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Rant and Rave: Thanks, RBG

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Supreme Court Ginsburg

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks on Feb. 10, 2020, during a discussion on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. Ginsburg died Sept. 18, 2020. File/Patrick Semansky/AP

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Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Well, Trump’s got the ‘rona. I got the ‘roids. Damn cheap ass hot dogs!

The Gamecocks are back to playing football, but the Taste Buds are apprehensive about going back to eat at restaurants.

To all you young social justice idiots who have no clue what respect is or how to earn it, remember, do not bite the hand that feeds you.

If Donald Trump is elected this year, it will be the end of democracy, and the end of the United States as we know it. His totalitarian bent is evident in everything he does and says.

With the national coin shortage, why aren’t businesses begging us to come with our coins collected from sofas and pockets and corners and all that kind of stuff, instead of telling us they don’t want the coins. Hmm. Yeah, that makes sense.

When the Trumpista saw on Fox News that most accidents occur within five miles of the home, he moved. Surprisingly, he did not take his mask with him.

These people are saying it’s OK to go back to bars and restaurants.

WIS is a s#!tty station.

Do not use Ibrance if you are nursing a pregnant liver.

I’m so old, I remember when Cracker Jack had good prizes.

I’m glad you are still open for business.

Around here, we try to feed kids. This house was up to about 300,000 kids meals provided.

I can’t believe Monday Night Football has been on more than 50 years.

Hey, this is not a blonde joke. But I just chatted with a pretty blonde, and she supports Donald Trump. And she is more broke, more poor than she was three years ago. I scratch my head at that.

The Bear wants to know what’s up with calling out the armed militia. The military is bad enough, but these are armed, dangerous people. Are we headed for totalitarianism?

You want to hear the slush fund. You look at every contract for services and supplied into your municipality or county and you’ll find the slush fund. The 18% kickback to the contractor, i.e. the procurement office of your town or county.

Hey folks. There are consequences of McMaster bootlicking for Trump.

This state will always be the bottom of the barrel.

Do not buy crabs from a truck by the roadside. Yeah.

I still want to go to the South Carolina State Fair and get some fried butter.

I do a lot of driving around the Columbia greater metropolitan area and I pull up behind a lot of people who have Trump 2020 stickers on their cars. I don’t see whole lot of Biden-Kamala stickers. I’m just saying if that is your pick, let your voices be heard.

Well, thanks to the smartphone-using, digital age people, we are no longer the United States of America. We are the Divided States of America.

In modern politics, intimidation works. The extremists on both sides are doing it very successfully.

This is for all you Biden lovers. Wait until your tax bracket goes up to 65 percent and you all start crying because you’ll be paying for your neighbors down the street to be eating ribs for free.

I love my neighbors, but some of them love Trump. And whether he wins or not, the Supreme Court will take Obamacare away.

My dear dad went to Penn State and Harvard.

Biden should ask Trump to step on a scale.

If you turn on TV in the Midlands, you get three channels of Jerry Springer. Don’t you dare forget what state you are in.

Don’t ever use the word “smart” around me. How about “idiot”?

As expected, Trump made a total ass of himself during the “debate.” His equally dumbass supporters probably thought he did a great job. If you define “great” as being a total jerk, he did great.

Too bad you have to be an old white man to be an unqualified criminal and president at the same time. Signed, equality.

When Trump was asked to condemn racists and White supremacists, his reply was “stand back and standby.” This is a call to arms! Why wasn’t he arrested for inciting to riot in the next few weeks during or after the election!

Well, after this “debate” I’m voting for Biden! After the first few minutes I decided I don’t want another 4 four years of a hysterical, bullying, interrupting, ignorant Trump. Suggestion to future debate moderators: On the next debate, I suggest that, if Trump fails to honor his opponent’s two-minute response without interruption, the moderator should disqualify Trump from the debate.

Well, the first presidential debate only highlighted the shout down, civil discourse reality of our 330 million PRECIOUS individual Americans? in the age of instant, digital, know and see everything world, good luck America. We need it!

Thank you, Joe Biden, for good discussion and well thought out responses in the first presidential debate. Donald, I am sorry. You did not answer the moderator’s questions. Are you unable to do anything besides rant, blame, spin conspiracy theories and agitate? Too bad, Donald.

Am I the only person alive who can literally see MAGA in Lindsey GrAhAM?

COIN SHORTAGE? How can there be a coin shortage? COVID runs rampant, many people are staying home. Shopping and spending is woefully down and unemployment is up. If people aren’t spending their dollars, there’s less need for change. So where are the coins? Surely not a substitute for toilet paper. I’m confused.

Mr. Rudy Giuliani has worn many hats. He’s been a lawyer, a mayor, a lobbyist, an adviser and a spokesman. Now he has appointed himself a doctor; he publicly diagnosed Joe Biden’s brain. Give us a break, Rudy. Please shut up. We’ve heard more than enough word diarrhea from you.

Isn’t it a coincidence that whenever ANY news story reflects poorly on him, King Donald Trump shouts fake news?

You smell bad. Why don’t you try some deodorant once in a while? Or mix in a shower or a bath? Use some soap or shampoo. Good grief.

My wife and I don’t have any pets. But we have a granddog and a grandcat.

I’m not saying I’m out of shape, but I haven’t seen my belt in years.

Disney laid off 28,000. Did they lay off Mickey and Minnie? Oh, no.

The Cameron Curmudgeon offers a quote from Nelson Mandela. He said, “Our world is not divided by race, color, gender or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender or religion.”

The Turtle is getting old and can’t remember whether he phoned this one in already or not. Are you ready for the neo-Nazi civil war this fall? Strumpf is calling out his brown shirts, and the GOP convention brought out all the dog whistles on national TV.

It is Sep. 29 at 10:45 p.m. and the presidential debate is over and Donald Trump has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is unhinged.

Who in the world is Kellee Macaroni? Please take away her microphone and her podium and send her home.

The South Carolina Republican chair is calling for two Jaime staffers to resign over “derogatory, hateful comments”. Whoa, Nelly! What about the big orange one who starts his day slinging feces worldwide while sitting on his crapper? Who should resign first, Mr. McKissick? “It’s time to do the right thing.” Did I quote you accurately, Drew?

Nobody oozes desperation quite like the Big Man who is trying to avoid prosecution for crimes he committed.

One wonders if Lindsey Graham’s attacks and attempts of gathering PERSONAL INFO on FBI agents and his vilification of same agents would be tolerated if the personal info were into Graham’s private affairs and life. Double standard, and similar to FBI. Mr. Graham is a personal servant of me, the taxpayer.

Who ever said academic leftists hated the free enterprise system?

Whatever happened to people respecting others views on current events and issues? Identity politics is ruining this country.

Lindsey Graham. Lobbyist. Two-faced. Conservative. Not right for South Carolina.

If Trump is re-elected, living in America will be hell on Earth, so, I’m moving to another country! Oh, I forgot that no other country wants us due to Trump’s failure to reduce COVID-19 exposure and death in our own country!

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