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Rant and Rave: The election is called, but people are still talking about it

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Donald J. Trump

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So what is it that Trump supporters support? Lies, incompetence, corruption, ignorance or bull poop? Please enlighten me.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are putting together a diverse and inclusive cabinet of war criminals representative of the diversity of our capitalist empire. Dead civilians in the Middle East will greatly appreciate that women, people of color, and LGBTQ people are ordering drone strikes usually only ordered by white men.

Like a spoiled child, Trump's guiding principle is "I don't have to if I don't want to!" If a 13-year-old boy behaved like Trump, his parents would send him off to a boarding school just to get him out of the house.

A real man accepts defeat with grace and dignity, perhaps using some insight into what went wrong. A loser blames everyone else for his loss and bullies those he cannot blame.

To all of you who are twisted up about socialism coming for our country, please return to the U.S. government the money you received as stimulus checks. That is socialism and you best not participate. I know you do not want to be raging hypocrites.

It is abundantly clear that Trump is ignorant, incompetent, corrupt and could give a poop about anyone but himself. So why in the heck does he have so many supporters? What is wrong with this country?

Politicians who still have their campaign signs on public property should be fined for littering.

Bye, bye, Kellee Macaroni. I have had more than enough of your gaslighting from the White House. Madam Press Secretary promised on her first day on the job that she "would never lie" to us.

During your childhood, do you remember the kid who, after losing in a game of marbles, got angry, grabbed back his marbles and ran home! I wander if Trump would go home if we sent him marbles?

Now we talking. I def want my UPS man to show up with his beard on his face.

The sad truth is in Trump we got the president we deserved. Shame on us.

I found a $107.6 million dollar receipt in someone's yard. It was in the form of a Jaime Harrison sign.

I've never known anyone with a receding pubic hair line.

Did you know that more than 3 times as many Americans died in 9 months from COVID-19 than American dead in 10 years of war in Vietnam? I can't fly to do business up north, visit family in Canada, or go overseas for vacation. Thanks a f#!king lot, no-maskers!

Isn’t it interesting that the Republicans are not questioning if the South Carolina vote counting was rigged? Time to throw out the illegal Trump, Graham and Wilson ballots!

I guess it is pretty obvious that Putin doesn't love Trump as much as he did in 2016.

USC has a mascot that can be literally killed and eaten by every other team mascot in the country. In a world of "Tigers and Bulldogs and Gators" we picked a chicken. Oh yeah, sorry ... "Fighting Gamecock." Is that even politically correct? Only people who fight animals know how fierce a gamecock can be. Fighting animals is a sickness. Isn't it time to pick a better mascot, USC? Or do you wish to remain forever married to mediocrity, hickdom and fighting chickens?

It’s raining so hard, it’s raining cats and poodles.

I am so happy the winner of the Masters this year was Dustin Johnson. He’s a graduate of Dutch Fork High School and Coastal Carolina. You go, Dustin.

OK, so we sucked at football, at least we’re not the cultureless mass that is the f#!king Upstate.

We know Trump won that election, and we know there’s cheating going on. But we all wanna know ... someone needs to go through the votes and count ‘em all over again.

I’m not sure Trump is going away. He does have a legion of zombies, kind of like “Night of the Living Dead.”

You know what they say, if you have sex with a pornstar, syphilis will sneak into your brain, and our dear president is talking about people requesting a ventilator. Requesting. Kinda like pizza from the Pizza Hut.

It’s BG the Blind Guy. Somebody said to me, “If everyone was blind, no racism.” And I looked at them, and I said, “You know, you just don’t know blind people.”

I get constant phone calls to give Donald Trump a hundred dollars for his legal expenses, and I say, “You calling the poor man. What, are you kidding me? You gotta be kidding me.” Donald Trump, you can go to hell, as far as I’m concerned. You lost. You lost big time. And now you’re losing even more. And your wife, I bet you I could satisfy her with my Cadillac.

The Cameron Curmudgeon noticed that our esteemed leader used $200,000 in taxpayer money for his treatment. Then, as he removed his mask, he said don’t fear COVID, all Americans should have the same care that he had. Does this mean he now supports Medicare for all?

Bear wonders why there’s all this new hoopla about Hillary’s private server, yet it is apparently OK for DT to use a private cell phone rather than the one expressly for the POTUS. Is he afraid we might hear something improper over the official and encoded POTUS phone? What’s that about the goose and the gander?

To hell with all this (inaudible) crap. I’m more stressed out than ever.

Cure COVID-19. Cure COVID-19? Hell, we can’t even cure Daylight Savings Time.

Interesting discussion on PBS radio today, about third world African countries and others with "Banana Republic” type dictators refusing to abide by, and even allow, the results of open and democratic fair elections. Among the countries named were Tanzania, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, United States ...

A week after the election won by Joe Biden, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could not keep a straight face as he announced a "smooth transition to a second Trump administration." I am less than amused by your cheesy sense of humor, Mr. Pompeo.

People with hemorrhoids are just like people without hemorrhoids, with hemorrhoids.

FINALLY!! The MAGA movement is working. Trump is a lame duck, and only has a couple months till he's inglorious history, a BLOT on the political history of our great country!

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