U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks with reporters during a press conference at Embassy Suites Historic Charleston on  Monday, Nov. 25, 2019, in Charleston. Gavin McIntyre/Staff

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Someone should ask Lindsey Graham if he has repressed anger.

[In reference to Rant & Rave, Jan. 1] To the f#!king redneck who complained about the "x" belonging in "Texas" not "Christmas," get a freaking education, bunghole. "X" is the Greek letter "chi." The New Testament is written in Greek. "Christ" is a Greek word starting with the letter chi. It's his freakin' initial, man. 

I skipped breakfast for years. Now I’m told I was “prolonging the fast” and it’s called intermittent fasting. I’ll skip paying rent and car payments next. It’s called intermittent bankruptcy and I’ll get rich.

Alcohol is for sale at UofSC sporting events. Who's going to be checking the hundreds of students who present fake IDs that they regularly get away with using in Five Points? 

Attention Dominion Energy gas customers: Did you know that when the weather is warmer than normal, these bastards are allowed to charge us more for gas than normal. Don’t believe me, look at your bill. Then ask yourself, “Why do I keep voting for these right-wing assholes that let them get away with this?”

Trump is a f#!king idiot and is destroying the country. If you support him, you are even more stupid than he is.

My boss makes me go to the restroom and do a smell check since my co-workers take forever to go to the bathroom.

My wife and I bought a Christmas tree at Lowe’s. Then I said, “Honey, we aren’t letting that in the house.”

During the Army-Navy game, the Army Cadets and Navy Midshipmen were flashing hand gestures. What happened to saying, “Hi, Mom”?

I presented my friend a puzzle on Christmas. I left out a couple pieces just to mess with him.

My friend wears spandex. Nooooo!

The Taste Buds and I went to DiPrato’s. The fish and the service were both excellent. Tell David Clarey and Tug Baker.

I asked my friend Dave if he had seen Frozen II. He said he’d see it when hell freezes over.

If there is truly separation of church and state, why is it permissible for politicians to speak at church services, but it’s not permissible to have prayer in school? Just wondering.

God bless Paul Swatsell, driver No. 99, 31-year veteran of Checker Yellow Cab Company.

I see an ad that the City of Columbia says to not block drains with leaves. Tell these landscapers and yard people to stop blowing leaves all in the street and start bagging them up. Then we won’t have the backed-up drains and floods and stuff like we do. Think about that.

Hey folks, this gentleman politician in New Jersey is going to change parties. I’ll be very blunt: A double-minded person is somebody you stay away from. That’s just wisdom from the Bible.

The next time Lindsey Graham gets on TV and supports Donald Trump, ask yourself: What does Lindsey Graham have on him?

I just went into to Baptist E.R. a little while ago to use the restroom and they had a high-level security check with a wand and making you take everything out of your pockets. The security guard was 5-foot tall.

Yeah, I am just wondering about these damn lights in Columbia. The traffic lights. What ever happened to the idea that, on Main Street at night, the lights flash yellow? And the secondary streets would flash red. That was so easy and you didn’t have to worry about any damn arrows. Can anybody tell me?

I just finished reading the Rant & Rave page. It seems like Columbia is as divided as the rest of the nation, fighting among ourselves, left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal. People, wake up. The great divide is not between our political affiliations. The great divide is between the .001 percent and the 99.99 percent of the rest of us at the bottom. They keep throwing things up to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

The Cameron Curmudgeon wonders why the right puts up no defense against the articles of impeachment. Could it be because they have no defense? Or could it be because The Donald has them by the gonads?

Discipline is in our family. There is no discipline in the Trump family.

Hey, this is a shoutout to all of those companies who expect their employees to donate to charity projects.

Hey folks, this is Swiss Kid. I learned to fly in the eighth grade. Boeing will do anything to get these jets in the air. They missed the Christmas season, which is a ton of money.

My New Year’s resolution was to not have a New Year’s resolution.

My friend Dave said, “The rain’s coming down.” I said, “At least it’s not going up.”

During the holidays I mostly sat around and ate sugar-free cookies and drank Fireball whiskey.

My favorite movie this time of year is Die Hard.

James “Radio” Kennedy passed away. Rest in peace, Radio.

If the Democrats in Congress don’t insult your intelligence, you don’t have any.

The University of South Carolina recently approved the sale of alcohol at games. No matter how many newly legal beers you drink, when you get to your seat you’re still watching the Gamecocks.

Yeah, there are those of us who only pull up to the gas station and want to get our gas and go on about our day. We don’t want to go inside and shop and sit there for 15 minutes while you are in there shopping. So, think about the person behind you and get the f#!k out of the way.

Mr. Trump pooped on a jelly donut.

I enjoyed the teddy bear toss at the South Carolina women’s basketball game. That was phenomenal.

It’s reputed that Trump eats junk food. He’s still not worth the food he eats.

I paid my house off in six years. My truck and my last truck were beautiful and paid for with cash.

He is so painfully shy that he can't bring himself to ask anyone for a job. But never mind that shyness when he's looking for someone to suck his d#!k. He can make that transaction just fine. 

Trump 2020!

The welfare system is meant to be a safety net, not a hammock.

Richland One’s School Board needs to be replaced. Their behavior at board meetings is unprofessional and they appear to not want the truth to come out. One member stands up to them. Like all politicians, power takes over and the real reason they are there vanishes.  

Don the Con whips up suspicion, fear and aggression on the daily. Now he has even dragged the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. into it.  Now I tell you one thing, Mr. President:Keep Dr. King's name outta your mouth. 

Donald Trump is using the office of president for personal financial gain. He told us in advance that he would do it and he is doing it. It violates our Constitution. Impeach him again.

Ahhh! South Congaree. I spent a month there one day.

Unemployment and interest rates are low. Economy and stock market are booming. What are Democrats to do? Better accuse Trump of something!

Marx’s statement that religon is the opiate of the masses is so dated. The new opiate of the masses is ones and zeros.

It's a new year and it will be a better year. This year, guys will be a word for addressing males, but NOT FEMALES. Women and girls are not guys. 

Happy New Year!

In the endless pursuit of s#!tty and useless policies in the DO-IT department at UofSC will require dual authentication for all bathrooms on campus in 2020, no exceptions will be granted.

What I would once like to hear at an airport in the new year: “We now invite all members of the teaching professions to pre-board. Pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school teachers, tenured and untenured community college and university lecturers as, well as professors. Thank you for your service ensuring that we will have a future.”

Mick Mulvaney, Trey Gowdy, Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham are from South Carolina. What's that I heard about South Carolina being an insane asylum? 

If Donald Trump gets pardoned, then Pete Rose should get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A provate sewer company wants an increase of 56 percent for 2020, pending approval from the PSC. There were 20 percent bill increases in both 2018 and 2019. Inflation was 1.9 percent in 2018 and 2.1 percent in 2019. I want a 56 percent salary raise, too! Current bank saving rates are under 2 percent.

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