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Rant and Rave: Political division, Atlanta shooting and nostalgia

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I am a die hard USC fan for many many years but she is getting on my nerves preaching about equality. I have one question for Dawn. I look at your current roster as well as past rosters and it looks like you are not practicing equality!!!

Is it politically incorrect to refer to right wingers as stupid jerks?

You know why cannibals won’t eat the prop comic CARROT TOP?? They said, “He tastes funny!”

Dear Asian friends, We share your fear. Your frustration. Your dread at going out in public. The workplace harassment. We get it. We, too, are long-time victims of a culture of violence. And now with open carry, a hater needs merely point a hip at you to induce nightmares. Please join us in stopping the madness. Too many people have died because a white man had a bad day. Sincerely, Black people, Hispanics, LGBT, battered women and children, and the handicapped and homeless.

The last thing we need is for people to open carry firearms. This is not 19th century Dodge City. In my 70 plus years I have never feIt I needed to have a gun. Nor do I know anyone who has been in a situation where he or she needed a gun. Just use some sense where you hang out.

What is with the increasing racism in the country. Especially violent acts against Asian Americans. It will take generations to wash the Trump filth out of American character.

CONGRATS! Raise a toast and CHEER this Women’s month to ALL historic, present and future women’s accomplishments through AI ... ACTUAL INTELIGENCE! Happy Birthday to my 97 year young mother! Living for happy hour!

Having lived in the southeast sector of Hell Central (from late May through late September) I will say only this. Yeah it’s hot here, Africa hot. However. Why are all the darn Yankee Doodle dandies moving here. Because it’s hella freezing up north. I would rather be poor and humid. Then frost bitten and left for the rats to eat my frozen corpse. Go team SC!!!

True History Lesson. Reagan — We have a border crisis. Bush Sr. — We have a border crisis. Clinton — We have a border crisis. Bush Jr. — We have a border crisis. Obama — We have a border crisis. Trump — Hey, let’s build a wall & solve the border crisis. Libs — OMG! Trump manufactured this border crisis!!! Biden — Stop construction on the wall & change policy. Oops, we have a border crisis.

CNN reports 8 million taxpayers have not receive stimulus checks, even though they are eligible. That’s at least $48 million. What would the IRS do if you owed them $600?

To the admitted proud Socialist. Most Americans don’t want Socialism. How about move to Canada if you think Socialism is a great idea. Socialism is not free! Not to mention a horrible idea that usually leads to communism. I think you need to reeducate yourself on the differences. You’ve been misinformed. We’re screwed as a country with people like you thinking Socialism is the way to go. Knucklehead!

An 86-year-old lady writes: “As old folks long to stay younger, / and kids can’t wait to get older, / we now hope our older age will / get us a shot in the shoulder.”

Resa, me beautiful Lass. 36 years ago I found you at the end of the rainbow. Saint Patty blessed us then and there. High Roads, low roads we made it thus far. I thank the gods above and the soil beneath my feet for that fateful day.

Just watching a few YouTube slices about the DANGEROUS toys we had in the forties, fifties, and early sixties! How the heck did people like me manage to live into adulthood, let alone into our seventies or later? Of course, there WERE also a few toys from the 21st century, like the Hannah Montana game cards with lead based inks and paints …

Imagine how the governor of Texas would react if 2,000 people a day were dying from accidents involving windmills, solar panels, and electric cars.

Sexual harassment? Possibly. Fudging pandemic numbers? Probably. But cheer up, Andrew Cuomo! All you need is a couple of bankruptcies and divorces and you can run for president!

You’ve come a long way, baby; trouble is, you’ve been going in circles.

Daylight Savings Time outlived its usefulness after WWII. Most nations don’t use DST. We should adopt Atlantic Standard Time east of the Appalachians. Longer evenings year-round? Shoot yeah!

Don’t move, improve. Remodelers mantra. Use Millions in demo money to renovate Allen Benedict Court. Where is the money to rebuild? One apartment at a time. Folks can start moving in this fall.

Hey I think the thing to say is if you don’t believe in climate change, we had a swimming pool put in 2014. This is seven years later. But last year, you could go out in the morning and I really have a good eye, which means you could see the pool was an inch lower. I thought last year there was a leak, but you looked around, looked around, there was no leak. This was simply, you could say, solar radiation. Thank you Dr. Fauci! Ha Ha, he didn’t say that term.

This is from the Cameron Curmudgeon. I would like to make the public aware that ALEC, that’s all caps, and the extratino industry, coal oil gas minerals, etc., have been quietly writing laws that many states have recently enacted with the goal of making legal protest illegal and punishable in federal court. Providing humanitarian aid — food, water, clothing — is now against federal law and the Christ-like activity regarding this biblical mandate is now an illegal action. The intention of these new laws is to not stop illegal actions but to punish legitimate protest and humanitarian acts.

Bear says, while America was drowning in a deluge of lies, bulls#!t, denial and other obfuscation, alt-right, neo-nazis, kkkers and various assorted fascists and anarchists, were plotting the destruction of our great country. Down with democracy. Down with law and order. Let chaos rule, they rage. Sieg Heil! Egged on by orange face and his sycophants, they stormed the capitol, now they’re threatening the lives of public officials and their families. This is not a new thing, it began with Ronnie boy and the freedom haters that are being financed by the ultra rich who have already bought congress.

If you get a chance, read the Sunday State paper article about these kids that are getting harassed, sexually harassed at USC. It’s just disgusting and you know the bad thing is, i don’t know, if you want to be a meanie you could say don’t forget what state you’re in, but shouldn’t, doesn’t USC stand for the University of Sexually Harassed Children. Read that article in the Sunday paper.

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