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Rant and Rave: Socialism vs. capitalism and more COVID talk

Hand flips a dice and changes the word "Socialism" to "Capitalism", or vice versa.

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Myanmar. Liberia. USA. What do they have in common? Why, they're the last three Nations on Earth not using the metric system. 66 mph or 100 kmh. 10 fingers. 10 toes. Let's start teaching it to our Pre-K kids so we can join the rest of the planet in 15 years. 10-4?

Well, this year, my wife and I WERE prepared for the local yellow fog with masks. Covid v Pine Pollen!

So, Sydney Powell, one of Trump's former lawyers, is defending herself with the question: "Would a reasonable person believe..." My response is: "Sydney, would a reasonable, intelligent, highly educated person, make those ridiculous, idiotic, lying charges in the first place?"

Wow! A NASCAR event, right here in our city! No, wait a minute, it's just individuals driving the likes of chargers, mustangs, and other obnoxiously loud vehicles. Another rant may include assholes driving KIAs with music that vibrates the neighborhood, or motorcycles that get away with racing on our streets.

Thank you to the Supreme Court of California for striking down the practice of keeping people incarcerated for their inability to post cash bail. Cash bail must be outlawed in all states.

Congratulations to the state of Virginia for abolishing the death penalty

Jesus was a Jew. Surprise! He didn't eat swine. So, why would you eat Heavenly Ham on the anniversary of his funeral?

The POTUS held a press conference and it was NOT filled with blaming, name calling and nastiness. How about that, folks?

It is my distinct pleasure to ignore The Former Guy.

Boy, Trump has been out of office for over two months now and you still have these whiny, woke conformists complaining about the "bad orange man." You're all a bunch a sheep who have to be told what to think. That's right, I said it. Trump is still living in your head rent-free.

So you have never felt the need to have a gun, and you don’t know anyone who has been in a situation where he or she needed a gun, lucky you! You might ask the ten dead people in that Colorado grocery store. They were just using common sense, and thought they were in a safe place! Just think if one of those ten dead people had a gun, and shot the man before he opened fire, there is a good chance those people would still be alive.

To all the bleeding heart liberal cognoscenti out there? Oh wait a minute cognoscenti and liberal are polar opposites. Ok to all the fat brained ass liberal pinkos out there? Illegal immigrant children still in cages. Millions of Americans dying of the chi... oh sorry the corona virus of unknown origin. The dollar is on the brink of collapse. I can not send emoji on RANT & RAVE!!! Cats & dogs living in sin. But think on this ... non compos mentis Joseph Biden was supposed to fix all this in his first 90 days !!! Tick tock Democrats. Trump 2024!!!!

Free times asks “WANT TO HAVE A SAY? Need to get something OFF YOUR CHEST??? Hey Dolly Parton!! Come on down, you’re the next contestant on the RANT & RAVE!

No, it has never been politically incorrect to call right wingers stupid jerks or far, far worse. But I question if it's okay to call left wingers intolerant idiots without risk of being canceled by them.

Antivaxxers should be DENIED TREATMENT for Covid.

"Rick, I am shocked, shocked to find young women performers being sexually harassed by directors!" "Your actresses, Major Renault."

Garden 101. Dig a $10 hole for a $0.10 plant. Not the other way around.

New pup. Boxador. Yup, new mix breed to me. Love him. Bite bite bite. Chew chew chew. Rip rip rip. Shred shred shred. Jump jump jump. P p p. Poo poo poo. Phew! I'm ready for him to go to college.

What a great idea to build a new medical school campus on the Bull Street property, wait a minute, 14 acres, what a coup for the city of Columbia! Bull Street was advertised as a property tax bonanza. I wonder how much property tax USC will pay on those 14 acres!

In response to Senator Graham’s comment about needing his AR-15 to defend himself from gangs after a natural disaster: “Bless his heart!” Apparently our senator has no faith in the same individuals, communities, and civic organizations that have come together time and time again for hurricanes, historic floods, pandemics, and just plain bad times. He has no faith in our law enforcement and community leaders that helped keep S. Carolina from experiencing the same level of violence that plagued other states last summer.

The latest intelligence reports show that DJT had a mandate when he ran for president in 2016. That mandate was with Vladimir Putin. Bear is just saying.

I’m surprised the box is not full. The Class Clown has yet another one. If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.

Any mature and realistic adult recognizes that it is dangerous to allow hotheads to openly carry firearms. Just let them unzip their pants and their ding dongs hang out. Sheesh!

I told my wife that I had a COVID saliva test, she said I hope you get a good test score, yeah.

To the person complaining about socialism, make sure to send back your stimulus, as well as your social security check at your socialist post office and don’t use your roads and bridges or visit our parks and libraries. And yes Canada has actual healthcare for all of its citizens. How’s that capitalism working out for you? Sounds like you need re-education.

I guess you could say this is a rave. I actually had piano lessons in Switzerland as a kid. I can’t remember that dear lady's name, but the best music video for any young male is Todd Rundgren, "I Saw the Light."

Hey folks, wasn’t it one year ago that Mr. Trump said that COVID would be gone by Easter? All you dear people love Mr. Trump, just keep loving him. The lord is a nightmare. The lord told Noah you let those people drown.

Springdale and Cayce is surrounded by West Columbia. Why don’t all three of them combine into a city and change the name to Granby, South Carolina? That means they’ll have one mayor, one city council, one police force, one fire department and one water company. And everything’ll be cheaper. You don’t know where you’re at when you're driving through that section of the state. I lived in West Columbia but I had Cayce water. I paid more for water than the residents of Cayce does and that’s not fair.

Uh I stay up all night wondering if I should marry my girlfriend. Then it dawned on me, yeah.

Yeah, uh, Preach Jacobs, he a straight out racist, yo. I heard him. Yep. Aight.

You know what gets me? Everything is opening up. Spring break, thousands of people partying, football games, restaurants, everything. Everything but the cruise ships. Why are not the cruise ships opening up? I would feel safe on a cruise ship because they would be meticulous about sanitization and social distancing. You know what all the cruise ships need to do? They need to go and hire them some Uber lobbyists. Look at what Uber accomplished. Think about it, that’s what they need to do. Let's bring back the cruises. Thank you very much and please print this.

Uh this is the Columbia Yeah Guy, during the COVID period, I’ve gained a lot of weight. I weighed myself the other day and the scale said please go down the street and use the truck scale.

Why are so people worried about these COVID-19 vaccinations? You go in you get the shot, just two or three stitches, you’re good to go. Piece of cake.

If Fed Ex and UPS go together it’ll be called Fed Up, yeah.

I don’t need Google, my wife knows everything.

Hey grandma what’s the combination to the safe where you keep all your toilet paper? It’s an emergency.

You know at the end of life you can always really see what’s happening with people. Jesus was crucified as a sacrifice now let's switch gears. At the end of Trump’s presidency he shared that he’s a white trash idiot. Now let’s go to the NCAA Tournament. Villanova has fouled the other team 15, 20 times. You can’t stop what’s coming. They’re going to lose by 11 and they cannot play them, so they just foul foul foul. And uh at the end of the game what shows your true colors. Mr. Trump, the dear lord or Villanova.

The president and vice president of the United States is limited to two term, which is eight years. It should be, the Senate and Representative should be limited to a certain term.

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