The Chicken Curse is alive. It just moved to Columbia, Missouri.

Why do poor people smoke? That is an expensive habit.

Conservatives aren’t COMPLETE idiots: They’ve got many pieces missing (like honesty, common sense, etc.)

It is disgusting seeing the American flag that is being displayed at the old prison. Crossing the Jarvis Klapman Bridge it is visible on the left. It’s worn, dirty and appears to be dragging the ground.

I walk my standard poodle at Riverfront Park and clip my keys to her harness. I was down there late Saturday afternoon. When I started back to the car the keys were not on her harness. My cell was in my car so we were stranded. I asked to use the cellphone of a young dad down at the park with his kids. It was John Tynan, executive director of the Conservation Voters of South Carolina. Instead of a call, he gave me, my friend, and our dogs a ride home. Tight fit with two bicycles, two kids, two dogs and three adults — but John is my new hero.

Henry McMaster could have picked the cold corpse of Tammy Faye Bakker as his running mate and the Democrats could have run Jesus Christ as their candidate for governor and the citizenry of South Carolina would have still voted for the Republican. Shaking my damn head.

Why is Rump such a worthless pile of poop? He has zero class. No conception of decency. He has made us a mockery. He has an imbecilic knowledge of domestic and world politics. Yet right wingers are all over the idiot. It takes one to know one.  

The worst credit union is hands down . Local leadership is an HR nightmare. She gets mad that her reports aren’t her friend. She has direct reports spy on their bosses. Customer service is horrible. They know nothing about banking. It is a reality TV show bank. A clusterf#!k.

Yeah, there is a quiet terrorist. It’s the dump that spews out into the rivers, like from the treatment plants for sewage. Or the pharmaceutical companies dumping chemicals. Yeah, there’s the slow terrorists, dripping into the water source.

Republican or Democrat for governor of South Carolina? Would it have mattered? Things aren’t changing. They are changing for those who have deep pockets, but are they changing for the simple, common man or woman?

The other day I drank some Diet Cherry 7-Up for the first time. It tasted like horse pee.

I just got kicked out of my pain management opioid program after two years of taking six per day, the way I was supposed to. I never violated anything, didn’t even drink a drop of alcohol. So, now they’ve cut me off, cold turkey. What am I supposed to do? I guess I’m going to start smoking weed, even though it’s not legal. I’ve got severe pain issues. Tell me, what’s a person in my position supposed to do?

Here it is Sunday, and I’m just curious: If the Dertoit Lions football team has a lion on their helmet, and the Eagles have an eagle on theirs, would the Green Bay Packers have like a photo of an Amazon worker?

Mickey Mouse just turned 90 years old. He doesn’t look a day over 85.

I’ve got an idea to remake a classic movie. Let’s remake Driving Miss Daisy and call it Miss Daisy Gets an Uber.

Do bars and clubs have a moral and ethical obligation to prevent sexual assault or rape? Oftentimes I see young adult women who have had way too many drinks, can barely function and the servers keep on serving them. That’s not to mention the hovering creeps that hover around them like vultures, waiting for them to leave or trying to get them to leave. It’s f#!king disgusting.

In the words of Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby.”

I was in the Goodwill the other day and they were selling an item in there that shouldn’t have been sold in the Goodwill. It was an item for a man. It was a hammer to beat and tenderize your meat.

Buddy Holly and August Krickel rock.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Nov. 7] Oh, no. Not a second Blind Guy. We’re still trying to get rid of the first one.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the hell out of South Congaree.

I went to see The Nutcracker starring Nancy Pelosi.

Yeah, I would like to know why they are putting all these bicycle riding paths and lanes in Columbia using the penny tax. I thought the penny tax was supposed to be to fix these raggedy ass roads. Why are they leaving these damn roads with holes all in them, tearing your car all up, to put in some bicycle trails in Columbia? Tell me that.

Nov. 7 there was a new tune in the White House. It’s called the “Blues Session.”

These politicians don’t need to sit around thinking of new ways to tax us. They need to stop spending our tax money recklessly.

There is an apartment complex getting built at Meeting and State streets in West Columbia. Expensive apartments. From the top floor, I bet you could see everything. The rivers, the State Museum, the Columbia skyline, even the State House. And, oh yeah, the stinking chicken plant.

How many people think that Fox 102 plays the same songs too many times? I’m sick of hearing the same songs.

How come you can’t get as many hot dogs as you get hot dog buns?

Let your smile change your world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

Donald Trump’s enemies are truly blessed by who he is and how he acts.

Oh yes, let’s by all means get the troops to the border so they can take on that invading force.

My grandson is in the Air Force and is responsible for forecasting the weather for 20,000 troops. He hasn’t decided whether — get it — he will remain in the field after he retires.

Donald Trump is like two different animal parts. When it comes to Putin he’s like a chicken head. When it comes to the truth, he’s like a turtle head.

What really pisses me off is these gas stations that charge you one price for cash and one price for cards. Who pays for anything with cash anymore? It’s just a blatant rip-off. We should boycott them. Who’s with me?

Yay! It’s getting dark earlier now. The suicide rate goes up, crime goes up. Why don’t we just leave it the way it is in the summer?

[In reference to, “Since July 2017, Richland County Council Members Spent More Than $38,000 in Discretionary Funds,” Oct. 24] Really, Gwen Kennedy used her government credit card not once, not twice, but five times to buy clothes? I think it is time to check everyone’s credit card and call the police.

I don’t understand why The Jeffcoat Firm is bragging about being the best DUI attorneys. Sending drunk/stoned drivers back on the road, where they may kill someone other than themselves, is nothing to be proud of. The lawyer should be held responsible for any of the drivers’ subsequent accidents, just as bartenders can be charged for serving alcohol to someone who is already drunk.

The problem is too many cars, obviously. A large percentage of those cars are not going to stop at the exits near Malfunction Junction. So instead of a huge cloverleaf, take the cars and trucks that are going through, up and over. Start two miles from the junction on both sides and go up. One lane for trucks and one or two lanes for cars in both directions. This takes a huge portion of the traffic out of the junction. Less traffic, less need for a huge intersection. Cloverleafs fail since the goal of a highway is to move traffic safely. Going from 60 mph on the interstate down to 25 on the cloverleaf is not a safe way to move traffic and creates a traffic jam.

Motel 6 is changing their name to Motel Trump and their slogan to “We’ll leave the light on for ICE.”

[In reference to “Possibility of New City Flag Remains on Backburner,” Free Times, Nov. 7] R&R, the new flags submitted for the Council to choose from and then replace the tasteless (?) one now flying are a joke. They reflect nothing about the city in any way. Just get rid of the cotton and corn on the present flag and keep the central emblem with the motto changed to American English. What is wrong with that? I guess a lot because that idea, if proposed, did not pass muster.

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