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Rant and Rave: Politics, jokes, doughnut complaints and a few raves

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Krispy Kreme Sign With Building Reflection

Views expressed are those of our readers, not us. Need to get something off your chest? Leave a message with your rant or rave at 803-765-0707 x 126 or email Submissions will be edited for length and spelling but not grammar. Please limit emailed submissions to 100 words.

If KK's donuts get any smaller they won't be able to get holes out of them.

I'm really excited to see how so-called progressives/Leftists are going to move Biden/Harris "to the left." And by "left," I mean "left wing of capital" and "left military interventionism." Ultrawoke economic austerity and intersectional feminist regime change wars for all!!! Even Bernie Sanders loves it!

When my daughter cancelled her delivery service from Chewy due to the death of her beloved pet she received flowers and a sympathy note from the company personally signed. It meant a great deal to her. Knowing that this is a big company it shows great kindness on their part.

One of the problems with Trump — and there are many — is that he was not the country’s president. He was the Trumper’s president.

Columbia does not need attention hogs like Tameika Isaac Devine and Jamie Devine double dipping at the trough. Take a look at "Date Night with the Devines" on Facebook: the last thing this city needs is a smug, syrupy "power couple." Being godmother to the outgoing mayor's kids is not a qualification for leading our city through tough times.

Seems like a "smart home" is a loud home, what with people shouting at Alexa and their phones.

Just wondering how a person can be a "preacher" and not forgive?? Like isn't FORGIVENESS the cornerstone of Christianity??! You know what?? Fah q

Yes, they can fix houses...but who's gonna fix that kid's TEETH! OOOOOF!

So our new President thinks Blacks cannot figure out how to get online?!

I seem to remember roughly this time last year when a certain crybaby in D.C. proclaimed that a death rate between 100,000 and 200,000 would prove what a great job he was doing. Now, we are up to a half million. What does THAT say about the job he was doing?

People are dying from COVID and gun violence. Businesses are still struggling. Disabled people and frontline workers are pleading to get vaccinated. And the legislature is debating transgender athletes. We need to change our state motto to “hate before hope.”

It is amazing to again have a president who cares about the nation’s people as opposed to caring for nothing but himself.

It is a well known fact that when more people vote Democrats win. So voter suppression has become a high priority among Republicans. They have already proposed more than 165 pieces of legislation to restrict voting in 33 states so far this year. This can not be allowed to persist. What have we become?

To the person who can't think of any LEFTWING extremist groups. Almost the entire Democratic party. Were you in a coma last year? Six months of anarchy, vandalism, arson and violence against the police, businesses and American citizens. But I forgot, all that was "mostly peaceful." The Capitol situation lasted about three hours vs. six months of last year's mayhem. Hmm ... Sounds like you have a selective memory along with misplaced outrage.

Tim Tebow retired from professional baseball after five years. I thought he retired three years ago.

You know you can’t see angels apparently, but if you don’t think angels weren’t around that jet where the engines caught on fire or fractured. Man, OK I’ll stop there. Engine gets changed in and out all the time. What was the age of that jet and what was the age of that engine? Don’t you dare forget Boeing owes twice as much as what they have in the bank.

You know decry is an appropriate word, because you can decry a little bit about what happens in South Carolina. You know my neighbors love Trump and I reminded them that 630,000 people got kicked off of food stamps, when the super wealthy got a tax cut. That’s just old news I guess, I hate to say it like that. Kids are hungry in this state.

This is a rave for the Columbia Fire Department. They responded to a fire at our house the other day, they are professional, efficient, courteous and, above all, quick.

I read in the paper about the fella saying they wouldn’t wear masks because they can’t keep their pants up. Well Trump told people don’t wear masks, but on January 6 he told them to wear their invisible hood and they did it. Insurrection, wear your masks, save lives, bye.

Welcome to Pelosi’s worst nightmare. Trump runs for Florida congressional seat in 2020 and wins. Republicans gain control of the house and senate. The House of Representatives gets to elect a new speaker of the house. Trump runs for and is elected the new speaker of the house for the 2022-2024 congressional term. Nancy Pelosi resigns her seat in the House of Representatives. But that’s not all, to be continued.

Only when a person abandons what seems wise by human standards to accept without hesitation the divine viewpoint as revealed in scripture can he or she be truly wise.

Bulls#!t alcohol can be delivered to your home? But you can’t buy it on Sunday. Change that law.

So Forest Acres is plagued with buzzards, I think Free Times needs to help them out by publishing buzzard preparation instructions and buzzard recipes.

I got a rant for you. My rant is for the Columbia Police Department. I was transporting somebody in my vehicle for hire when the bastard got belligerent. I had to call the Columbia Police Department to come and assist me on Whaley Street. It took 20 minutes at 2 o'clock in the afternoon for the city of Columbia Police Department to arrive. By then the bastard had already walked out. Thank you so much City of Columbia. I guess that maybe it was donut time at Krispy Kreme, Fresh and Now, Hot and Now or something. 

Uh I combined a laxative and alphabet soup. I call it letter rip. Yeah.

Hey I just wanted to say, it's easy to forget, maybe, but don't you dare forget when it comes to our dear ex president and the people in his pocket, you have to keep the con goin. You can’t let the con die. And I wonder if my dear neighbors didn’t refinance their house and have sent some money to our dear ex president. But that’s none of my business.

The Post and Courier Free Times has gotten so bad that it no longer burns in my wood stove.

I went to Hardees for breakfast this morning and at the drive through, the lady in front of me paid for my meal. Uh, I’m hoping everyone will listen to this. Yeah.

All these confederate monuments that have been removed throughout the United States, what are they going to be replaced with? Black Lives Matters?

Uh Fort Jackson is going to have a new post commander, god bless our troops.

Hey Jordan, you realize that you could not have reviewed "Bad Girls" rather than pretend it was good just because it was shot in Columbia, right? It was made on $16,000 and, as you wrote, it has a baby getting killed by a shotgun, it therefore sucks almost as much ass as you do.

Whatever that has been created should worship the creator.

Uh there’s a place in West Columbia called the S.C. Riot Room where you can break TVs and stuff to get out aggression. Uh I wonder if we can have one of those in our office break room. Yeah.

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