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Rant and Rave: Raves for Food Lion and Marvel, rants for billionaires

New Food Lion on Devine Street, Columbia (copy) (copy)

The former Gamecock Bi-Lo on Devine Street was taken over by Food Lion.  File/Mike Fitts/Staff

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The editor at Rant and Rave needs to go to the nearest boneyard and find himself a spine. How dare you wussies not print my rant about how fortunate it was that the black shirted cops from the county and the city didn't have to perform this special kind of rescue of the kids on the school bus. It could have been tragic. You have stooped low enough to kiss the asses of both Lott and Holbrook. Please bring back the real Rant and Rave.

This is a Columbia Yeah Guy. My son is a meteorologist in the Air Force. He's had to move his family several times to different bases with all the changes. He's been able to weather the storm. Yeah.

Yes, all this hacking coming from Russia. Do you know Edward Snowden? President Obama tried to get him back to the United States but Trump wanted to keep him over in Russia. Now Putin's hacking into all the United States essential businesses and now we are paying ransom. Take care. Just look out for Russia. Bye.

Uh I listened to Michael Bublé's Greatest Songs. It doesn't take long.

When my wife sings around the house, she sings notes that only dogs can hear. Yeah.

You know, morning, folks, wrap your mind around this. Our ex president is not a Republican. The correct term is he's a parasite. You have to keep the con going. Didn't he give money to the Clintons years ago? You want to go down that road? The Bible says to stay away from double minded people. You go out to eat with somebody they say eat too fast, you brought to you and again they say eat too slow. So you quit fooling with them. 

Once you know God, you have more than the world could ever offer.

You know, I just had a cancer spot on my hand cut out the size a quarter. Got 10 stitches in it. And now I'm in pain, but you know what? The doctor not want to give me anything for pain. So what do I do? Just go out to the drug dealers on the street? So you let me know the answer to that. Thank you so much and have a nice day.

Regarding the banana Republicans efforts to block an investigation into the January 6, assault on the Capitol. How can they deny it was an assault and that the insurgents were armed, when we all saw this armed and destructive riot in real time on television? Turtle is astounded and highly offended by the attempt to deny what we saw and say they were like tourists taking a tour of the Congress building. WTF.

I'm gonna call my injury lawyer. Cheatem and Howe.

Yes, I'm watching Channel 19. Today. Wednesday. Go there. Andrea and Darcy was talking about they both wore the snakeskin dresses. Thank God at least they had a dress on. I don't care what they wear. At least they had their dress on. Thank goodness. thank you!

Just got home. Watching TV, another great Marvel movie coming out, "The Eternals." Long line of great Marvel movies. Thank you so much, Stan Lee, for making my childhood dreams into reality in the form of movies in 2021. We thank you. God bless you. God bless you, Stan Lee.

I bet there are some beautiful faces under all of this paint I see every day. Maybe they need to make a special day where they'll wipe it all off, so they can really see how beautiful they are. 

Everyone should feel free to carry their gun on their hip or wherever. Just not on Statehouse grounds. Explain that hypocrisy to me? Are they afraid somebody might get shot? Such hypocrisy.

You know, this is like a super rave for Food Lion in Columbia, South Carolina. At least once a month. They have a feed somebody that's hungry program. Right now, if you give them $5 they'll match it.

G7. What a joke. Joe Biden, you need to actually make it to G9 include Russia and China and then you all can flex your muscles together and f#!k each other up the ass.

The Revolution, the revolution shall be against all corps. All these billionaires, since Herbert Hoover, are still existing today. All these billionaires that are now just controlling the world, and our politicians, no more. I say we all drop what we're doing, walk off your job, and tell everybody who's in authority. Sorry, we want reparations. We shouldn't be paying more taxes than a billionaire. I pay more taxes in a year than a billionaire. It's unbelievable.

What are two things you cannot do at the same time when you're sleeping? Uh snoring and dreaming. Yeah.

You know, I do hate to use up your tape with something that's been said before, but every time this paper plate commercial comes up on TV, and food is dropped on the floor, on a table. Don't you dare forget one in seven kids in America lives in poverty.

Uh another example of my friend's pick up lines is: Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you.

I guess this is a rave for the French Open. If you hear that there lady in the background talking French. French is one of the most beautiful languages. We inhaled French when we were kids and we were in the Eiffel Tower twice with my dear mom. When if you listen to that chick in the background, it's better than music.

My favorite movie of all time is "Animal House." I still like having food fights and toga parties.

The term "banana Republicans" (Rant and Rave, June 9) didn't catch on when Paul Begala tried it years ago, and it sounds even stupider now.

Looky here, guv, I don’t like having you as my governor any more than you like having “my kind” as a constituent. But that’s democracy biz for you. So can you show just a little CLASS when the Vice President of the U.S. comes around to promote vaccines, which can save many lives? Do you have to be a jerk ALL THE TIME?

BLYSS must've had an ax or three to grind Friday night at Hemingway's. 'Cause they SHREADED the place. It's only Rock 'n Roll BUT I LIKE IT!!

I have some weird friends. One washes his hands when he walks INTO a public bathroom but not afterwards. Another takes a spoonful of frozen orange juice concentrate to make it by the glass, and leaves the rest in the freezer. Weird.

Most of you who think you're smart enough to drive while on your cell? You're not.

(Dr.?) Mick Mulvaney desires to lead South Carolina's Flagship University? My alma mater? Print his public statements. Let his words disqualify him.

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