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Rant and Rave: Rave for Jaime

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Jaime Harrison (copy)

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jaime Harrison held a kickoff rally in his native Orangeburg on Sept. 29, 2019. Harrison is challenging U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. File/Jamie Lovegrove/Staff

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This is a rave for Jaime Harrison. I hope he beats Lindsey Graham, that Trump toadie and flip-flopper, for the Senate seat. Good luck, Jaime.

I loved watching Madonna videos back in the 1980s and 1990s, back when MTV still played music videos.

Isn’t wearing a mask kind of like wearing a condom? At least it looks that way on some of the people I’ve seen. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A long time ago, before the music stopped, if you interfered with an election for president, you were automatically forbidden from running for any office, for life. And here we have a president telling any lie he can to try to rig re-election. Why is the country allowing this to happen? Cowards.

This is the way it goes. Thanks to the earthquake we felt in South Carolina, I experienced my bed rocking like a cradle for the first time in my life, and I am 69 years of age. Thank you.

Since when does Eggs Up serve doughnuts? I went by there Saturday morning and there must have been 10 cop cars there.

My wife gave me a seven-course meal: A six-pack of beer and a baked potato.

I’ve been watching the news lately. That’s a mistake.

When I was a kid, I went to school in Switzerland. If the European militaries were aware that the Russians were paying bounties on killing American soldiers, how can you tell me Lindsey Graham had no idea what was going on?

A Lexington County production, starring South Congaree as the suburban jungle. Rated “G” for gross.

Hey Free Times, I just saw Clyburn on TV speaking again. He is to be charged with crimes against humanity. His breath is a weapon of mass destruction.

My son likes playing tic-tac-toe with the postman. He leaves a little piece of paper in the mailbox. It’s funny. Yeah.

Movie theaters are starting to open around Columbia. No, thank you.

What’s on my mind is the facts that not only Black lives matter, all lives matter. This is BG the Blind Guy. I went to see a Black friend in a Black neighborhood and a Black cop got in my face.

The Bear wonders if a sitting president can be impeached for obstruction of democracy. Wake up, America. We are going down the tubes.

For all you people who are working from home and enjoying it so much, how long do you think it will be before your employer figures out that somebody can probably work from India for half the money and do your job?

Leftists can’t change the weather or save the economy any more than they can save their own souls.

I can hear my mom smile over the phone.

Hello, citizens. This is just to let you know that being anti-Black right now is dangerous.

Hey geniuses, now that we have corona, trust me, Jesus is the answer.

I just want to say, “God bless Rick Henry.” Me and my wife met you, sir, at the Capital One Bowl when USC played Wisconsin. I was the burly guy at the gate with my beautiful wife. We took pictures with you. God bless you. We will be praying for you every step of the way with your cancer treatment.

To the person complaining that Rant and Rave has lost something [Rant and Rave, Aug. 12], it’s likely because of the editing. Whoever is editing occasionally misses the point entirely and often the subtleties. Now I sometimes read my rants and don’t even recognize them.

Where is the outrage at Trump’s pro-global warming policies? It’s like a bowling ball picking up speed as it heads down the alley of the future. Progressives and Trump supporters alike seem to think if we just ignore it the bowling ball will stop. When the ice is all melted, the ocean will be 260 feet higher. Strike!

The Taste Buds are getting ready to go back to restaurants. Why doesn’t Gov. Henry McMaster join us? Then we can take him for a haircut.

This is a rave for my favorite sportscaster, Rick Henry. He is going through some health problems. We hope you are all right, Rick. We are praying for you.

[In reference to Further Consideration, Aug. 12] So, it is Free Times’ position that the best way of dealing with Michelle Obama’s low-grade depression is to have the president assassinated a la Henry the Sixth?

Why are so-called white people called Caucasian? They are named for the Caucasus mountain region of Russia. So is it so outrageous that white leaders who fear losing power in the USA would conspire with Russia? How many people of color even are allowed in Russia?

Trump continues to claim credit for the pre-pandemic economy. HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! He is just too plain stupid. Obama ended the 2008 recession brought on by the Bush administration. He regulated big banks with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. He bailed out and modernized the auto industry. And he killed Osama bin Laden. Also, he had no personal scandals. Trump has introduced measures that are chipping away at it.

Hey, no more biding time. It’s Biden time!

The reason Donald Trump is trying so hard to stay in office, to RIG the election, isn’t love of country or even the “job.” It’s the knowledge that once he’s out of office he must answer to the many criminal activities he and his family have engaged in.

Someone needs to tell our local TV newscasters that Johns Hopkins University really has an “s” on “Johns.” They keep thinking it’s a typo and “fixing” it.

Those who deny science say the climate is not changing: Whoops. The evidence is all around us. The climate has changed and continues to do so.

Send a greeting card. Send a letter. Contact senators and representatives. SAVE THE US POST OFFICE.

When city department heads care more about their bonuses than their workers, it shows and morale is low and that’s why people leave.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess with the post office. (With thanks to Jim Croce.)

Madonna just turned 62. She looks pretty good, but she should with seven personal trainers and four chefs.

The white guy who had the problem with the buzzword “equality,” [Rant and Rave, Aug. 12] he’s blaming African Americans and others because he sucks and he’s stupid. But, due to the inequality in America, he’s probably still going to skate through life.

I just want to say that I rode through the University of South Carolina today and the students are coming back and that’s great. But, I also noticed a lot of them walking around in crowds not social distancing and not even wearing a mask. Come on, people. Really? Come on, students. This is not a joke. This is serious stuff. Social distance and wear your mask and go Gamecocks.

If you talk to Rory McIlroy, he will easily tell you that Trump cheats at golf.

Would be a very good time for the League of Women Voters to outshine their “tea room” reputation and double down to mobilize the vote in the November elections. It seems the administration would rather we didn’t vote. It’s up to us.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Aug. 12] To the person calling all Democrats liars — Trump is now at 18,000 DOCUMENTED lies! And counting.

After reading Cindi Boiter’s article [Further Consideration, Aug. 12], I have to ask if this woman is for real. Who gives a crap about Michelle’s depression? She wasn’t proud of America until her husband became president, which depressed me a great deal. No one with a rational mind can blame President Trump for the COVID-19, you need to blame the Communist Party of China, period. People say he hasn’t handled it well, you can thank Dr. Fauci for his bad, and ever changing, advice.

Two pickles fell out of a jar onto the floor but they didn’t get upset. They just had to dill with it.

When I was a kid I once ate my math homework because my teacher told me it was a piece of cake.

Have you had a chance to drive on the stretch of I-20 coming into Columbia from Florence? Brand new pavement. Smooth as glass. The transitions are perfect. I don’t know who did the work, but wow. Can you imagine if we took just 10 percent of the military budget and spent it on infrastructure? Not going to happen. Our gas tax went up and I still dodge pot holes.

There are two types of people in this world, and they both like fried chicken.

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