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Rant and Rave: The Emperor and King

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Harpootlian (copy)

SC Sen. Dick Harpootlian outlines an economist's questions about a tax incentives package to encourage the Carolina Panthers to build a practice facility in York County. Jamie Lovegrove/Staff

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Can anyone explain why Dick Harpootlian is now emperor and king of Five Points and why one person has that much power?

South Carolina and other states have CANCELLED their primaries and awarded all their delegates to Trump. If this is democracy, socialism is looking better every day.

Hey Trey Walker: Castling with Caslen to protect the King — bad move!

Can a story be too big for the media and doctors to admit to? Since 1967 the city of Columbia has added fluoride to our drinking water. Is this safe? 

I don’t understand why all these people come to Rant and Rave to cry a little bit. They cry enough all day. They shouldn’t be doing it in the papers. Have a good day.

Guy with the ponytail at Mast General got a haircut. He could still get it though.

Once upon a time, we had summer afternoon thunderstorms here, often almost every day. There was thunder and lightning, of course, and it rained hard for a while. The temperature would drop into the 70s. Now the only summer rain we get (if any) is from tropical disturbances. It looks like global warming will turn us into a desert, with dead trees and massive forest fires. Algae-ridden Lake Murray will wither away. Think it can't happen? It has before. Just look at the sand under your feet.

With the next hurricane, why don’t we name it Queen Bey or Beyonce? Don’t you agree?

I’m so old my favorite TV shows are Lawrence Welk and Hee Haw.

I ordered a bottomless cup of coffee. How does the coffee stay in the cup? Yeah.

I can’t wait to go to the South Carolina State Fair and get a giant turkey leg from a turkey that was on steroids.

My friend Joe likes taco Tuesdays.

Trump says he has millions.

As the number of deaths rise from vaping across the nation, perhaps our state legislators should protect our citizens like other states by declaring vaping illegal in South Carolina. If they don’t then it’s obvious they’re protecting Lexington County’s support of the new Juul plant.

Tropical Storm Jerry? What’s next? Thunderstorm Tom. Windshear Popeye Kramer?

How could anyone who claims to be a patriot possibly support Trump?  

I am a true Gamecock fan, I bleed garnet and black. I attended USC. That being said, it was a shame that we ran up the score on Charleston Southern.

I like when there is a Friday the 13th. You can watch all the Halloween movies.

The Taste Buds and I ate at Monterey Mexican restaurant. With the music and the ambiance, we thought we were in Mexico.

Former Governor Mark Sanford is running for president. I thought he was still on the Appalachian Trail.

We like going to Coscto and eating the samples. That way I don’t have to buy lunch. Yeah. This is the Columbia Yeah Guy.

As a former fireman and paramedic, I have a message for the general public: Don’t micro-analyze or uber criticize the people who put their asses on the line for you everyday, unless you’ve done it yourself. Just be glad that, when you dial 911, they will show up, even if nobody else does.

Hello, South Carolina. This is summer calling. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed my stay here the last few months. I’m going to stay year-round. It’s never going to be less than 90 degrees.

Hey Mark Sanford, the best thing you can do is go to the Appalachian Trail or write a new book.

Many of you have read of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s speech about climate change to the United Nations. Trump mocked her. His supporters loved it. Just goes to show what a worthless pile of scum Trump is. 

How long does it take to improve the "commenting experience" on Free Times? For a long time now that has been the excuse for not having means to leave a comment on an article in your publication.

White collar crime is breaking the public’s trust, stealing public money.

Why can’t Obama support Biden? Why hasn’t he endorsed him? I just want to know.

All the Trump haters out there talk about how Fox News is not credible. Well, CNN got caught in another lie. Who’s credible now?

Mopeds are too damn slow. I understand if that's your only ride, but seriously now. I saw one guy riding one on I-77 and backing up traffic. And some of y'all are so big I'm surprised it doesn't disappear up your woo-hoo.

[In reference to Fight the Power, Sept. 18] I respectfully disagree with Preach Jacobs about "paying" college athletes. If a free education to the tune of maybe a hundred thousand bucks or a chance to earn millions as a pro athlete isn’t "payment" enough then give me their chance.

Have you ever noticed that the more an office is organized by rank, hierarchy and top-down micromanagement, the more they describe themselves as a "team?”

Holy Schnitzel, indeed. What kind of church sponsors and encourages and promotes the heck out of a drinking fest in October called Oktoberfest?

Clemson is winning so much, I saw Dabo doing the electric slide.

If there is a zombie apocalypse, there will also be a bunch of people standing around and bitching that they knew it was going to happen, and tried to warn everybody, and nobody would listen, etc. In other words, getting in the way and being unhelpful.

This is Figaro. I just wanted to say that all white legislators and councilmen are responsible for trying to bring back the South and the Confederacy.

Had a great dinner and cocktails at Black Rooster. However, when it came time for dessert, there was no coffee available in the entire building. Come on Kristian, you’re better than that. No coffee in a restaurant? Really disappointed.

Hey, this is BG the Blind Guy. Oh, I couldn’t be police, fire or military, because they won’t take blind people. Oh, but they all are exempt.

Working class white folks hate Obama and love Trump. Black folks love Obama and dislike Trump.  It's not even a matter of choice, it's basically destiny.

Damn, I can’t carry a gun into Sam’s, but I can certainly walk in there and get a free knife. If you need a weapon, just go to Sam’s. They have paring knives.

I see a sign on these apartments down here by the Gervais Street bridge saying “Black Rooster.” I think that is pretty damn prejudiced.

Cam Newton wears strange clothes.

People who take care of chickens are literally chicken tenders.

I’d rather loan you my dog than my tools. My dog always comes back.

Say, what the f#!k is up with West Columbia’s stank ass water? It’s gotten so bad I don’t even want to brush my teeth with it! Maybe some of those folks running for city council and mayor could enlighten us about this.

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