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SCE&G, I’m going to come and check out my nuclear reactor next week. It’s part mine; I’m paying for it.

Why in God’s name does the City of Columbia make it so hard to pay your water bill?! You can’t save any info, they change systems and make you make new login info. The city bitches about money, but when I try to give it to them it’s harder than finding parking in the Vista.

I just think it’s incredibly stupid how feminists have taken the “nasty woman” and run with it. Dumb. So dumb. So, so dumb.

Why are people always complaining about the Free Times? The stories they have, the advertisements they do, the format they do. Just remember, you’re the one that picked it up. Don’t forget: It is free.

Rave to the Free Times. I didn’t think you’d print my Preach Jacobs slam but you sure did.

The people at Free Times keep asking for money. Maybe they need to rename the Free Times.

To the ranter complaining about pictures of golddigger Stormy Daniels (Aug. 1): What, you’d rather look at pictures of golddigger Kevin Fisher?

When are we going to get these effin’ roads fixed? My car is shot. Y’all need to pay for my alignment and some new damn tires. All the potholes and all the bulls#!t. And it takes y’all a damn year to fix one road. What is up with South Carolina and these damn raggedy-ass roads? Bye!

What the hell is with an all-of-a-sudden crisis on plastic straws? Y’all have sucked up drinks for years with no second thought until your blind sheep chromosome kicked in. Bunch of followers.

It’s a big rave for LeBron James. Thank you for being an inspirational citizen of the USA.

To the person who wrote that Trump was a traitor and Obama was not, you are wrong. (Rant and Rave, Aug. 1) Obama gave millions to Muslim groups who support terror. He has done more to divide and weaken our country than any president ever. Trump is trying to save our country, not undermine it.

I think I finally figured out why people hate Donald Trump on the left. It’s because he’s so high energy. People on the left, a lot of them tend to be lazy, and don’t understand high-energy people that are successful.

I seem to see an epidemic of bratty, unmotivated, millennial socialists now. I guess we could just call them all bums for short.

Has any city in the United States bent over backwards further to kiss some black ass than Charleston? First there was the apology for slavery, now they’re reinstating affirmative action.

We, the New Communist Party Of South Carolina, throw 100 percent of our support to Henry McMaster for Governor! It was good to talk to you at the rally and we look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you, comrade!

It would be easy for me to act presidential. I would stiffen my body, look straight ahead and take little robot steps when I walk. What I do is much harder than acting presidential.

If 1.5 million women are being trafficked every year in the US alone, why isn’t this a daily f#!king subject? Because half of the d#!kholes who call the shots are involved? It seems we have a cartel of our own. This is America — the home of d#!kholes and pedophiles.

Can we please not have to see and drive through Shutter Island when we go to Spirit Communications Ball Park? Thanks!

Anyone else sick of hearing about this annoying little overachiever A’ja Wilson? Enough is enough.

This is a rant on the “eat healthy” “‘healthy’ is not ‘a noun’” ranter (Aug. 1). Have you forgotten adverbs? “Eat healthily” would have been fine. Adverbs have become an endangered part of speech. Did anyone notice Nikki Haley speaking at the U.N.? “These sanctions will cut deep.” Did you mean “deeply,” Nikki? This weighs very heavy on me — I take it as serious as possible. In grammar, everything has to fit perfect. But you may see things different, that substituting adjectives for adverbs works real good for you. (All grammatical errors are from TV newscasters.)

Is there a requirement that every music festival in Columbia has to book SUSTO?

Cats actually like eye contact. Always avoid eye contact with rednecks.

I have opinions, but I don’t see the payoff in putting them on social media or even telling anyone really.

This is a rant for the rant against the Soda City Showdown (Rant and Rave, July 18). How dare you say there are only three Cola comedians? There are literally dozens of us!

Ask roadkill about the future.

To “box-and-can cooker” crybaby (Rant and Rave, July 25): Do YOU cook? If you don’t, hush. Just say, “Thanks for fixing me something to eat.”

One reason they can’t cook a rutabaga is they can’t even recognize a rutabaga when they see one.

All my neighbors here in Lexington County got “took” by a New York con man. When will they wake up and smell the coffee?

In response to the ranter who expressed his feelings on women wearing glasses (July 25): If you’re the type of man who would pass on the chance to get to know a potentially interesting woman just because she wears glasses, then I can safely promise you that you’re not the type of man whose opinions matter to women. At all. Like not even a little. Now run along.

How is it OK for 50 homeless people to perch up at the post office?! I know it’s public property but every time I walk in to mail things, someone is trying to holler and ask me for a dollar.

I’ve got every right to fat-shame you as you’ve got every right to keep stuffing your face and never doing anything. I’ve got to pay your medical bills.

SCE&G thinks they are like Uber. Invincible. They need to be brought down. Print that in your paper, Free Times.

My six-year-old granddaughter says pancakes need syrup, but syrup doesn’t need pancakes.

The metropolis of Springdale has unveiled two crime-fighting techniques. The store across from the police department that has been robbed twice in the last few months now has a cop car permanently parked there. They also have a radar sign that tells you if you’re speeding, but can’t write you a ticket, so it’s about as useful as the empty police car. Reminds me of Uncle Ed’s old mule: very pitiful and quite lame.

Why would anybody in the USA want to be a socialist? To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, if you can’t make it here, you couldn’t make it anywhere.

Global warming. Like George Carlin said, when the earth gets tired of human beings, it will shake them off like a bad case of fleas.

This is for all the Trump haters out there. The economy. 4.1, baby. By the way, Chuck Schumer just called in his 2020 campaign slogan: Make America Weak Again.

Can the Irmo police not do anything about speeders on Columbia Avenue? It’s an absolute racetrack. Somebody’s going to get killed.

How many more people must die at the hands of those with badges? It’s a goddamn shame.

Whenever I go to Burger King, they ask for a donation. Should that be part of their job?

We don’t vacuum until the dog sneezes. Thank you.

What are the chances than Vladimir Putin is a racist, misogynist and a homophobe?

What do you call an angle that gets in a car crash? A rectangle.

Shredquarters 2? Really? Wow, you’re so creative and original.

Can’t talk right now, I’m too busy oppressing the proletariat.​

Hey ambulance drivers, were all of you guys not given ample attention as children? Why the hell is it necessary to operate a siren near a residential neighborhood between midnight and 5 a.m.? Obviously the education bar is set low​.

These thots need to know #metoo was made to get Trump and the GOP, not progressives like Franken and Ellison.

I showed up for a flight with a fingernail file in my bag. It was a big bad deal and officials busted me and stole the fingernail file from me. Now some young white man steals the whole slam bang airplane from right under their airport noses and flies away. Really?

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