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Rant and Rave: Political pandemonium, per usual

Lindsey Graham, Lessie Center, Mics (copy)

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, is pictured here at a press conference in Aiken.

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Oh, Lindsey Graham, do you make us laugh or cry? You say this is not a racist country. Wake up, Lindsey. There's work to do and the starting point is you get over your delusion about racism.

Blustering and theatrics of fear were put out by the former POTUS about our southern border. It is logical that nations want to control their borders and have rules for immigration. In the mess we've got, it only takes a cheap ladder to climb over the border wall that cost $12 million per mile to build.  That guy only got 80 miles of new wall put up anyway, on a border that is a few thousand miles long. It was a clown show

God bless Drip on Saluda Ave

all these directors and managers sucking up the money at USC. 90% of them do nothing

In 2020, the United States was the only nation in the Americas to execute its own people. Other great democracies like North Korea, Iran and China do it, too.

I can’t believe all these disrespectful bougie people are paying a lot of money to live in a place where tens of thousands of tortured souls lived and died. You can’t “develop away” decades of human misery. It’s still there, in the walls, the foundation, the soil. But they will learn. — a former employee SCSH

One day, with good fortune, we will be able to release our trauma of having seen the stone cold expression on his face for 9 minutes while he did what he did. 

Boy, HOW did I miss the big anniversary yesterday, April 23?  The first anniversary of Donald Trump's mentioning of the use of injected disinfectant and very bright light, possibly used inside the body, to fight the "just a flu!"?

Spent some time listening to a very unpleasant person griping about how nobody ever prints anything positive any more. Had to go home and reread a couple of this year's Reader's Digest again!

But it’s a racist night in Georgia/Such a racist night in Georgia/Lord, I believe it’s racist all over the world/I feel like it’s racist all over the world.

Democratic “Socialist” Warmonger Bernie Sanders is real sorry for voting for the war in Afghanistan and the 1994 Crime Bill, kids. He promises to push President Jim Crow Joe Biden and Vice President Copmala Harris “to the left.” This message is brought to you by Democratic Socialist Warmongers of America, (Only) Black Lives Matter, and Raytheon.

Last week, I quoted a Beatles verse "Happiness is a Warm Gun ... " (Rant and Rave, April 28) It could be misconstrued if you did not know cultural context. I do not glorify guns. I abhor our gun violence. Please accept my sincere apology.

Next time you're on I-20 East between exits 68 and 70 look on the right at the beautiful vegetation. Two thumbs up for Blanchard Machinery Caterpillar. What a great corporate citizen!

Bless your heart! You are in the fantasy land in kiddie world where deer possess designated lands that are THEIRS. (Rant and Rave, April 21) No. In the real world, lots of critters live around here and some of us are human, for which we do not apologize. The surging deer population is a danger to us. Eat them.

If I were looking to put down company roots in SC, which is already in two steps back mode, I would avoid Kershaw County like the plague. These folks elected a representative who is overtly racist, and made a thinly veiled attempt to censor a youth book that included open discussions about race. A little too 19th century for my blood.

Resentment. That's what you get when you use extortion, threats and blackmail to get your way. There's a minority within a minority that's holding back the hard working, moral blacks in this country. Please speak out against them and leave them behind.

Sorry to all the black people who work at Home Depot. Your 'leaders' are calling for a boycott against Home Depot because Georgia is trying to have fair elections. Go figure.

To the Socialist wanabe. (Rant and Rave, April 7) This is the land of opportunity. It's your job to make your own way. Sounds like you may be struggling financially and want a handout for everything. Maybe you need to take your freeloader self to a class in basic economics and personal finance management. I'm not interested in being indoctrinated at any university that has gone "woke". Good luck with striving to be a leech on society. 

Who's the idiot that decided to pave Lake Murray Blvd. instead of Corley Mill Rd., or any other terrible road in Columbia?

I see that 45% of Republicans are not going to get the COVID vaccine. I think that's a marvelous idea. The more them Nazi bastards that get the virus and die, the better off the country and the world is. Have a good day. 

Whenever my son burps, I say, bring it up again. We'll vote on it.    

You know, the start with this is a rave. I know people that live in Canada. And if you chat with them, they're noticeably happy. I get all this crazy ass stuff in America. But you chat with people from Canada. And they're noticeably happy. If you can see it, you can hear it. And that's just amazing that that culture is so far fetched, I get that that's not the right word. But Americans so far fetched from that used to be happy, like kids are happy. I was raised to be happy. 

You know, one more thing I wanted to say is that apparently in America now there are some people that are refusing a vaccine. And anybody that says I refuse a vaccine, you just ask them. Have you ever seen anybody die on a ventilator? Because I don't think I've seen more than a dozen but I've seen I don't know not more than a dozen. America is just living proof that talk is so cheap. 

Getting understanding in life this year. Proverbs 3:13

I guess my two cents on Derek Chauvin, this gentleman that killed Mr. Floyd kneeled on his neck. If you look at his eyes, he honestly thinks he didn't do anything wrong.    

You know, I've been on a new chicken sandwich tasting kick lately. I've tried all of them. I try the new KFC it was plain boring buffalo sauce same thing but Zaxby's signature sandwich plain boring signature buffalo sauce. McDonald's, same old sandwich they had in the past. Popeyes was good. You know the best ones out there that I found from trying all them is the Wendy's. You can get two for $5 you get tomatoes you get lettuce you get anything you want. 

Greta Thunberg in the infinite wisdom and vast experience of her 18 years, continues to travel the world insulting everyone who does not completely agree with her.

Can you believe that takes longer to become a nail technician than it does to be a police officer

It cost two cents to make every penny isn't it time to get rid of the penny? Yeah.   

In the news, an Italian nationalist went to Russia to get Sputnik v. His reason was, like mine, 500 antibodies to the US and Britain's one stab or two stab at 50. Do you want 500 antibodies in your blood cells? Or do you want only 50? With 50 you have to keep going back for more shots.

What's on my mind? You know, I dated a chick that went to Atlanta, she was a model. And another girl is a model that was just for like belts, stores. But the thing about, if you watch a weather lady on TV, they swing their hips when they point to the screens. Please explain to me why this gentleman on channel 19 swings his hip, like a lady when he points to the screen. Hasn't this world changed.

LL Cool J did a surprise concert. He had his greatest hits and lasted about nine minutes.

My legs are so wide they can guide ships instead of a lighthouse.

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