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Good god, look at all the cops. State cops, local cops, campus cops, county cops. This town is lousy with cops.

Shut up, Wesley!

Dope how the Mayor and some of the council people are partying with Kamala Harris while the people at Allen Benedict Court are displaced and being mistreated. No accountability, no leadership. 

The same week the decrepit 80-year old Allen Benedict public housing project was closed because of natural gas leaks that killed two people, someone in New York City paid $285 million for a single residence. Hmmm.

Charmin toilet paper commercials are repulsive.

What gives The State newspaper the right to litter my driveway each week with The Extra? I have told them a half dozen times that I don’t want it. Yet their littering continues and I have to dispose of their paper and plastic trash.

Rant and Rave is like Twitter with a condom.

It is time to get serious and this is the deal: When we are driving, you stay completely on your side of the line and I’ll stay completely on my side of the line. This crossover s#!t is not going to work out well for anybody. Thanks.

My dentist is selling Girl Scout cookies from his dental office. Is this funny? He’s planning for my future tooth decay. No offense to Girl Scouts, of course.

Things like what happened down in Florida at the SunTrust Bank is what happens when you don’t spank your child and you spoil them and you let them think life is easy. Then when they realize it ain’t easy, they snap and they go around killing people. I was told the waist below is on limits, but if you come above the waist you’re going to jail. I think that needs to be made law and these children need their ass whipped good.

I heard the Gubner drawling about The State of the State in his speech. To me, the general state of our state is not so good. He, however, is going to fix our education mess. Do you believe that? Please show us some action on that, Mr. Gubner.

So South Carolina and eight worse states are now designated as the poorest in the nation for education! That is out of 50 for those too ill-educated to know how many states there are. All nine of these states are solid red states (Republican), which is not surprising as those politicians most corrupt or illiterate themselves always go after those most gullible and vulnerable, preying on and magnifying insecurities and fears. 

It is Thursday. 5:37 in the afternoon. I’d like to thank the engineers from DOT for screwing up all the traffic lights. The traffic trying to get out of the city is two miles back from the stoplight they’ve messed up at Forest Drive and Trenholm Road.

Betty White is 97 years old. She’s always been my favorite Golden Girl.

I agree with Kevin Fisher’s article. (CityWatch: About That New USC Logo — I Mean, UofSC Logo, Jan. 14) USC should have the logo “The Original USC.”

Kevin Fisher’s right: USC’s new logo is a joke. Whoever’s in charge should set standards that are permanent. And for god’s sake, set standards for football uniforms so the paper doesn’t have to publish what colors they’re going to wear in our upcoming game. You turn on the TV and see those Penn State uniforms and know it’s them. Yeah, it’s old fashioned, but I call it tradition. USC’s idea of tradition is flitting from one idea to another.

Given enough time, the odds will even out.

I had an appointment up there at the Columbia Skin Clinic, and get this: The whole clinic moved and didn’t tell anybody.

Since all the businesses are leaving Five Points, we want to rename it Bar Points.

I was just wondering: What would it be like if the sky was yellow and the sun was blue?

There are even more apartments being built in Columba. OK, that’s enough already.

How in the hell can I only chose one favorite Geico commercial?

Three cheers for the articles, editorials, whatever they were on the News and Opinion page. (Sound Off [letters to the editor], Jan. 9) D. Kenneth Baker, Paul Denman and Bill Schmidt. Three very good stories, articles, whatever. Thanks, sirs. Thanks for writing those.

Trump, get over yourself.

The president forgot Arby’s and Zaxby’s. Yeah.

What if Native Americans had put up a wall to keep out the Pilgrims?

Just wondering how the stupid Democrats can fight Donald Trump on the wall when wasn’t it Jim Clyburn who was able to get $4 million from God knows where to put a walkover on 277 coming into Columbia?

Two names will go down in history as being American traitors. The first is Benedict Arnold. The second is Donald Trump.

For the P-O-T-U-S: I can build your wall for $1 billion and take the other $4 billion and let you have the rest. I’ll make sure anybody who comes through that wall understands why they shouldn’t have come through that wall. Understand?

Thanks be to Nancy Pelosi. She treated a seven-year-old like a seven-year-old should be treated. I think we are seeing a return to rational government. It will take years to correct the damage that Trump and the conservatives have done.

Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to our country.

I can’t believe these people who say that Nancy Pelosi is such a terrible person. Is it because she’s a woman, and strong at that, and she’s a Democrat? Give me two or three reasons she’s done that give people the right to dislike her as much as they do. It’s simply propaganda by the Republicans and people copying what they’ve been told.

The Dems need a BLUE MAGA HAT which reads “MAKE ASSHOLE GO AWAY.”

Excluding the killers, rapists, thieves and crooks, y’all got a lot of good people locked up. Let half of them free and you will see a much better world, hopefully.

Whatever you do, never vote Nikki Haley as president. She done quit whatever job she done had. Go and vote Hillary!

What’s with the wide turns, y’all? You aren’t driving a semi.

Yeah, socialism is just another tool for parasites. Thank you.

Listen: The more you greed, the more you’re going to need. It’s just common sense.

Whenever I tell people I’m retired Air Force, they always say, “Were you a pilot?” Yeah.

Thanks, AT&T for the head up. Not.

Hey folks, on the evening WIS, that gentleman used the word “alert” eight times in the first two, three minutes. And the alert was for 60 degrees today and windy and rainy. Isn’t that the same thing as springtime? I have quit watching WIS.

I agree. Bring back This Modern World. But also Free Will Astrology. If you must lose something, do so. Crime Blotter could go. It’s depressing. And the Star does it already.

South Carolina automobile dealers, give consumers a break! Sell cars without turn signals; no South Carolina drivers use them anyway.

You want to know why Charleston has an international airport instead of Columbia? It’s because of the chaos and disorder this capital breeds. Columbia can’t even sync up the traffic lights.

A loser always asks the same question: Whose fault is it? And he always arrives at the same answer: Somebody else’s.

The Seawell’s buffet is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Rudolph Giuliani, I thought you was for the people one time, when you was running for mayor up in New York. Now you’re going to sell people out for a dollar?

South Carolina: the state that could not even succeed at secession.

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