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Rant and Rave: Gamecock football secures win over Clemson

Why South Carolina's OC Job Is An Attractive One (copy)

South Carolina quarterback, Spencer Rattler.

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Why do the idiots that drive without lights at dawn and dust when they need their lights on drive dark cars?

Is there anybody that doesn't know we're in the Medicare open enrollment period? Maybe if the insurance companies put out a few thousand more TV commercials telling us we're in the Medicare open enrollment period they'd finally get the word out. Everybody, please, spread the word: we're in the Medicare open enrollment period.

Almost 3 people a day die on our highways and you just can't talk people into slowing down. Almost all accidents can be prevented by driving slower. Isn't that worth it? Fast drivers are selfish, ignorant and stupid.

Why are we spending millions to three lane I-26 west leaving town after the Chapin exit. I don't care how long it takes people to get out of Columbia as long as they leave. Pave Corley Mill dang it.

Protests against COVID lockdowns in the United States were racist super spreader events. The trucker convoy in Canada was full of fascists. However, the protests against zero COVID in China are “heroic.” In fact, we should send weapons to the protestors in China to “promote democracy” like we’re doing in Ukraine!

Those newfangled mops with the built in cleaner and disposable pad are pretty nifty. But when a senile dog unloads a couple of gallons of wee on your hardwoods, nothing beats an old fashioned rag mop.

The Tigers’ last play at this year’s Clemson/Carolina game was called THE BURGER FLIP! Oops, they dropped it! GO COCKS!

A news story on the three letter TV station’s web page told of the passing of a Holocaust survivor from the Charleston area. The article’s second paragraph began “The polish native is remembered…..” Small letter p. I guess we really ARE doomed to repeat history.

What is up with those fake vents in ahead of the front wheels on cars now? Some cars even have them behind the rear whee rear. All the brands are doing it. Its time for auto stylists to move on.

To the decrepit troll who insists on sending hate-filled messages to former workmates: you may have the right to tell hateful lies, but I am under no obligation to believe or even read them. You are not funny, you are a sad old man.

December is a time to visit your grandmother.

The rant and rave this week is the same as last week, maybe you need a proofreader.

This language is for mature audiences only, but you know what pisses off these Republicans more than anything, if you go back when Trump was defeated the credit card bill to and from Texas was one way and I knew that bill was due so I called and paid it over the phone, but the bill went from five days in the mail to 20 days in the mail, the mail has gotten slowed down.

In fact, we did win this election. Now I need 11,780 votes.

Explain this to me, playing with the critters and I came in the house and the TV was on and ABC, this chick’s name is Lindsey. She’s just reading what they put in front of her so you can’t blame her too much, but isn’t this country s#!t for brains?

It’s Wednesday morning, Nov. 30 around 8:30 a.m. I’m riding behind a Lexington county sheriff and it’s pouring down raining and he doesn’t have his lights on, do you think I should make a citizen’s arrest here? I’m just asking, I just thought it was the law that you had to have your lights on if it was raining. Thank you and have a nice day.

Why did the bike fall over? It was two-tired.

My coworker went for a colonoscopy, it’s all behind him now. He’s all pooped out.

A lady I know is driving her 2014 car into the ground, which is what you do. Your taxes are lower, your car payment, you rock and roll, keep going. A used car, South Carolina invested in their future in football and how many years has Mr. Beamer been here? These coaches make millions to lose, but we’re not going down that road. But South Carolina invested millions for a used car, Mr. Rattler. Oklahoma put his ass on the bench and I’m in the same boat.

This is the Columbia Yeah guy. I don’t get a kick out of watching soccer.

My dear parents entertained and cooked, both my parents could cook, everything under the sun. Now where are you headed with this? Someone should ask Melania Trump what was on the menu for that Holocaust denier, because you bet your ass she knew what was on the menu.

I can’t find tickle me Elmo maybe I’ll buy fight me Elmo. Yeah.

Inflation is just another word for greed.

My friend is a veterinarian and a taxidermist.

Hey folks, disconnect my phone anytime you see fit, but WIS channel 10, if you wish, I wish one of these ladies were a good mom. I wish there was a good mom on this channel.

I just watched the University South Clemson game and I just want to say thank you Shane Beamer, thank you University of South Carolina football fans, I’m so effing happy right now. I’m just so happy. Go cocks!

Mother Nature can take only so much abuse before She strikes back. Beware higher temps, more storms, floods and droughts. Its all in the Bible. An advocate for Our Mother. P.S. I am a Christian Besr.

Not only does the radright want to give the super rich yet another tax break, shrink or do away with Social Security, Medicare and the US Postal service, but now they want to get rid of the pesky IRS so they can pay no taxes legally! Cameron Curmudgeon is aghast and appalled. What's next? Clean and safe water and air? Wait, they've already done that.

Bear asks, if pro is the opposite of con, then is Congress the opposite of progress? Thus it would seem these past few years!

Class clown says you have tried pro-biotics, but have you ever tried amatuer-biotics?

Last weekend, an overnight guest complained about how stiff the sheets were in his bed. I said, "well I just washed Viagra!" Turtle

The people on the right side of the aisle blame everything on Biden and those on the left side blame Trump, but the blame really goes to the oligarchs, ie. the rich bastards controlling everything. Three beef monopolies set beef prices. Three chicken processors control chicken prices and lets not leave out big pharma, big oil and big ag biz. Cameron Curmudgeon is just saying.

Have you heard of the new soap opera on tv especially for the senior set? It's called "The Old and the Senseless." Turtle saw it on the 'Net.'

Class clown reports that after Hallowe'en, the only candy we had left was generic candy covered chocolate, W&W's.

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