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Rant and Rave: Happy New Year! And Cracker Jack prizes

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Drunk people in a party

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I am not thinking to name an airport after Donald Trump. It would be better to name a s#!tter after him. It will have plenty of urinals and sinks and toilets, all with great water flow.

Well, now we have a whiny, crybaby, narcissistic politician claiming his son did nothing wrong in his overseas business dealings, while the FBI has had an ongoing criminal investigation into him for two years. Well, "big guy", you will be implicated in this investigation and when we see you in an orange jumpsuit, we will say "orange man bad".

Here we are in the country with the WORST record in the world on COVID. We have 3,000 Americans dying of COVID EVERY DAY. We were advised not to travel for Christmas and what did we do? One million people took flights every day in the week before Christmas. Get smart, people. STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID!!

Here comes 2021. Happy New Year!

Trump supporters might as well have “STUPID” tattooed on their foreheads!

A belated shout-out to the angel who entered the Assembly Street post office just before closing on a recent dreary weekday and lifted the spirits of several unfortunate souls (myself included) by pulling up Christmas oldies on her phone -- after politely asking, of course. Shades of "The Shawshank Redemption," when Andy plays the opera singers for the benefit of the entire jail.

To all you Trump supporters. YOU ARE WRONG.

Isn't it ironic? In 2016, after Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, but lost the electoral college vote 306-232, Trump called the vote a LANDSLIDE for him, and tweeted Mrs. Clinton to accept her loss with grace. In 2020, Trump LOST the popular vote by well over 7 million votes, and lost the electoral college by the same landslide 306-232, And rather than following his own advice, he is behaving like the spoiled rich child he is who didn't get his way?

Can you believe Rump pardoned Charles Manson posthumously?

Lindsey Graham’s Free Times ad today reminds, “... Let’s remember to count our blessings”. Do you mean like losing our jobs, closing our businesses, losing our loved ones, losing our homes, not receiving a reasonable stimulus check for the last nine months, all because Trump and legislators like you and Joe Wison and other Republican legislators sit on your butts doing nothing, with no sense of compromise or urgency, to provide for the needs of all American citizens?

The negative reactions to Trump's proposal to withdraw troops from Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan AND his demand for $2,000 direct payments demonstrate that many of the so-called "progressives" are as committed to capitalist exploitation and endless war as the Republican Party and right wing are.

With COVID-19 out here you would think people would be trying to get Christ into their life if they haven’t accepted him instead of who is going to be first getting the vaccine.

Like the preacher says, if you just listen to me for a little while I’m going to help you. So let's just do it this way if you don’t have Christ in your life, find a preacher, find a church or so and get Christ in your life first then worry about the vaccine just in case they run out before they get to you, at least you’ll know you’re in heaven’s gates.

I’m so old I remember when Cracker Jacks had good prizes, yeah.

My friend is ugly, how ugly is he? You have to tie three pork chops around his neck to get the dogs to play with him.

A University of South Carolina is going to a football bowl game with a record of 2-8, give me a break.

Why do they call the store Whole Food when you can buy half a pie, yeah.

Who let the dogs out?

Santa’s wife looked out and saw bad weather, she said I think it's going to rain dear, ha ha!

Uh I have a rant, please put the headlines back in the rant and rave section, yeah.

I meant to add this in. The terrible thing about our dear president is that he is very aware. Nobody respects him on the golf course, in Washington, in Florida, isn’t that just. I don’t know how you live like that. That’s the terrible thing. He, deep inside, he knows that nobody respects him. That’s just a tragedy. That’s what drives him to do a whole bunch of stuff. He loves money, but deep inside, he just wishes that somebody would give him respect.

Oh hey merry Christmas thanks for putting up with me. My dear brother went to heaven so I rant and rave. In sixth grade I went to economics and I’m surprised Donald Trump didn’t say more money for individuals. Because the key point is this is not his money. Americans are not the brightest people but I’ll stop there, it's the holidays, it's Christmas.

I just got finished reading this wonderful article that no one else would have the balls to print. About the councilwoman who flagrantly used her credit card to make purchases that were not for the county period. When I swore in as an officer in 1980 I kept my promise and swore that I would uphold the law. Period. What the grand jury needs to do is not lump all of this into separate sections, but to show each one of the offenses that she produced herself to get her an indictment.

Short and sweet, I will always have to go to Church. Switzerland, France. They never had it in Columbus, Ohio, which is fine. I think I’ve talked too much because I’m taking a break. (Static) f#!king nightmare (static) the lord is a f#!king nightmare.

You know our dear president has been in office four years. People as commentators are still trying to figure out Trump out. The bible is a trip. You can always tell people by the fruit they bear. You look at Trump’s kids and that’s all you need.

So, how do you like that? The news keeps covering covering and covering over the pressures of Republicans versus Democrats, been going on until it will drive you ‘til a screw goes into your head and PUMP and when it pops you’ll freak out and you’ll say “OY YUY OO YUY” and you’ll do nothing. Because that’s what you do. Nothing.

Bear says if you still wonder if the GOP is firmly encamped with big business, that is the oligarchs, then why is the COVID package for fed reserve blocking help for small and midsize business bonds, but is buying large bonds that bail out multinational corporations. Mnuchin is trying to poison the waters for the incoming administration.

The Cameron Curmudgeon wonders if it isn’t fake news that our esteemed orange faced leader really had COVID-19 or was that just an excuse to say see that’s not bad you don’t need to wear the mask and then his minions go maskeless and we have hundreds and thousands of caes, millions of cases, and hundred of thousands died. People wise up don’t pay attention to him, he’s on the way out. He’s a loser.

Why can’t there be a new COVID strain that only affects shitty tailgating drivers. Thank you have a nice day.

Happy Festivus Free Time readers and now for the airing of grievances. This paper was much better with Eva and Chris.

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