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People talk about Donald Trump. Heck, I’d rather be Joe Biden’s son. He got a great deal in Ukraine.

Dare to be different. Trust in God.

What is the difference between a hippo and Zippo? A hippo is heavy. A Zippo is a little lighter.

In Lexington they had a small earthquake. My friend was all shook up.

If you want to see your tax money wasted, watch the impeachment hearings.

As I watched the impeachment hearings, I couldn’t help but wonder why all the Republicans look so angry and like Nazis.

I just read that Uber is worth over $100 billion and it’s owned by the Saudis. If Trump wants to put a tariff on somebody, well, I’m just saying.

Trump: “Actually, I don’t know Giuliani very well.”

Only liars and the guilty resist revelation of the truth. Our courts must demand it.

Just wondering how long before the term “Black Friday” will no longer be allowed because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS?

Hey Mr. Mayor, what’s going on with that business friendliness task force? Businesses are waiting for changes.

I agree with Howard Stern who said that Trump only ran to get publicity for his Apprentice show in order to raise his salary for the show. He never thought that he would win. Stern ought to know since they are personal friends.

I just had a random thought: I want to be remembered for what I did, not what I caused.

I’m loving this whole online dating. But I don’t get what the point is to go out of town every weekend to listen to these people masturbate in the room next to me. I thought we were going on a date. I guess I’m into it, but let’s be together in-person.

Looks like they would have told somebody when they were going to be fixing Gervais Street.

Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham are embarrassing South Carolina with their ridiculous behavior. 

To the guy who drives around the Vista and Five Points with a train horn on his pickup: I hope you have good insurance and don’t mind spending the night in jail cause if you blow your train horn close to me I’m getting your tag number and filing assault charges AND I will sue you. It’s not going to be so funny then!

How did John Bobbitt become whole? Remember.

Rant and Rave: Calling out to Hillary

If you think socialism is a good idea, then you have never been to a socialist country.

Politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, it’s all the same. It’s like a syndicate. It goes from the municipalities all the way up to the feds.

Hey folks, I love p#!sy, but I can’t sleep with this [phone cuts off].

Fire Will Muschamp! Fire Ray Tanner! Fire Travaris Robinson! Fire Bryan McClendon! Fire Tommy Suggs! Fire Todd Ellis! Fire Jay Philips! Fire 107.5! Might as well fire Cocky, too! When’s the last time that damn bird won anything?

Pardon me while I fart in your direction.

This is The Weasel one more time looking at you. They tell me these kids in Sumter, South Carolina will kill you so fast it will make your head spin.

Has Carolina ever won a football game wearing black helmets, garnet jerseys and black pants? Somebody help me out here.

I don’t know why the whistleblower doesn’t just come forward. What could go wrong? Are they afraid of a billionaire, criminally insane psychopath or something?

Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Joe Wilson and the rest of these goofball clowns, let’s get them out of office. Enough is enough.

Every time I call Dish or DirecTV, I get Manila. I’m talking to somebody halfway across the world. What’s up with that? Where’s the American jobs? What’s up, Joe? Where’s the jobs? They are going to Manila.

Hey folks, when I was six I could drive a tractor, and we’d listen to James Taylor while we drove it. I don’t give a dang what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

I see where KISS is finally coming to the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia. But, look at the price of tickets: $100 just to get in the door and $500 to sit on the floor. Who the hell do they think they are, the Eagles?

Why do South Carolina politicians want to cut taxes when teachers, state employees, and first responders are paid below the national average, the state retirement system is underwater, K-12 and higher education is underfunded, the state’s roads and other parts of the infrastructure need repair, and the national debt is ballooning? 

Lindsay Graham took an oath to defend the Constitution. The only thing this despicable senator is defending is what side of Trump’s ass he will kiss tomorrow. This gutless wonder, who is a lawyer, refuses to even read any sworn depositions and watch any testimonies on the impeachment hearings of a despicable example of a president. He did say “If we find evidence of a quid pro quo then we will have a problem.” HIS QUOTE! Well LG, the evidence was presented in public testimony and closed-door depositions and you choose NOT TO READ OR LISTEN! You have failed your oath!

People claim Donald Trump is corrupt. I claim he must’ve studied to be a sheriff in South Carolina.

Big surprise that you trash monkeys from Charleston buy our free paper to dick on Columbia in our own local publication, then start making people subscribe to read said “free” articles online. Guess you do need us for something, i.e. our money. Just remember one thing: What you consider to be the podunk, unsophisticated capital of our state will still be around when T-Rav and the rest of you bougie mother#!kers fall into the sea with your beloved, rat-infested city. Bon voyage!

Let’s get our heads out of the sand! The latest Wall Street Journal survey (not noted for being a liberal publication, by the way) finds that 89 percent of Americans favor expanded background checks for gun purchasers; 76 percent support “red flag” laws to identify dangerous persons and deny them guns; and 75 percent favor a voluntary buyback program in which the government would purchase firearms from current owners. Sixty-two percent of Americans favor a ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons. And right here, in South Carolina, 75 percent of 2018’s murder victims died of bullet wounds, and as of early November 2019, there have been 393 gun related murders. Congressman Joe Wilson, get your head out of the sand!

I want to know if anybody saw this grill on Broad River Road. There was a grill sitting right on the sidewalk. Please let me know if anybody saw that.

People forget that an independent counsel came back to the U.S. House of Representatives with 11 articles of impeachment for then President Clinton. So far after the Manafort, Cohen, Daniels, and Mueller investigations no one as offered up one article of impeachment against President Trump! The latest Ukraine inquiry has not produced one shred of factual evidence against President Trump for quid pro quo or bribery! Democrats will still impeach, but it will go nowhere in the Senate! KAG! Frosty

This is a rant to the motorcyclist on Beechcreek Road in Lexington, 1:30 on Thursday, Nov. 21. I will be generous and say you were only going 60 mph when I flashed my lights, but you were still accelerating in this 35 mph zone. The next curve on this road has a blind exit from the Landings neighborhood, and the line of sight coming out of that curve into that intersection is 110 to 120 feet, giving you about 1.6 seconds to stop if you were only going 60. If I had left the house five seconds later you would have found an SUV turning left across the roadway instead of my flashing lights. The only thing that will stop your bike in 1.6 seconds is the side of my car, the trees on your left or the stone wall on your right. Your fancy riding leathers make me think you see yourself as a skilled rider, so please choose the wall if you get the chance, I’m not sure your body would make it over the car, and I don’t want to die when your helmet busts thru my side window.

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