Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Image of painting via Wikimedia Commons.

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Yeah, everyone should use turn signals, but if you hit someone because they didn’t use one, you’re following too closely anyway.

I have a rave for wild animals. Humans, get smart. Stop thinking the world is an amusement park. It is not. Wild animals are real and they are wild. Stay back, humans!

Chick-Fil-A doesn’t let you fill your own cup because they’re not pro-choice.

The West Columbia Police Department is a bad joke. Window-shaking car stereos, distracted driving and serious speeding issues are given a blind eye. They’re great at installing car seats and licking the ass of City Council.

Thanks, SC Emergency Broadcast System, for running a test that is virtually a half hour event that preempts everything and takes my TV volume from a 7 to somewhere around 87. Thanks for testing your broadcast during daylight hours instead of maybe, say, 3 a.m. because for some reason you actually think I need to hear the test of the system. Heads up, I don’t!

That awkward moment when you are called for a reference, and you think someone is a horrible boss, but you would love to get rid of him. “He is such an ASS-et!”

Who is Paul DuPre and who really cares about his opinion on Lexington District 5 School baloney? (Sound Off, “Kevin Fisher’s Defense of Kim Murphy Is Way Off Base,” Feb. 27)

To the person who writes the one-liners: You’re the Mozart of Rant and Rave. Yeah.

Jim Clyburn, you are not a Democrat when you vote for and with the Republicans.

The Orangeburg Massacre is on my mind. I wonder if you would be so good as to print the names of the law enforcement individuals who shot them so we can have them prosecuted.

I said it back two years ago when Alan Wilson said at the Peach Festival, “We don’t need the federal government to tell us that we need clean water.” Yeah, we do, because your ignorant ass won’t do a damn thing about the pollution. What about coal ash? What about sewage? What about pollution in general from vehicles? Are you going to drink the water, Alan? I want you to drink the water, Alan.

Is Senator Harpo renting or buying the Richland legislative delegation? Thank you.

To the person (“gentleman,” I presume) complaining about girls dressing like sluts in warm weather (Rant and Rave, March 6): Anyone telling you how to dress? Didn’t think so. Sit down.

One went down in Asia, the other went down in Africa. The number of dead humans as a result: 350. In the past few months, two new Boeing 737 MAX planes crashed within minutes of takeoff. No, no, no, no. Ground the Boeing 737 MAX now.

WTF, WIS expanding news to three hours of repeating the weather every five minutes, pushing their advertising laden APP and manufactured, non-relevant news from internet clips. It’s definitely an ALERT day! Count how many times they say that each broadcast.

I’m tired of people blaming their own underachievement on racism or bigotry or somebody else.

For those of you who read the Bible, you’ll find the perfect description about that orange-headed person in the White House in Proverbs 6:16-19.

So Tameika Isaac Devine says that it was a gross oversight that there were no carbon monoxide detectors at Allen Benedict Court. Two men died. That’s more than a gross oversight.

The absolutely greatest candidate — sorry guys — is businessman Joe Azar, who’s been a friend of mine forever. I’ve contacted him. I don’t know if he’ll take a job. Had Joe been at the helm, I don’t think two people would have lost their lives right there. The man with the plan, the man that’s the total package who can clean this mess up. I think people are willing to give him a shot at being the executive director.

Tug Baker, you’ve been getting in my radar and everything. That story about the barcade. (“Transmission Arcade to Unite Classic Games, Craft Drinking in Columbia,” Feb. 25) What is that? A bar and a arcade? Your story basically references a place for drunks to play games. I don’t know if you know what a arcade is, cause you’re really inept. My money in Vegas would not be on that barcade staying open very long.

If you do not get your education, you are going to suffer. Your mama’s going to suffer. Your daddy, your auntie, everyone.

I have a rave. My rave is to this phrase: Lord, don’t let my running be in vain.

I have a solution that is not a solution. Maybe it’s just a suggestion. Since we can’t get along, why don’t we all just stay away from each other? Can we make that happen?

To the younger gentlemen walking around here like you don’t have nothing on your mind, looking at these old men struggling to get around, and you can’t lend them a hand: Shame on you.

Those who are still alive in Columbia should actually count their blessings because the driving here has escalatingly gotten worse. The fact that I’m able to talk to you and be alive in Columbia is a blessing. I see these kids run red lights like it’s not a real thing anymore. I’m listening to “Rushing the Acid Frat” by Stephen Malkmus — it’s a great song, by the way.

My lunch crew and I went to Midwood Smokehouse. The food was excellent and the service was fast.

Women, y’all wrong about how y’all use y’all’s power. Y’all shouldn’t hold out on our imperfect ass like you do. Be careful. Be careful.

If it’s not printable, I’m not going to say it.

University of South Carolina, my rant is to you. Stop buying up all of Columbia.

This is a message to Friends of the River and especially to Squirrel: Miss you.

I understand a lot of people read the paper on the computer. But how come The State doesn’t want to deliver to my house?

This is a rave. I’m not saying I’m old or anything, but I tell my sweetie, “Let’s listen to some good music” and she says, “Hell yeah.” We went to the nearest Publix store. It has Kenny Loggins or Sting on the music. That pretty much rocks. Thank you!

Is it true that excessive lying causes orange hair?

Many of us drive on I-77 every day. Why don’t the police stop some speeders? They go about 90 mph.

Trash throwers and litterers: Watch yourself. With DNA you can be identified, fined and arrested. Hallelujah! Down with the slobs!

Governor McMaster says tens of thousands of South Carolina jobs have to be filled by people from other places because our workforce lacks adequate education for those positions. Here’s a small start for an educated workforce: Require that all SC teachers know how to spell. Many SC teachers cannot spell in the English language!

I enjoyed your James Dickey piece in the Free Times March 7. I do believe one of the reasons Mr. Dickey has been brushed under the rug, so to speak, is because of his negative portrayal of hillbilly sex. Enjoy your weekend.

I don’t have a drinking problem. I only have a problem when I don’t have anything to drink.

Disability Day? Maybe you should have told BG the Blind Guy. I did not know.

Robert Kelly, I’d love to do an interview. And then I’d punch you in the face. You remind me of people I grew up with in Camden, New Jersey. You have to punch them in the face to get respect.

Road work signs everywhere, but nobody’s working.

It is shameful that our government has allowed the conditions that exist on Millwood Ave. that have resulted in the tragic deaths of three pedestrians. The government should immediately begin construction of a liquor store and convenience store on the opposite side of the road from the existing one so that our upstanding (and sometimes down-lying) citizens do not have to cross the road to cigarettes and booze.

If the white supremacist, the neo-Nazi, the KKK and the hater votes were removed from the 2016 election results, Hillary would have won in a landslide. Now if the stupid vote was removed, Rump would not have carried a single state. And all the above is the problem facing this country. I am afraid we are headed for a civil war. And it all started with 24 hour “news.”

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