City Could Restrict Taxis

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To all you wonderful people out there still taking taxis, I just want to say thank you.

What's the deal with people walking beside and pulling their shopping carts/buggies instead of pushing from behind? You're taking up twice as much aisle space as you need to and most of you are extra wide to begin with, so stop it! Get behind and push like normal people.

This is a rave for the staff and volunteers at Congaree National Park. Their handling of the firefly synchronized flashing event was spectacular. Everything went smoothly and the fireflies showed up on time and did their thing. Great work by all.

The world needs a new hero, and one has stepped forward. His name is Larry the Cat. Brilliant!

You know, I’m so glad for Rant and Rave. But my question is: All these attorneys on the TV every 15 minutes, are any of these people showing up at funerals and passing out cards, god forbid?

I would like to see the dice that DSS rolls to decide whether or not children could be in harm from their own parents. I bet they’re loaded.

Do you love dogs? Me too! That's why I was upset to see so many poor dogs at First Thursday on Main Street, being dragged up and down the hot sidewalk in stifling heat, with no drinking water in sight, in large and noisy crowds of people. A few got stepped on or tripped over, many were stressed out. One tried to bite my wife — that is not normal behavior, it is stressed behavior. Their ears are more sensitive than yours, so loud music is very painful to them! Next month, be thoughtful and responsible, not selfish: Please leave your dogs at your nice, quiet home with the A/C on and plenty of food and water.

I love the new advertisement in the back of the Free Times next to Rant and Rave. Order toll-free drugs. Problem is I don’t see any real good drugs there, like opioids. What the eff? Where they at? Have a nice day.

Dear future developers in Columbia: Do not put any more stores in the Harbison area. Spread them out. We don’t need everything in one location.

Hey rant and rave. We need to start a GoFundMe for Jim Clyburn. Get him a case of Altoids for that breath. Whoa!

Amy & the Willie Wood Chips should have been nominated for the Best Worst Band Name.

What the hell is a Willie Wood Chip?

The Taste Buds and I went to Home Team BBQ. The food was excellent and the service was very fast.

I’m going to miss Jim Gandy. He was fantastic for 44 years. Yeah.

It’s BG the Blind Guy. Commission for the Blind, let’s see, $196,000 surplus. Taxpayer dollars. They were supposed to be split for retirement for blind vendors. It’s gone. What’d you spend it on?

You liberal vinegar douche-ocrats. President Trump is living in your heads rent free. I’m wearing my #MAGA hat to every George Clooney movie, every Madonna concert, every Michael Moore document. I’m 7 feet tall and bulletproof. Trump! He just made America bulletproof. Again.

Eva Moore, Rant and Rave. Rave for new shoes. Point of No Return.

Uh, I guess I have to go to Charleston to get the Columbia Free Times.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Everybody is talking about we need to do something about gun violence. What can we do about gun violence when the suspect is killed and we don’t know why he done it?

To the jerk that hit the geese crossing the street on Leaphart Road: You are a miserable sorry excuse of a human being.

A rave for South Carolina Oncology Associates for a well-organized, efficient, and professional health care practice.

I know y'all are tired of me bitching about WIS and their s#!tty writers, but damn, they make money writing those totally incorrect headlines and articles. If I built a roof or paved a driveway the way they slop around their s#!t, I'd be sued.

When my lover rubs my ass for no reason, I think that's a good thing.

Darius Rucker, do dolphins still make you cry?

Hey folks, I just saw 60 Minutes where they interviewed the head of the Fed, and no one had the gumption to ask him about the federal deficit. Every minute the deficit goes up by $1.5 million. I think your kids are going to pay for that.

A question for the voting people of America: What is the difference between public service and self service?

I would advise the United States House not to impeach the POTUS at this time. It’s exactly what he wants so that he can play the victim to further stir — I can’t even read my own writing — up his favorite Fox News Baywatch followers. This would just be a distraction so the country could further ignore the serious issues facing our nation and divide us further.

The doctor, during surgery, said, “I didn’t ask for a Bud Light. I asked for a butt light.”

This is in response to the guy talking about giraffes being endangered. (Rant and Rave, May 22) I always thought they were endangered because the female’s vagina was so high up in the air the male could barely get to it.

The one thing I’ve figured out about climate change: From listening to the Democrats, it sounds like the cure is worse than the disease.

Hey folks, if you watch a little bit of news, a lot of programs are getting cut to give the richest of the rich a tax cut. You can’t live forever on credit and at some point somebody has to pay all these bills.

This is a rant for Google’s lack of acknowledging D-Day. They come up with all these silly holidays and people I’ve never heard of to commemorate and yet they won’t do anything to change their design for D-Day.

Scientists invented a pill that makes your d#!k hard. I mean, come on!

Uh, my company reassigned me to another location. My office had a party for me after I left.

I visited Smiley’s BBQ in Elgin. The ribs there are to die for.

Thank you to the Moms that raise their children without fathers on this Father's Day. You do it all!

Love what you have and have what you love.

The Taste Buds and I ate at DiPrato’s. The food was excellent and the ambience was fantastic. They had good haddock fish.

The closing of Anastasia and Friends Gallery on Main Street has left an empty space in our hearts. It was the last tangible vestige of our dear friend's devotion to the local art scene. She was an angel, and we will miss her very much.

Free Times is moving to Harden and Gervais. It’s called The Post and Courier Free Times. I thought they were moving to Charleston.

Five people have died at a Dominican resort this year. We need to stop traveling to these foreign countries thinking everything is OK. We need to stay in our own part of the United States. That’s my rant and rave.

Hey Eva. Claws are coming out. This is for Vincent Harris. “A freakin’ retired astronaut” (8 Days, June 4). Ooh, he’s really got my goat. “Freaking” is like a word for the F-word and everything. Clay Anderson happens to be a Christian astronaut. Make sure you fact check, fact check, fact check. It’s kind of insulting to Christians.

When people drive on 77, they think the speed limit is 77. Yeah.

With all the rain lately shouldn’t we rename Five Points? Let’s call it Flood Points.

To the narcissistic assholes that think it's OK to run up on an ambulance running with lights and sirens: We have medics in the back trying to save lives. I'm sure you don't have the balls to do that to cops! If you haven't noticed,the roads here suck. We could be trying to keep a life-saving breathing tube in place or taking grandma who fell at the nursing home where you left her and forgot her who fell and broke a hip. Going a little slower will help keep her pain to a minimum. Think about that the next time you want to jump in front of us and make us hit the brakes hard because you think the world revolves around you!

The state of South Carolina needs to change the state song to ambulance and police sirens. That’s all I hear all day long.

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