Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is the biggest ass kisser in history. I don‘t think there is enough mouthwash on the planet to wash the foul taste out of his mouth.

If I repaint all of the missing lines on our roads, can I get reimbursed?

Who is Ben Tanner and why is he doing radio commercials like I should know who he is?

I went to the Bank of America on Sumter Street and tried to make a deposit and they were like “Go out and use the ATM.” I’m like, what the f#!k? What do you do? That’s your job, to put in a deposit. I don’t want to go to the ATM.

I tell you what, I would trade Mexico, 2-to-1, for their young people compared to our young people. I guarantee their young people would want to work and do the right thing, compared to ours.

I knew it was a lie, Dominion. Give me my $1,000 and shut up.

Columbia is lousy with cops.

USC has a new logo. It’s UofSC. Who came up with that, a fifth-grader?

The state wants $60 million to replace all the voting machines, while USC just opened up a $50 million football facility, with a recording studio and a barber shop. What’s wrong with this picture?

USC spent $50 million on another athletic building, and $238,000 on a brand "refresh" and logo while they're raising tuition on students again. Say what? 

So, I read that Jake Bentley tweeted that he was coming back to USC instead of declaring for the NFL draft.  What a joke. The pros don't want him — too inconsistent — brilliant one week and s#!tty the next, as the USC season went all year. He could not generate one single point against Virginia, while a fully qualified QB sat on the bench, but did not play because he wasn't a "coach's son."

Clowns taste funny.

Clemson's colors are orange and purple. I’ve never seen a purple tiger.

The president invited the Clemson football team to the White House for dinner and served them McDonald’s and Wendy’s hamburgers. Not even the president respects Clemson. Dammit, man.

Clemson visited the White House and Cheap Donnie gave them junk food. Good thing it wasn’t hosted by Pence, they would have had milquetoast.

I’m a Carolina fan, but I finally figured out why I like Dabo Swinney so much. To see a man who makes $5 million a year and still wears a Timex watch, that’s got to be the definition of humility.

Columbia, if you get a chance to go see a band called Angels Among Ashes, go see them. Go see them live.

First there was SCANA, now Pacific Gas and Electric is filing for bankruptcy. How long will the American people let these corporate monopolies go on unchecked?

I was sad to hear about the passing of Carol Channing. Hello, Dolly.

Happy wife, happy life.

What’s on my mind is how Columbia Police Department officers are acting like they are crackheads on the clock, going to public places like McDonald’s and coming up to people who are sitting in their vehicles and knocking on their windows. If someone wants to eat at a public restaurant in their car, they should be able to do so.

We’re paying your ass to have a job.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Jan. 9] To answer your question, yes, John Bobbitt was dismembered, but then he was remembered.

If you want to be an American citizen, you have to go through the steps. First you have to be slave. Then after being a slave you have to be a sharecropper. Then after being a sharecropper, you are still going to be poor and disenfranchised, but you are still going to be a citizen. You shouldn’t need $10,000 in grants to help you become a citizen.

Comment on the idiot who wrote Jan. 16, "Watch what the white folks got for you. They the ones who put you in slavery." First I'd like to say that you sound like a moron. Read up on slavery if you can read. Slaves were rounded up by the African people and were sold since the 1500's. Your ancestors. These things were done so many years ago by people you or I don't have s#!t to do with. So why try to keep fueling the fire to promote racism? Oh, I remember now. Cause your [sic] a moron. 

Dan Cook is playing with Lay Quiet Awhile? Hootie is touring? James Scott is reviewing movies, August Krickel is reviewing plays, Kevin Oliver is reviewing music, and the **Free Times** is only 32 pages?  Hey 1992 just called, and wants its paper back. 

To the guy who responded to my “ban assault weapons” bumper sticker by repeatedly sticking his hand out of his vehicle window to display an obscene gesture: Hey fella, I appreciate the feedback, but I don’t find your counter argument to be particularly compelling. Bless your heart.

To the immigrants that are already here, where did you get all this money from to ride around in these nice, fancy cars and running businesses and stuff? Did you bring it with you? I thought you were coming here for a better way to live. If you got money already, what you want to come here for?

Why does his face look red in all of the photos, or if he’s on television? Why does he always look red?

At a minimum, Gilbert Walker, executive director, and Bobby Gist, chairman of the board, must be terminated if the investigation finds the CHA was responsible for the deaths at Allen Benedict Court. If there is a record of service requests being opened but not acted upon then the CHA is at fault. Walker and Gist may not have firsthand knowledge of the service requests but they are in charge and responsible for the actions of the CHA. If the CHA receives accolades and awards, Walker and Gist will take full credit, even if they had no direct input that lead to the recognition. So, they must also take credit for this incident and face the consequences.

I'm afraid of squirrels.

To African-American men: Keep living. Keep living. Thank you.

Gas leaf blowing asshat neighbor is at it again, even though he just did it very recently. He’s moving nothing but a little dust; it is so loud!

Rory McIlroy, the golfer, was interviewed on CBS and they all chuckled because he said Trump cheats when he plays golf. ESPN interviewed some folks who played golf at a Trump property and they all chuckled and said he cheats when he plays golf. Lindsey Graham plays golf with Trump and doesn’t say a word. Someday Lindsey Graham’s gonna make someone a good wife.

We’re past 30 days on the government shutdown. Well, there’s always Uber.

If I did my job like the Democrats are doing theirs, I’d be fired on the spot. Democrats are doing what they do best: Wasting taxpayers’ money.

President 45, listen, can’t you see that every wall that has been built to stop people interacting with each other has been torn down? Why do you want to waste billions of dollars?

In the current administration, lying is the new truth.

I guess what Steve King, whose white nationalist comments got him in hot water, doesn’t understand is that he represents everyone. He’s a representative. If he’s a private citizen, sure you can say that stuff if you want to.

Stop killing each other. Don’t you think you will need each other if a war breaks out? Stupid.

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