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Rant and Rave: New Year's resolutions continue, more on Trump, starting in on Biden

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MLK Day 2020 (copy)

Joe Biden, now president, marches with hundreds of activists to the South Carolina Statehouse for the annual King Day at the Dome rally on Jan. 20, 2020.

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Trump just hired his lawyers to defend him at his trial. They are from South Carolina. Go figure. Where else could he find anyone to defend him? This state must be on a mission from god to show just how stupid we are.

Hello President Joe Biden, I've got to get a message to you. Please stop cursing. Thank you.

To the "64 year old white male and Lexington county resident" (Rant and Rave, Jan. 27) from a 66-year-old white Republican female. Well bless your heart for voicing your kind thoughts about people who do not share your political views.

The only New Year’s resolution I kept so far is taking up ballroom dancing. Yeah.

Why is it that on those cooking shows on TV, people are always chewing food and speaking at the same? Gross! My mother would slap me off if my chair.

When Mark Sanford (Mr. Argentina) has doubts about the company you keep ...

"It's our house!" they yelled. Then they smashed in the windows, threw stuff on the floors, and smeared shit on the walls. Treated it like their own house all right; made themselves at home.

Is it just me, or does Moderna sound like the name of a character in a Tyler Perry movie?

I dared to lose weight and all I lost was a bunch of money. Little support. The two things you can't eat are white flour and processed white sugar. Stop those two things, walk a mile everyday, and drink a gallon of water and you'll lose weight and not money.

At 32, my bride says "I'm done makin' babies; YOU deal with it, son". Yes'm, says I. No mo happy accidents for us. But, lookin' at my fly, I was so afraid. But, brave beyond measure, I ventured to the dick doc. He fixed that problem. Neutered me. Got to the root of the issue. Nipped it ... In the bud. Ain't going to be like old Strom now. This cowpoke's shootin' blanks. Made a vas deferens in my life. Recreating, not procreating. Yeehaw!

After taking a bite of food put your fork down.

Love is when your new puppy would rather sleep on your old jeans than on his new bed.

BLM LGBTQ+ drone pilots are disproportionately more likely to be denied the right to drop bombs on unarmed civilians in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan than their white counterparts. This is an unacceptable human rights violation. The Biden administration must ensure that the drone pilot pool reflects the great diversity of our capitalist empire!

The media and congress calls the attack on the capital an “insurrection.” They should call it what it really is, “the white trash riots.” The day white trash rose up in support of their suppressors.

Imagine waking up one morning and discovering you are a Republican.

Can anyone imagine the chaos the world would be thrown into had that idiot Trump had managed to overturn the election?

Trump cried fraud before ballots were cast. He cried fraud after ballots were counted and recounted. Courts said no fraud, state election officials said no fraud, his Republican U.S. atty general found no fraud, Supreme Court threw out the case. What is WRONG with these people? Please ask them WHY they want to live under the rule of a dictator? I really would like to know. Now, who is paying their legal fees? Are they just dumb or crazy?

When Obamacare was being debated, haters said it would lead to “death squads” that would “kill grandma.” To all you haters, it seems doing it your way is making that a fact. The obits are sadly full of grandparents who have died from COVID. Shame on you deniers.

Is Dr. Jill Biden going to dance with Jimmy Fallon? We need some fun and lightness about now.

We brought 25,000 soldiers to Washington, DC, to be sure we could do inauguration day without a problem. After the former president goes to Florida, he should go to hell.

With President Biden we have our first openly gay Cabinet member as Secretary of Transportation. What is more, it is a person probably smarter than three average people put together.

Of course the former President demanded no COVID lockdowns to save lives. What was more important? Keeping the economy open so his business interests would not be harmed.

You know, Donald Trump is what Donald Trump does. He conned those Q’anon people. Period. He conned those Q’anon people. Donald Trump is what Donald Trump does.

Well, I just wanna say, now that the Biden administration can’t open their mouth without talking about CO2, because they think they’re going to change the climate, I would say they need to stop worrying about CO2, and start worrying about the IQ of their administration.

Pretty soon is Groundhog Day … Whac-A-Mole day.

I was very sad to hear about the passing of Cicely Tyson. She was a remarkable actress.

BiLo is closing some stores. Maybe customers weren't able to buy low as they thought. Yeah.

On Groundhog Day, I thought, “That reminds me, my favorite movie is ‘Caddyshack.’ Yeah.

You know, biblically, the Devil goes around consuming, they say like a roaring lion. Now that’s the Bible. And you look around at some of these politicians, and this Mrs. Green chick with the Q’anon, their good day is when they can really make somebody else’s life terrible. That explains how a person can taunt a family member that lost somebody in the Parkland shooting. You understand that she taunted somebody who lost family members in a mass shooting. Their good day is s#!tty in a way that’s incomprehensible. Unless you understand the Bible.

I think, even after the last raise, my neighbor lady up the street said that she gets $1,300 a month Social Security. And Lindsey Graham wants to decrease that. Call me a liar. But he said there’s too much at the debate. Psychology says that if you can’t remember something, say it six times and it will sink in. A genius hears something one time and they never forget it. South Carolina will always be white trash. (Repeats sentence five more times.) But don’t you forget you don’t beat the Lord.

I can’t understand why people live in Richland County, work in Lexington County, and people live in Lexington County, work in Richland County. I lived in Richland County for 20 years. I got a job in Lexington County, and I moved there closer to my work. Malfunction Junction and all the g#!damn highways are packed with solid traffic. Think about it.

To the Republicans who do not believe it was a fair election: Rage on, heathens, rage on. Your day of judgement is just like everybody else’s. It’s coming soon. Amen.

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