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Rant and Rave: More partisan wars of words. Waste management problems?

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Skip bin full of household waste rubbish on the frond yard. House clean up concept

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To the Republican culture-warriors in the State House: What if my transgender athlete daughter wants to open-carry a revolver?

Let’s be honest, when you say “white lives matter” you are really talking about the lives of white men and fetuses. Women and children of any color are subject to the whims of white men

It's funny how many white people don't seem to know that our land, as we call it, has been the land of brown people for tens of thousands of years.  

Out here in truly rural Lexington County, we are being overrun by deer. Where are the coyotes? I no longer hear them yowling at night. Is someone killing the coyotes? Control of the deer population is urgent. Deer are killers when they get onto the roads. 

Patrisse Khan-Cullors and her BLM co-founders turn the deaths of black people into spectacle in order to make themselves wealthy. Wouldn’t it be more honest to just go work for Goldman Sachs or Amazon rather than running around pretending to be a “Marxist”?

Conservative right wingers don’t want to be vaccinated. They want to open carry guns. They don’t believe in global warming. Now they want to restrict voting rights. One way or another conservatives will kill us all.   

In the depression, FDR spearheaded Social Security. Receive back what you pay in. In the 1950s, Congress changed that so current workers pay for retirees. Your monthly pension amount is based on your work history but somebody else is paying for it. That's a fact. Spin it how you want.

Why no Best Bakery category? I mean I know Columbia lacks in this department ... but Crust Bakehouse is really good and no category fits.

Saw a two-centimeter worm. Oh, sorry. I meant a teenage inchworm. Mon Dieu, I must learn to speak better American.

If you are considering getting the Covid-19 shot, you should know that it is FREE. You do not need insurance. You do not have to show an ID, or give your Social Security number. You can choose whether to make an appointment online, or simply show up at a group event. You can even get vaccinated without leaving your car. The place you go will only have one kind of vaccine, so if you want a certain one, choose the place that offers it. Anyone age 16 or older can get the shot. Stay well!

The way people felt about smoking and drinking in the 1950s and ’60s is similar to the way they feel about shopping and social networking today. Possibly addictive, but what the heck? 

There is no doubt that SC needs to expand Medicaid coverage like most other states of have done. I also believe that the governor and legislature need to implement an increase in taxes on households and businesses to pay for the program when SC has to pick up the tab after the feds cut back on their payments. 

Sorry old friend, you're wrong on pretty much every political matter you open your mouth on. I don't blame you, though. I pity you. We went to all the same schools growing up, and somehow you managed to stay in your little white, conservative bubble. You've never been out of the South, just like your daddy's never been out of the South, and his daddy ... Lord Almighty. Good luck to your kids.

Although I am 65+ years old, I still get giddy when my dish detergent makes serendipitous soap bubbles. 

My 10-year-old granddaughter said, “Grandpa, how do I get into Harvard?" I said, “Study, study study.” Yeah.

This is the Columbia Yeah Guy. I can't wait to have family reunions so I can complain about how people make things like coleslaw, potato salad and tea. Yeah.

You know, I guess this is a rant about Americans are very, very gullible. There is a commercial on TV, we're just chilling here. And it says every time you rinse your dishes to go into the dishwasher can cost you 20 gallons of water. Now if you know what a gallon of milk looks like, you're saying, when you arrange your dishes, it's 40 gallons. And you imagine a milk jug of water, 20 of those to rinse your dishes. And don't you know, this commercial is still on TV, and there are people that believe this.

Hey folks, is it true that Mr. Gaetz is going to talk to a bunch of ladies in Florida, and probably passed the hat? Mr. Gaetz is under investigation for having sex for a 17-year-old, which apparently is illegal. But the beauty of the whole thing is what? These dear parents love money, but then their kids or their grandkids get trafficked. And that little 17-year-old is somebody's kid and somebody's grandkid. But the beauty is, at some point you stand in front of the Lord and try to say, "I didn't know anything about this."

The two greatest commands or laws in the Bible are commands to love.

Yes, Deshaun Watson, 20 persons has convicted him, not convicted him, but accused him. But wait 'til those Clemson young ladies start coming out of the woodworks. He's really gonna be in trouble. Go Gamecocks.

I'm not sure how to start this, but the Bible tells you that you can actually kill your conscience. And I wonder what Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence think about the fact that almost 40,000 kids have lost a parent from COVID-19. I guess I'll stop right there. Thank you.

After the Charleston massacre, Dylann Roof is still alive. When is he gonna be put to death? He should not have any appeals.

The University of South Carolina athletic department needs to switch around two coaches. Send Coach Staley to the men's team and Coach Martin to the women's team for one year and see what happens.

Yeah, it looks like we got a waste management problem. Even in the state of South Carolina. We do it the old-fashioned way. Yeah, once it gets to be a solid, we just take it to the landfill. But then, see, the whole thing is we overcharge our consumers. And you know, we have a good old time with the money because basically all we do is put all your s#!t in a big vat. It's like putting a pot of money in the middle of the table and saying, "Hey, man, where you wanna party tonight?" Most of these companies don't give a s#!t about where they dump it.

The Cameron Curmudgeon asks why it is too costly to raise the minimum wage above sub-poverty level, when we can easily afford to give a trillion dollar tax break to those already making billions. Hundreds of those at the top of the heap made $5.2 billion per day during the pandemic. Trickle down, my ass.

To the woefully ignorant person with the socialism phobia (Rant and Rave, April 7): Maybe you should take your brainwashed self to a political science class. I'm sure you can get one at USC, if they'll have you. Um, you're embarrassing yourself. We're the one civilized nation who offers our people nothing. No health care, no education, no decent living wage. And yeah, good luck with that Social Security quest. Ha. Ha.

Bear says if the income of those at the bottom of the economy had matched the increases of those at the top of the heap for the last 30 to 40 years, then their income would have gone from $30,000 a year to over $180,000 a year today. What's wrong with that picture?

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