Rant and Rave: First Sandy's, now Yesterdays


Sandy’s Famous Hot Dogs on Broad River Road

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First Sandy’s, now Yesterdays! If Big T’s BBQ closes next, I’m out. This some bulls#!t.

Nooooooo! I’ll miss ya, Cowboy! Where else can I order an Arkansas Traveler? Nowhere, dang it all. Come back, Cowboy! Come baaaaaaaack!

Let’s understand this completely: Please disregard the wannabe doctor. DO NOT PUT DISINFECTANTS INTO YOUR BODY OR ANYONE ELSE’S BODY.

I am a staunch libertarian that believes strongly in our rights as American citizens. I am disgusted by the blind hate and violence exhibited by the idiocracy of Democrats. You thrive in discord and reap the benefits of Americans suffering, and it is disgusting. Take your Antifa, your deep state, your WHO-China connections and get the hell out of OUR country. We are Americans, and we will overcome your tyranny yet again. Keep America Great.

Trump continues to claim Biden was in charge of handling the H1N1 pandemic, known as swine flu. I have heard this from various right-wing friends of mine as well. Biden was not put in charge of handling the pandemic. It was mainly handled by the departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as it should be. Biden says he, “helped lead.” Maybe so, but he was not in charge.

So, we just blame China for the virus, huh? It could have been. But the U.S. and Russia have been testing deadly diseases for the military for years.

During my quarantine, I have been watching Dr. Phil so much I’ve started referring to him as Uncle Phil.

To the esteemed readers of this sometimes-astute page, the Cameron Curmudgeon wants to have a word on Earth Day. Climate change is real. The Democrats and the Chinese are not perpetuating a hoax. Climate change is real. Guess what folks? There is no Planet B.

Well, it looks like the governor is opening up stores and shops and everything, and we are going to get back to business as usual. Except for all the people dying all around us. Think about it.

Hey folks, if the Supreme Court takes away Obamacare and you get sick or your kids get sick, people could end up in bankruptcy.

Boycott the Obamas.

If you want to vote for Trump, keep voting for him. But when the governor of Washington announced a state of emergency because of COVID-19, Trump called him a snake.

The Bear just read a poll saying that Republicans think that staying at home and keeping a safe distance is not necessary, as compared to Democrats’ feelings on the situation. It shows me that Republicans care more about money than they do human lives.

You know, it’s too f#!king bad that the coronavirus doesn’t just target the assholes. There’s a whole lot of them out here. You know who you are.

The Lord said, “Be always ready, because you know not the day or hour that I’m coming.” The coronavirus is just a wakeup call for us.

During this pandemic, as I watch soap operas, I think of sickness during Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

If you paid attention to SCE&G, it’s an example of a company increasing its stock price to make the company look better. Oh, and the CEOs get big bonuses.

Your “Hot Spots” cover story [Free Times, April 22] left out a critical factor in the increased COVID-19 rate for black residents: The prevalence of cigarette smoking among low-income black people.

If you ever want to see a good movie, watch The Descendants, where the guy’s wife dies and the kids are helping support him.

There are more than two examples of lies Trump says.

Being quarantined for over a month, I thought I’d lose weight. I’ve gained 25 pounds.

I heard a new movie was on the way called Constipation. It hasn’t come out yet.

Another day of watching the news. A lot of people have died from this virus. That’s depressing.

I’ve been listening to music so much lately that I even listened to Boxcar Willie and Slim Whitman.

Democrats learned nothing four years ago. Damn if they aren’t going to blow it again.

Why shouldn’t you loan money to anthropologists: They consider a million years ago to be recent.

I never read books. If they are any good, they’ll make them into miniseries.

How do cats mail letters? Using fur class mail.

Hey folks, aren’t you aware that our president can’t wear a face mask because it will muck up his makeup?

The arrogance of some of our local business owners is alarming. I won’t be buying anymore tie-dyed T-shirts.

Next time someone writes to The State newspaper and advocates for offshore drilling, remind them that this is the anniversary of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon.

Why did Cocky cross the road twice? He was trying to catch a boomerang on the Horseshoe. Yeah.

I love Rant and Rave. All these people protesting businesses being shutdown should go to that Smithfield pork plant, where there have been many COVID-19 positive workers, and simply buy a ham.

Over the years, we have adopted so many pups.

South Congaree — Come for the trash, stay for the smell and the weeds.

Hey, this is a rave for Tim Smith. Tim is a good friend and I’ve known him for 20 years, if not more. He was talking about his druthers about reopening after the curve is starting to flatten. Like Tim, I think we have to be really cautious. The new normal is not going to be like the old normal before COVID.

What kind of sickness does a martial artist get? Kung flu.

It is in the toughest moment that we need to be delighted in the value that the God who knows us best understands when to say words of affirmation and assurance.

We all want a cure for this horrible, horrible virus. I also recently saw the movie I Am Legend. Please, please don’t let that happen.

A dentist and a manicurist had a rough marriage. They fought tooth and nail.

I’m from a generation that never had to do an active shooter drill in school.

The Taste Buds and I were saddened by the closing of Yesterdays. It was an iconic restaurant. Great food and great service.

I have figured out that Donald Trump does not want to be president. He just wants to be the winner. He wants good TV ratings. He wants people to thank him and adore him. Why bother with the actual job?

No, I am not staying at home glued to the TV. I don’t have a TV.

Don’t ever use Kingsford briquettes when grilling. They are made of coal and petroleum. Both are toxins. Use natural wood charcoal.

[In reference to Free Times, April 15] Nice bite of the week Bach Pham, how lazy can you get? A bag of chips? When restaurants are struggling and creating specials and entrees to take home, you showcase a bag of chips? What a waste.

The most dangerous form of life on this planet is a conservative. God help us from them.

I just want to say “thank you” to the young lady who paid for my groceries at Publix last Tuesday. I am ashamed I didn’t ask your name, but your kindness to a stressed old lady will never be forgotten.

Let me strongly urge Gov. McMaster, Sens. Graham and Scott and their staffs, as well as Trump supporters everywhere, to take Dr. Trump’s advice and take a huge swallow of Clorox followed by a UV light bulb chaser to clean out their lungs.

We must be forced to pledge allegiance to our flag and country! We won’t do it voluntarily? Besides under God, liberty and justice for all.

He has spectacularly failed to lead us in this time of pandemic but I do have pangs of sympathy for our president. His regular press conferences from the White House have showcased a disordered mind and a pathetic lack of comprehension of what is needed now by our citizens.

The executive branch of our government has probably never had a better bloviator than Kellyanne Conway. She is a spinmeister!

When it comes to sheltering in place, introverts rule. Every cloud has a silver lining.

All right-wingers should be immediately tested for rabies.

Our lives are disrupted. People are afraid, they are sick, they are hospitalized, they are dying. And the President blathers on like a third-grader.

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