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Rant and Rave: Guess who's back. Back again. Trump is back. Tell a friend.

Trump 2016 Gilbert

Former president Trump campaigns in Gilbert in January 2016.

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Living on the other side of the river has many advantages, but sometimes smell isn’t one of them. The river itself can smell like a football team’s locker room. Then there’s the chicken plant which, on a hot day, can smell so bad the flies hold their noses. But every now and then we are treated to the smell of frying dough, melted sugar, and faint spices from the doughnut factory up the road. You know the one. Almost heaven.

There's just not enough noise in this city. Cars that vibrate, racing motorcycles, loud neighbors who could care less. I know there are good people out there; people that care. But my outlook is poisoned day after day by those who live by their own rules, push limits, practice ignorance, and hate.

Penalties for littering in this town can be as high as a thousand bucks and/or prison. Really? Kind of along the same lines as speed limits and driving offenses. No enforcement.  

Trump is a greasy, lying, thieving, cheating pile of poop and his supporters can’t see it. He is the single most dangerous American in existence.  

When the hell are conservative blacks going to stop getting attacked. Tim Scott was called an oreo cookie after his response to Biden's speech. That is partly keeping racism alive.

The laughs from the Republicans just keep coming. You can’t write a soap opera this good.  

THANK YOU to the Facebook oversight board for keeping Donald Trump banned from the platform. His deranged rantings and lies have caused too much trouble already. Our mental health is more important. 

I believe the Finlay Park Is actually a National Park or am I mistaken. In any case will anyone join in and help letting the “powers to be” get moving on getting this wonderful public resource working again instead of excuses why it can’t be opened!

The record of history shows that humans have been hunting deer for thousands of years, eating the meat and using other parts of the animals for multiple purposes. Now we have an oversupply of deer and your Rant and Raver says we should not eat deer. (Rant and Rave, May 5) What happened, sweetie pie? 

The Trump cult is lingering. Let it go, people, let it go. It is poison for our country. 

Last week, I heard a South Carolina Senator say open carry is a "God-given right". Wasn't in my Bible. Nobody I knew could find it in theirs, either. You know, when you quote the Creator, know your facts!

Here's a radical idea for the United States in 2021: Police-involved killings are wrong, immoral, and despicable regardless of the skin color of the victim and regardless of the skin color of the perpetrator(s). Ditch the racialist analysis and you'll realize that police are agents of the repressive capitalist state and that those promoting the racialist analysis are doing so to mystify the class relations undergirding police-involved killings. 

Open carry here, open carry there, open carry everywhere! Starting with the SC Statehouse, I'd like AR-15s, Gloks, Uzis in businesses, daycares, government buildings, schools (especially buses!), colleges, churches, hospitals. No exceptions.

Addendum to open carry: restaurants, sporting venues, concerts, public transit, banks, ball fields, walking trails, and especially bars! Did I miss anything?

Japan — population 126 million — has had 11,000 Covid deaths. South Carolina — 5 million — has had 8000 deaths. You the man, Henry!

Fidel Castro is dead. Cuba did not invade us or infect us with their communism. Lift the sanctions. 

Lindsey Graham says the future is in the hands of Donald Trump. The two of them should link arms with Nikki Haley, Kevin McCarthy, Lauren Boebert, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene and a few others, and FADE AWAY. We can't have a country if our leaders literally attack our government. It was an INSURRECTION at the Capitol on January 6, 2021!!

South Carolina says it needs a better way to kill prisoners condemned to death. Approval of the death penalty is said to be high, inspired by the past president, who loved it. The death penalty is FINAL, FOREVER, and the US is still killing innocent, wrongly convicted people. It is a Commandment: Thou shalt not kill.

It will be real nice for the pandemic to end. The USA has done the WORST in the developed world to manage Covid-19. People are paying with their lives for the lack of leadership we got from The Former Guy. Sad!

Trump must have Josh Duggar levels of blackmail on Lindsey Graham.

We must be forgiving of the American who is a Duchess. She screams for privacy but puts herself in the bright lights for non-stop attention. Her emotional whining and complaining and exaggerating is old already. Be quiet.

The Former Guy revealed himself to us to be quite a HATER. Will he strive to collect revenge from his perceived enemies until the day he dies? Ditch the moron. 

Just when you start thinking that the world can't get any crazier or more stupid, something turns up to convince you that you are wrong. This time, it doesn't involve the Trump cult. This time, it is a news item about Disney, specifically noise that the Prince in Snow White engaged her in a non-consensual kiss. In other words, he FORCED his attentions on her unconscious person without her consent!

Stop the world, I might want to get off!

You know I guess you could say this is a true blue, well you can’t say blue in this red state. This is a true blue rant. The State paper has kicked out a clinical psychologist that helped with raising kids. I don’t read names all the time, but he was really good. When I was in Switzerland you had to have good grades or you got behind. The Swiss didn’t argue with you or they took away your snow skis. 

Uh when I took my two kids to the arcade place, I track them like a Fed Ex package. 

In the paper it says the BullStreet Babcock Apartments to have first residents by 2022. As old as that building it is and after the fire last year, you couldn’t pay me to live in there

The economics question is at zero percent interest, not being biased, how much did the national debt go up nyder the previous administration? At zero percent interest how much did the national debt go up under the previous administration? I think the correct answer is $7.8 trillion at zero percent interest. That’s why the Biden administration is not going to raise the interest rates. Interest rate is like a credit card. At zero percent making a car payment versus at 10 percent. But the more important question is what did you get for your money? 

In the near future, Columbia is going to be known as apartment complex city. IF city council or city official don’t stop it, that’s all Columbia is going to be. Apartment complexes. They’re planning on building one at Capital City Ballpark! How many more apartment complexes does Columbia need? 

You know what else is great about a bandana as a face mask? Well, let me tell you. Need a snot rag? Got it. Salivating in the deli? Done. Wing sauce heading to your chest? Intercepted. Cattle rustlin'/train robbin'? Ol reliable. And you can go to the bank without the alarm going off.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. 

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