Rant and Rave: He should know

Trump’s Path to Nomination Divides S.C. GOP Establishment

Donald Trump spoke Jan. 27, 2016 at a farm in Gilbert. 

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Trump calls governors weak. He should know. Presidents don’t come much weaker than he.

Love it when you see those friends from high school, who cared more about drinking and weed and sex than God and prayer when you knew them, are now all “THANK GOD TRUMP IS BRINGING PRAYER BACK TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS.”

He may occupy the presidential White House, but Trump will never earn the right to be called “president” and share the same space as other recent presidents, Democratic and Republican!

Washington, D.C. peaceful protest demonstration a few blocks from the White House. Trump calls in the police and National Guard to clear peaceful crowd out of area with force and weapons. After a press conference, Trump walks to an earlier damaged church in a cleared area for photo op, holding up a Bible and posing with his eunuch judicial, national security and military cabinet members. THIS IS HYPOCRISY! Even the Episcopal Church leader denounced this action!

My memory must be going. I don’t remember tear gas and rubber bullets in Charlottesville, where the protesters actually took the life of an innocent person.

If you think Mr. Trump has helped America’s standing in the world, you need to be very aware the Europeans are chatting about this virus and they call it Trump’s Death Clock.

I was afraid of murder hornets. Now I’m afraid of large lizards in Georgia.

Trump is the lowest piece of scum to ever enter public office. He brandishes a Bible when the occasion suits. Surely no one is stupid enough to think he reads it. To him it is merely a prop. He admits to groping women, he uses every four-letter word in public addresses, he has had several extramarital affairs, and he lies, lies, lies and lies some more. Yet the religious right loves him. They actually think he was God’s choice for president. Makes one wonder about God. Geez.

Please do keep us in mind for long and short-term funding options for working capital and lines of credit.

The only way I can see this police brutality coming to an end is to decriminalize all personal crimes such as drug use, gambling, prostitution, etc. Then police only chase and apprehend murderers, robbers and personal crimes against people of all colors and creeds. No more choke holds on poor folks selling loosies!

Did you hear? A new sequel to Driving Miss Daisy. It’s Hazing Minnie Driver.

My right-wing friends bring up Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. They ask, ”What did he do?” He didn’t have to do any more than being the first African American to be president of these fifty American states, in itself an awesome feat. The first woman president or vice president will deserve the same award.

I am glad to know the White House has a bunker. Please keep Donald Trump in the bunker until January 2021, when it will be time for him to move back to Florida.

Elon Musk, please blast the mannequin twins, Mark Zuckerberg and Jared Kushner, into space orbit and leave them up there for a few years.

This is to the person who hacked me. I have my own black hat, and you left a trail. I just closed a no-time-limit deal, final payment when I get your device, with our exchange still on it. Preferably with organics attached. I hope it goes slowly for you.

When I go to the grocery store, it’s hard to find toilet paper. It’s also hard to find Cheetos.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. I’m not talking about the pandemic. I’m talking about the actions of the orange guy in the White House. This is The Turtle.

Liberal Redneck here. When I need a good laugh, I turn on the TV news on Fox. What a hilarious bunch of liars.

You know, Boeing is still trying to get the 737s up in the air. They are trying so hard to blame their troubles on pilots, and I think that’s just a shame.

The ladies on the news have been saying what they missed most since the coronavirus, and they are saying it is being in the studio with their co-anchors.

Caffeine makes you pee. It makes me pee. But these kids are peeing out their calcium.

Hey folks, I couldn’t sleep last night.

I’m seeing all the rants and the raves, but nobody is saying anything about me. I don’t have your address to write you a letter, but I really would like to have my name up in the situation.

I have been sitting here thinking about that poor Arbery man in Georgia.

The POS in Chief refers to the radical left-wing groups. What about the radical right-wing groups?

Y’all going too far. Gonna make this LONG TIME DEM vote Trump.

Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani and others who serve the Republican administration in Washington, are talking about the radicals and outside agitators who are creating problems in the streets following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Greetings to Bill and Rudy and the rest of you. It’s not some OTHER people from the OUTSIDE who just want to agitate. IT IS US. IT IS ME. WE ARE THE ORDINARY PEOPLE of the USA. We are tired. We are fed up. We are sick of police brutality. We demand change.

Whatever happened to Jussie Smollett?

When Dylann Roof, a white male, was arrested in Charleston after gunning down nine people in cold blood, the police officers took him out for a bite to eat. When George Floyd, a black male, was arrested in Minneapolis, suspected of trying to pass a fake $20 bill, the police officers killed him on the spot.

Someone had an idea to pass military equipment from our armed forces to our police departments. The militarization of the police across our country was A COMPLETELY WRONG IDEA. Demilitarize the police!! Let’s have PEACE IN THE USA.

This is the Columbia Yeah Guy. What’s a boxer’s favorite part of the joke? The punch line. Yeah.

We must remember to vote the poor state treasurer out of his second class state office (and paycheck). How dare we spend taxpayer money on taxpayers!

After he gets the fences built higher and gets fully militarized troops surrounding the White House, 24 hours a day, our President can get back to agitating our country and inciting violence.

As a white person myself, if you are a white conservative and you “hate” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barrack Obama, you helped kill George Floyd.

I miss the Rant and Rave bullhorn, but I have to admit, I’m digging that retro font.

I have some crazy driving ideas: When the guy in front of you hits his brakes just slow down. If your turn is coming up don’t whip around someone and then turn right in front of them. If the light turns yellow just stop.

The sequel, COVID-20, coming soon to a person near you!

I am being mentally abused by the president of the United States.

4.25 percent of world population. Thirty percent of COVID deaths. American exceptionalism?

Does everyone remember the good old days when the Rant and Rave section took up a whole page and they would print almost anything you sent them by email? Since Post and Courier took over this paper really sucks. You can print one less copy because I won’t bother picking up your paper anymore at the gas station behind my house. Thanks for the memories.

I have a different value system from Donald Trump. I do wear a mask and I do not wear makeup.

In the world of Kellyanne Conway, people wait in line for a cupcake for an hour. I promise you that there are multitudes of people like me who physically cannot stand in a line for an hour for any reason. I need that mail-in ballot. Stop the voter suppression talk and tactics.

This is a shout out to the Richland County Sheriff Department. I watch live Live PD on Friday and Saturday and compared to some of the other departments on the show you guys are alright. I feel safe, and not harassed or fear of being killed during a traffic stop. Plus Ms. Addy is some sweet eye candy. Thanks for your service.

Am I asking for too much? A functioning Democracy and some toilet paper.

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