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Coca-Cola is considering selling a marijuana drink. What do you think they will call it? Ganja-Cola?

Has anyone ever noticed whenever President Trump gives a televised speech during daytime hours the stock market sinks every single time, without fail? If only the Republican Party could get him to stop the three deadly T's. Talking, tweeting, and tariffing.

If S.C. is Charlie's Angels, Charleston is the sexy one, Greenville is the sweet one, and Columbia is the smart one.

Rump describes himself as “an honest guy.” Seriously? That simpleton would lie if the truth would work better.

This is a RANT to all the tour guides at USC. The bottom level of T-Coop Library is NOT the lowest point in SC. Stop spreading that ignorant rumor.

Bill Cosby got handcuffed and put in the slammer. Finally! It took way too long to put him and his tool in there.

If I show you my old calendar and you don't see "sexual assault" or "rape" or "sexual harassment" or "expose myself" or "molested someone" on there, it proves that I did not do any of that and I am a good person to be a judge on the highest court in our country. 

A couple of the many things I do not understand about right wingers is their disdain for the media. For one thing, they believe Fox News is news. Another is they spend much more time watching “news media” than Democrats. Figure that one out. 

Is anyone else tired of looking at the hotel on Gervais that's been under construction for years? The USC Law School was demolished and constructed in the time it's taken them to do whatever it is they're doing at that hotel. They're probably going bankrupt since they can't house any guests. Can't the city fine them for being an eyesore? Google Street View has it being under construction since 2015.

I like beer that tastes like beer.

Hurricane Florence caused a lot of damage, but the Waffle Houses remained open.

The State newspaper in Columbia didn’t have much news or sports in the [Sept. 16] newspaper. I know we had a hurricane, but why do I pay for a paper?

I would like to give a big rave to all those selfless, dedicated people who put their lives on the line to protect us all and help us. Like utility men, firemen, the police and so forth.

Yo, last Friday morning on Channel 19, J.R. Berry and Efren or whatever his F’n name is had a lot of nerve, downing people posting bogus weather reports on social media. Hell, Berry and Efren do it almost every day on TV. How about getting the log out of your own eyes.

And on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

I think Trump should not visit South Carolina and should stay at home and restore the FEMA money and the Coast Guard money.

Hello. To all of you students studying counseling in Columbia, South Carolina, we sure do know what malignant narcissism looks like. Trump is our number one candidate.

I can’t believe I was turned down when I filled out the application for a CVS rewards card.

Hey, Lexington County. This is BG, the Blind Guy. I’m a taxpayer. You know what, you don’t give a damn.

It’s a great day in South Carolina. To all you morons who are out driving cars on the roadways, please use your directional signals before you move into the lane. That let’s other drivers know where you are actually going.

Yo, sportsball fans! If you could ever get off your big badonkadonks and throw a pass with your kids, you might be doing something. But you are going to strut around the chicken yard and act like you’ve got something to talk about. Get a life. Get off the couch. Play with your friends and family.

When does 1+1=1? Marriage.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Sept. 5] For all those that didn’t get it, the black suit or the black dress brings out the tan.

Well, people don’t remember 1984-92, when the FBI damn near seized the state of South Carolina because of corruption.

Yeah, it’s BG the Blind Guy. I don’t care what color you are, because I’m friggin’ blind.

This is Figaro. I only want to say one thing: BG, the Blind Guy, please shut the f#!k up.

Hey Bert, this is Ernie. I really love you.

This is Ben High. I was looking around Richland County and it looks like the Three Musketeers — Mayor Steve, Dan Johnson, Randy Scott — need Napoleon Leon Lott out there. What’s he doing these days? Hollering and shouting from the sideline?

Hey, this is the High Guy, back with another Random Thought of the Day: In weather forecasts, what’s the difference between partly cloudy and mostly clear?

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Sept. 19] Good evening, this is a rave for the person who returned the hand truck on B Avenue. My faith in humanity is restored. Sorry for calling you a scoundrel.

Ah, South Congaree. Come for the poverty, stay for the despair.

This is a rant at Free Times. Whatever happened to the State House reporter? Somebody needs to be writing about the State House. There’s a story over there every day. You need to hire some more journalists.

This is a rant to SCE&G. You need to let your employees know something positive about their job. You’ve had them sitting on the bubble for the last year. Nobody can commit to anything financially, because you won’t tell them anything positive about their job.

All right, Tug Baker. You need to start writing, man. I think you are living on borrowed time. Stop overkilling Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is in October, mein herr.

[In reference to “Musically Ambidextrous Bassist Reggie Sullivan Curates Series at Harbison Theatre,” Sept. 19] Kyle Petersen, shame on you. Shame, shame, shame. Don’t try to infuse Reggie Sullivan — as much as I like him and I’ve been on the jazz scene for 20 years — as an ambassador of the jazz scene. That’s Mark Rapp.

If you hit me and I find out that you were texting, I will put your phone where it does not get reception.

I’m reading your News. Brief. in the Sept. 12 issue about religious exemptions for vaccines being up. What do you expect, with the stupidest people in the United States, and being religious, too?

Hey Preach, did you hear that the Attorney General is releasing a spoken word album? It’s called “Hell to the President: The Jeff Sessions.”

You got these f#!king cops going into people’s goddamn houses and killing them. Is the law not for every-goddamn-one or just those of us without badges?

I like doing yoga, but not goat yoga.

I am calling to rant and rave about where did the horoscopes go in the Free Times. That’s the only thing I picked it up for.

Craig Melvin from Columbia is going to be the new host of the Today show. You go, man.

Most people have a skeleton or two in their closet, but Donald Trump has a freaking Arlington National Cemetery.

The same SOBs who’ve been yelling for the last year to let SCE&G go bankrupt will be the first ones crying when their power goes out.

McDonald’s is going to come out with a burger called the McMaster with Cheese to help pay for all the dollars it’s going to cost to pay for the evacuation for this storm that never happened.

Hurricane Florence is staying around Columbia forever. It feels like when my mother in law comes to visit. Yeah.

I want the horoscope in my life.

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