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Rant and Rave: Pilots drink too much

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Be very aware that there is a large percentage of pilots who drink too much.

Well, I did have high hopes for Sam Bleiweis at WIS news. But once Judi and Dawndy got ahold of her she became just another Stepford wife. Oh, well.

Remember Republicans: Vote early and vote often.

Hey, maybe it’s Consumer Cellular, but that chick on the answering machine sounds like she has a cold.

I talk a lot, but my friend said, “When you go to the dentist, keep your mouth open.”

Everybody talks about fossil fuels and global warming and the damage it is doing to the earth. But, then again, everybody and their mother are Uber drivers now. There must be a billion of them now. Think about it, people. Think about it.

Is it “chastened” or “chastisement”?

I dare anyone to try to contact the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources by telephone. All you get is a big runaround.

I love The Post and Courier. That’s a great paper to read. I’m an old reader.

Trump awarded Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom. Past recipients included Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa and Jackie Robinson. Which one of those is Rush Limbaugh?

Pandemics, global warming, on and on. It’s just nature’s way of telling us we’re too big for our britches and that it will cull us down every once in a while.

Candidates run for office just to get famous.

How dare poor people try to game the system. Everyone knows that’s the exclusive right of the rich people.

The stock market is down, in case you haven’t noticed.

I’m sick of the falsehoods, half-truths and the Great Deceiver running the Fox News network.

I always hear people hollering, “It’s Friday, it’s Friday!” Friday has nothing on Sunday. That’s when you get all your power to run the rest of the week.

“That mailbox is full. That mailbox is full.” You know what? I bet there’s a whole lot of homeless people in Columbia that would love to go to work for Free Times, checking those mailboxes. Just saying.

I read somewhere about plans to build a brewery at the corner of Sunset and Main. Well, have you seen what Main Street up that way looks like lately? Plus, there’s going to be a whole lot of drinking on the north end of Main Street. We’ll see how all that works out. Good luck with that one.

German food is the wurst.

Who wipes your ass better than your momma, washes you when you can’t, holds your hand before the opiates kick in? Nurses. Next time you see one, male or female, thank them in these times where they risk their lives for salaries that are shameful for the richest country on Earth.

There are some deep thinkers in the deep state. Anthony Fauci is just one of them.

The war on experts by the right needs to stop.

Trump is by far the most destructive president we have ever had and he just keeps piling on the destruction and his idiot supporters can’t see it.

On Saturday, March 7, as a Hospice volunteer I was transporting a patient when we were blocked at Pickens Street for 10 minutes and at Richland Street for 22 minutes, for a total of 32 minutes, while we watched one runner after another about 4 minutes apart. This is crazy and dangerous to hold up normal traffic this long!

It should go away with enough tweets, lies, hunches and a miracle. The name for that guy is “Befuddled.” Who the hell elected him?

I am sorry you were not thinking of the consequences. You’ve totally f#!ked up because there are real consequences to your actions, bad ones.

Just some friendly advice to the owners of the Gamecock Cockabooses. You may have some of the local homeless population sleeping in them. Just thought I would let you know.

I saw an interview with the Dixie Chicks talking about how their fans dumped them after their comment on stage about being embarrassed that President Bush was from Texas. I’d like to go one further. I’m embarrassed our president is from America.

Why, when it comes to race relations, is it OK to say white men can’t jump, white people can’t dance, etc., but mention the word “black” and it had best be positive?

My favorite karaoke song is “Hotel California.”

I gave my grandchildren some Sesame Street stamps. They said, “Grandpa, we don’t know who they are.”

Everybody hates to see the rain when it comes, but they are happy to see the sun. Just remember, without the rain you wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine.

I’ve heard everybody say on the news that the coronavirus is really affecting the cruise line industry. Well, I guess Disney must be above all that.

Education reform should change the state lottery from college to K-12.

The coronavirus is nature’s way of telling us we need a woman president.

Younger people are less at risk from the coronavirus. We expect them to behave in ways to reduce risk for older people. Older people are less at risk from climate change. Did they behave in ways to reduce risk for younger people?

The Taste Buds and I ate at the Village Idiot in Five Points. The food is fantastic and the ambiance is great. Yeah.

I really don’t mean to sound paranoid, but with them telling us to avoid large gatherings, it was probably a good idea to postpone the St. Pat’s celebration.

Fox News: White trash watches it because white trash broadcasts it.

I just came across the bridge, and that West Columbia skyline is looking better every single day. But wait! There’s that chicken plant. Nevermind, I take it back.

I read recently that the director of the Columbia airport wants to expand services and business. How about lowering prices and bringing in Southwest Airlines?

Aw, look at my sweet baby puppy. I knew this copy of Free Times would come in handy for something.

Hey Rant line, get it right. S. 1017, this is another bill that is going to basically try to get shuffled into the education bill.

Every public building in South Carolina has what’s called a procurement office, whether it is local, state or federal.

What medical school did this guy Pence graduate from? You know, the one running America’s coronavirus task force.

Hey, this is a rave for old folks. I was talking with an old guy in the hospital and we were talking TV. I told him I remembered when there were three channels on TV. He said he could remember when there was only one channel, out of Charlotte.

Who let the dogs out?

It seems like every time we have an election, Bernie Sanders is there and running. Will somebody please, please let this man win? And feel the Bern.

The ORS regulates taxi cabs and the rideshares in the state of South Carolina. What I want to know is why all taxi cabs have an ORS number on the side of them, but none of the rideshares have ORS numbers on the side of them. Just wondering. Have a nice day.

If you can wear curlers in the grocery store, why can’t you wear your pajamas? That would be great.

Please do remind me again who thought it was a good idea to have a TV game show host as president of the United States of America.

I have reason to believe that Bad Daddy’s restaurant created a fake Bumble profile to encourage me to eat there.

Clyburn may have screwed America by endorsing Biden just when Bernie was taking the lead. Thanks a lot fat, Catfish.

So, my question is: When it comes to COVID-19, should we avoid the fruit and veggies in the super market? Since people squeeze, touch, test for firmness?

Rep. Devin Nunes of California, is in the wrong place. He should move to South Carolina. He would fit in well with our homegrown morons who say the totally wrong things on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and over the weekends.

What if God is tidying up and we no longer spark joy?

So is the coronavirus God’s way of saying we shouldn’t have joked about Bird Box?

Views expressed are those of our readers, not us. Need to get something off your chest? Leave a message with your rant or rave at 803-765-0707 x 126 or email Submissions will be edited for length and spelling but not grammar. Please limit emailed submissions to 100 words.

Views expressed are those of our readers, not us. Need to get something off your chest? Leave a message with your rant or rave at 803-765-0707 x 126 or email Submissions will be edited for length and spelling but not grammar. Please limit emailed submissions to 100 words.

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