuals accountable and signal to your Republican senators that you have their backs to do the right thing. Psst, Lindsey.

The people financing all the country club student apartments are the same people financing the student loans that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. Don’t be a victim!

ColaJazz needs to find a better venue for their festival. This year’s event was ruined for me by a noisy, talkative crowd. How about a theater instead of a club? Or is the music beside the point?

Why is it that we pay the trash company to pick up our trash but they can be driving down the street with trash bags flying out of the truck? Should they not have to pay for littering?

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