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Rant and Rave: On Tim Scott's response to Biden and other local gripes

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Tim Scott

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If Mookie Betts had gone into the catholic clergy, and been as successful there as he has been in baseball, then we would have Pope Mookie.

What's to be said of a society's morality when it allows individuals to amass billions of dollars in personal wealth while others lack food security, a living wage, affordable health care, and adequate housing? 

Tim Scott saying America is not a racist nation is like saying Godzilla has nothing to do with atomic bombs.

US Coast Guard. Guard our Coast within the 200-mile limit. Why is our Coast Guard patrolling off the coasts of the Middle East? Bring 'em home!

There was a huge void in the Columbia Jazz scene when our friend Skip Pearson passed. Enter Mark Rapp. Different horn. Same love of the genre. Enthusiastically bringing Jazz to the Midlands. Thanks, Mark! 

So Republicans, why is it that what little voting during the Trump administration was partisan and not considered a bad thing, but, partisan voting during the Biden administration IS a bad thing? HYPOCRITES!!

You know, this is a rave for Sunday school teachers, because they don't have to deal with the politics of the church. They just teach a wonderful class, and a lot of them are missionaries and have all got a college education and then they know the Bible upside down inside and out. Wonderful Sunday school teachers in France, in French, in Switzerland, the Catholic priest, and Reverend Gray in Canton, Ohio would say the same thing. Come across the ocean, people saying the same thing. We have nothing to hide. 

You know intuition has been documented to be correct. If you think something's wrong, most likely it is wrong 80% wrong. In the late 1980s, I didn't trust Johnson and Johnson. And I would never take their vaccine, because I'm just a goofball. But I didn't trust Johnson and Johnson in the late 1980s.

Say his name Jesus Christ, say his name Jesus Christ, say his name Jesus Christ, say his name Jesus Christ. Come on you haters, think about it. Think real hard about it. 

One of my friends went on trial for stealing in someone's luggage. He was let go. It was a brief case. haha! 

If you can't spot a lousy Mom, this Haley from South Carolina is absolutely silent about the terrible overrun COVID and in India, if you can't spot a shitty Mom, you take you take a good look at these politician moms.

Drove be the Circle K at the Augusta road and dreary and West climbing wall ago gas was 237 a gallon. Went to the Walmart for 15 minutes come back to get gas at the same Circle K. Okay. The gas is $2.49 .12 cents in 15 minutes. I said something to the lady inside? She said we don't set the prices, sir. Well, who sets the prices? Why are we continuously being allowed to be ripped off the leash like this?

I'm in trouble with my wife so much I'm under the dog house. Yeah.

Looking at the presidential address, with everybody with their masks on evidently the people are not getting the shots like they're supposed to. They had the shot, it wouldn't have to have all the masks on.

I didn't go to college. But I wonder how many of my 20 years I spent in the military can be counted as college time?

I have insurance, a liability insurance or renters insurance and a weapon is insurance for $61 and some odd cents a month. And I get a quote in the mail for Progressive Insurance, just for liability insurance, at $99 a month. Obviously, this was a warning. Do not let Progressive screw you over. They will overcharge you. 

I think I'm gonna eat some baked beans tonight and watch the movie Blazing Saddles. Yeah. 

My friend went to the DMV. They said his number was be 14. He said Bingo.

If we won't wear a mask the way the government tries to tell us to wear, what make you think we will carry a gun and do the same. We just ain't going to do the right thing with it.

The astronaut Michael Collins passed away. He was a great man. My dad used to work with him. Rest in peace, Michael. 

Hey, folks. Two questions for Tim Scott and for his religious rebuttal of Mr. Biden's speech last night. When people bring religion to the conversation. Ask that gentleman. How many people lost food stamps under the previous administration. And the thing is up to or fast forward? How many people today are trying to keep a roof over their head? 

Me and my fellow tastebuds are slowly going back to restaurants. Our slogan is eat to swallow, repeat. 

During his response to Biden’s Presidential Address, Tim Scott states that during the last administration the bottom 25% wage increases were greater than the top 25%! DUH! THE TOP 25% DON’T EARN HOURLY WAGES!!!!

Thanks Tim Scott for suggesting a new banner: REPUBLICANS, THE EMPTY PLATITUDE PARTY! Y’all proved it over the last four years!

It seems that mainstream America has welcomed a "Greater Power" back into their hearts. I watched about eight hours of television in the course of a week, and counted some 27 uses of the phrase "Oh my God!" in various commercials. The products apparently being offered as gifts to the Heavenly host included tampons, candy, hamburgers, beds, and shoes. I can scarcely imagine the rapture these folks must feel at Sunday Services.

Bless YOUR heart! You are in the clueless, ENTITLED world where greedy humans create sprawl, scattering natural wildlife, then complain about it, then advise all humans to eat the problem THEY created in the first place instead of...I don't know...ending the sprawl?? YOU can eat something. And it ain't deer.

I've been reading Free Times since its inception. Your article about planting pine trees as an Earth Day gesture was the final straw. I will never read Free Times again. I'm done. 

When I don't have time, the breakfast in the morning. I eat a bacon egg. Sausage waffle and toast smoothie. Yeah. This is a Columbia Yeah Guy. Whoo

When you think of a pineapple, it's not a pine or an apple? Why do they call it that? 

I see what taxpayers aren't, like worried about the taxes that they pay, even though they pay percentages on every contract that services in public service, municipalities, counties, and even some state and federal. But these accounts that have been drawn from our taxpayer dollars are not in regulation. It was just a practice and procedure to raise money for celebrations

I have so many masks in my car. My friends think I'm selling them. Yeah.

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