Catfish are ugly, but they are misunderstood.

[In reference to “Kim Murphy rejects Deal from School Board,” April 17] I don't know Ms. Kim Murphy, the woman who has been at odds with Lexington-Richland School District 5 for years. I do know that some of her actions against the district are charges that they violate the environment in unacceptable ways. Nature is in charge around here on planet earth. Respect nature. We all have to live in our environment.  

Unauthorized activities have been going on around my house. The squirrels are pregnant. Please bring back the old timers who used to eat squirrels. Thank you. 

If you have a dog that hates you for no apparent reason, it’s because you’re a sociopath. They pick up on your sad, evil, pathetic existence much quicker than humans. 

Rep. Joe Wilson has warmed his seat in Congress enough. Let's sweep him out and get some new energy in there.

Honestly, whomever is writing the headlines for WIS TV's website needs to be fired. I have noticed for YEARS the misspellings and grammatical errors, and I am finally fed up. The latest blooper was about some robbery at a Walmart in Lexington: "Lexington Police searching suspects ..." They were not "searching suspects," they were searching FOR suspects. Jesus H. F. Christ, get it right! You are not my Aunt Polly from Altuna, you are a f#!king news organization! Get it right!

Every. Day. Water is Life.

There are a lot of haters in this country but President Trump perseveres on behalf of us all. I admire him for it.

This is a rant to the Richland Library. Why have you have so drastically downsized your physical book collection? It seems like branches have more space devoted to conference rooms and meeting spaces than books. I get that e-readers and e-books exist and that physical books take up space, but most people still prefer physical books to e-books. We already spend too much of our lives starting at screens, and it's not healthy for us. Having more physical books means more people will be forced to physically visit the library, which means that people will get out of their electronic and internet bubbles and interact with books, people and communities in real time.

Dear road repair crew that worked on the railroad crossing on Farrow Road near Wilson in Blythewood: You guys put the ass in asphalt. Terrible job at the railroad crossing.

I love celebrating Good Friday. Every Friday is good. Yeah.

A man is found dead outside of San Jose restaurant and the autopsy takes two days. A girl dies in an elementary school and she’s only 10 years old and the autopsy takes two weeks. The police are sandbagging and the school district is right behind them.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, April 10] To the person who feels safer at night because Donald Trump is the president: You are an idiot. There is nothing I can do for you or anyone can do for you.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, April 10] I agree with the statement about if a black person shoots a white person it’s a crime, but if a white person shoots a black person it’s a hate crime. What’s the difference?

Tom Brady threw out the first pitch at a baseball game. Was the ball deflated?

My lunch crew, the Taste Buds, went to Monterey’s Mexican restaurant this week. We had an honorary member, V. The service was excellent. I give it an A.

I went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered a tortilla. I asked for peanut butter. They said, “What?”

People run red lights way too much in this city. I just saw a cop witness somebody do it. No action. It is wild.

I would like to make Shandon a “no blow zone.” There ought to be a law against all these f#!king leaf blowers every f#!king day. Something has to be done about this. It’s just so annoying. It is called a broom and a rake, people.

Hey folks, this is the Swiss Kid. Some of the folks in my neighborhood are pro-Trump and love Trump. But don’t you forget some of the words out of the Bible, from the Lord to Noah: “You let those people drown.”

This is a rant to the inconsiderate person who hit my Dodge minivan. You left a huge dent in the door. May your karma come right back to you.

The shootings that happened in Laurens County and Orangeburg County, I am very much surprised that they don’t happen at Lexington Medical Center. They need to check it out.

To the f#!king idiot who was on Blossom Street and got into the far right hand lane, which is, let it be known, a right turn only lane, as noted by the signs on the road as well as printed on the road, and tried to make a left hand turn: Go f#!k yourself you incessant little prick, you little f#!king cucumber that has been shriveled up in your own mother’s vagina so far up her ass.

What happened to the great American dream? Did it start in the 1970s with the breaking up of unions? In the 1980s with Reagan’s egregious tax breaks for the rich? The deregulating of banks that led to the bank fraud and almost bankrupted the whole world? Or did it happen with Donald Trump and another huge tax break for the rich? The working man is making less money than 40 years ago. Something is wrong with this picture.

When I buy a hat, I like to leave the tag on. It makes me look like a bad boy.

The Cameron Curmudgeon is proud to announce that world poverty is over. The rich people won, and, unsurprisingly, the poor people lost again. MAGA.

Is the Liar in Chief having trouble keeping his stories straight?

Congress is arguing over the money to build the wall. Why don’t they use all that money going south into Mexico to build a wall? They’ve got plenty of it.

My friend built a golf course. It’s called Tiger Woods.

To pay for the $2 trillion tax cut, the GOP has admitted they plan to fill the hole with money taken from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other services people rely on. Is that making America great, to take from the poor and give to the rich? Man, what a country.

In the final accounting, the Lord’s analysis will carry the greatest and only important weight.

Tony and Tiger are playing great in The Masters. I know I’m having Frosted Flakes for breakfast.

Their authority must be recognized, but their practices should not be followed.

Sir, now that China is not taking much of our recycled plastic waste, there is no place to put it. Our state will not have problems disposing of it. What SC does not need is to be the dumping ground for huge states and cities in the North that will have NO place to get rid of it. Not here. 

Some men in Columbia are really giving up on themselves. Popping pills, not working and living off women. Where is the good men at here?

I'm going to join the Justice for Palestine movement. The problem is simple. Where is Palestine?  Yup. You're right. We can't find it. Someone took it. 

Y'all girls need to pay tension. Y'all gonna keep playin' y'alls games and miss out on this here. F#!k around if you want to with them liars, cheaters, pimps, dope-dogs and mess, but I got the love you lookin' for. My name is King D — look it up — see who put Goliath in his grave.

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