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Rant and Rave: Raves! Yay! And the COVID culture war continues

Dog celebrating with red party hat and blow--out

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Why did the moth go into the room? The light was on.

Kudos to cartoonist Robert Arial’s cartoon in The State newspaper September 21 showing Governor McMaster supposedly sword fighting Biden’s vaccination mandate to the “Gates of Hell”, only to find a VACCINATION REQUIRED sign on the gate! Get the shot!

I come from S. Carolina a plantation state. Oppressed by a governor who has a last name with master in it. Whose political agenda is more important than young people's lives.

Shane Beamer! You don’t have an offense, a defense, a passing game or a running game! Thank goodness we had a preseason or the Gamecocks wouldn’t have any wins this season!

What is wrong with right wingers? The right is the most serious threat to democracy in over one hundred years.

Our gas and vehicle taxes are meant to fully fund roads throughout South Carolina. So why does McMaster want to use our COVID-19 monies for roads? Not for rural hospitals, clinics and Medicaid expansion. This is a criminal misapplication of public dollars. We're calling you out on this, gov.

Ain’t nobody attacking your damn children. If anything, they are the dangerous ones. They are running around spreading all kinds of germs INCLUDING Covid, and they are also getting the message that they don’t need to be part of the solution, and that other people don’t count.

Bienvenido, Autumnal Equinox! Welcome, fall! I'm soooo ready for cooler outdoor activities!

Rosie the Riveter rolled up her sleeves to get the job done during World War II. She'd roll them up again to get a COVID-19 vaccination if she thought it would help win the war against a pandemic that's threatening her country.

You A-Hole non vaxxers think it is your right not to get vaccinated? It is not your right to give me covid.

It made me sad to read that county morgues are at near capacity due to Covid deaths. May I suggest another taxpayer funded facility to help with the overflow — the governor’s mansion. Perhaps then the denier-in-chief can see, first hand, the fruits of his twisted ideology.

if you can't call in for a to-go order without being a complete ass, do the service industry a favor by not giving us your business. Xoxo

Star Bucks. Hell no. I'm off to Curiosity Coffee. Check-fil-A. No, no, no. Kiki's. Yum um! Toxic Bell. Sorry. Mexican food truck for me. Whole Paycheck. Negatory. Going to Rosewood Market or 14 Carrot. Trader Joes. Oops, I'm a sellout.

If marketing professionals can get people to buy worn-out jeans with holes in them for more money than new jeans why can't they persuade people to get a free COVID shot to save their own lives and the lives of of our heroic and courageous front-line health care workers?

Have you noticed? Atlantic hurricanes are no longer hitting the Southeast, but are now headed up to New England or even Newfoundland? (Where the hell is that?) Soon Atlantic hurricane season will be something for Greenland to worry about. Another benefit (for us) of global warming!

Who exactly are the chumps loaning mortgage money for 30 years at less than 3%? It turns out it is the Federal Reserve — that is, us. Printing money to loan out at absurdly low rates is the financial equivalent of dealing cocaine. Let's have another hit of low interest rates! Stock market and real estate — let's get higher and higher! What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, good morning. I have been English college professor for 30 years. I'm a progressive independent and I need to get this off my chest. I think it's very dangerous to be pulling down always statues, and reviving history. And I am so sick of Black Lives Matter that I can't take it anymore and I marched with Dr. King when I was in college in Memphis. But this has gone too far. The slave market in Charleston is not the slave market anymore.

One of my co workers was wearing white after Labor Day. Whaat.

Procrastination the nation is the key of time management.

My friend went to do the saliva COVID test. He said the nurse there was a spitting image of his sister in law.

Hi, my rant and rave is about the property value that's in West Columbia. Due to USC buying the property, the property value in the West Columbia and Cayce area is worth $20 million per property. Do not sell your home. If you own your home keep it because the property value for USC is very valuable. Do not sell your home.

This is for all the damn yankess that's raving and ranting about South Carolina. If you don't like it, move your ass back up north. We don't want you down here anyyway.

If you really got yourself in a bad situation, and everything is backing up on ya. Sikes Septic Tanks Systems and Pumping is the one you want.

You know we were raised to be polite but a gentleman kicked the lady down the steps in New York on the subway. But take a good look around. This is South Carolina. I hope you mom's have 20 kids who taught these kids to hate, and who taught these kids to be cowards. I hope you Dear ladies have 20 kids. Thank you.

The Hollywood rumor mill has it that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are looking to produce and direct another movie in the dumb series. This time it will be politically charged using real politicians. The early working title is dumb, dumber, and dumb f#!k governors. Leading candidates for the starring roles are Abbott of Texas, McMaster of South Carolina, and DeSantis of Florida.

Okay, Cameron Curmudgeon is a pessimist by nature, but recent events have caused even greater consternation. The radical right, sometimes known as Nazis, proud boys, KKK and others have caused far right Republican politicians, Senators, state representatives, mayors, school boards that cater to them to create a very toxic situation in this great country of ours. Those events include anti vaccine, anti masking, assault on our basic voting rights, voting rights, and even assault on the Capitol with open carry laws.

Okay, I just wanna say thank you very much for not printing all my rant about the city of Columbia chauffeur's license checklist. Well, yet we taxi drivers had to pay almost $300 Uber and Lyft they pay nada, nilch nothing but they're professional drivers. Oh, wait, no, they're not professional drivers. Taxi cabs are professional drivers. Why does the city of Columbia allow this? Why are they punishing taxi cab drivers every year by making us get a chauffeur's license. That's archaic, old school, obsolete fix it city of Columbia.

I just want to give a shout out, top of the line rave to Pam, the young lady that just helped me go through my COVID-19 test at DHEC on Bull Street. She was very patient and really helped an old-school guy like me with the whole process. Thank you so much, Pam, you did a wonderful, wonderful job.

Hey, folks, I guess this is a rhetorical question. If the vaccine, if you could have a vaccine that was free, and that was 90% effective in eliminating hatred and stupidity. Would the injection rates, or the amount or percentage of injection or people getting shots, when that percentage be set the same or similar to the COVID 19 vaccine rates for people accepting the, sorry, but I think you understand the rhetorical question.

Well, it looks like the top 10, you know, global warming, carbon releasers are one, volcanoes. You going to stop that one Joe? Number two is gaining. But it is human and industrial waste in the ground, releasing out of the ground, whether it's on fire still, or whether it's just permeating the air. Number three solid waste. Yeah. So you got to stop people from taking dumps or farting. Because, you know, by look at number four solar farms. Maybe shouldn't use the screw.

Stores already have Thanksgiving supplies? I guess it is two and a half months away.

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