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Rant and Rave: Eat the rich

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Let’s eat the rich and take back our money.

Nobody likes a funny elevator.

It amazes me how crappy young parents are nowadays! One in particular I know of very well is a horrible mom! And yet she is so good at lying and manipulating people, so all her friends think she's mother of the year material. She has five children to raise, but spends majority of her time on TikTok making videos, some of which she makes while driving with the kids in the car. She's had several accidents in the vehicle while making videos. Her kids are left alone to fend for themselves because of her phone.

Ah, early spring in South Carolina. Throw up the window on your quarter-million dollar condo in the West Columbia river district and get a nice, long nose full of that wonderfully fowl air. Yes, you can spell that “fowl” or “foul.” Around here we call that fragrance “Essence of Chicken Plant.”

There are pollutants in our waterways.

Free TV should be renamed “commercial TV with a little bit of free programming.”

You know what? That new Snickers commercial on TV makes me snicker.

All you computer geeks can megabyte my ass.

In Switzerland, two dogs watched over 350 kids. Put a big dog by every little kid in America.

You are wasting your time telling people not to smoke and not to drink.

The state of South Carolina will always be white trash. You do not beat the Lord.

Can you go to the store these days and just buy vanilla ice cream?

Hey Democrats, wanted to give you a head’s up. All of you that were in the state running ads with Obama, as if he endorsed you: I realize that he was the last normal Democrat we’ve seen in a long time. But, stop it. We realized that he is not running. It didn’t bring anybody into your party. Also, just because Clyburn or Steve Benjamin supports someone doesn’t bring them any votes.

After reading about devastating trickle-down damage to China’s economy, due to the effect of the coronavirus, and it points out a flaw in the communist/capitalistic system. The commies covet their privacy so much that they snatch the rug right out from under their capitalistic feet.

Good to see the deals with friends and hiring of friends and family is finally going to come out.  Superintendent and most of the board needs to go! About time to turn Richland One around.  

How did the Lady Gamecocks host a basketball game at noon Sunday when the arena still smells like Post Malone?

Would it surprise you to learn that Medicare (60 million seniors) is prohibited from negotiating with pharma for lower prices. Now who do you think benefits the most from that arrangement? How can our congressmen justify a law like this? It’s possible if you like pharma money better than the people you are supposed to represent. We need to clear these corrupt career politicians out.

Instead of legalizing same sex marriage, this marriage, that marriage, why not discontinue the practice altogether since no one respects any type of marriage anyway?

Kindly pick up your dog poop, so my dog doesn’t eat it!

My friend looks like a cross between Ru Paul and Snoop Dogg.

Take a look at J. Edgar Hoover.

Hey Katrina Shealy, the priority laws are there.

Hey red hats, America is not great and hasn’t been since the would-be king stole the last election.

I like going to Mexican buffets. But, a few hours later I have a Speedy Gonzalez, if you know what I mean.

I was at a soup bar in Northeast Columbia and a man was getting some soup and four little kids came running up and he asked them if they wanted some soup. They said, “Yeah.” So he dished out the biggest container they had and double covered it so it wasn’t hot to hold. About that time, their mom came over to see what the brouhaha was all about.

What do you get when you cross a private dick with a private eye? Pink eye.

Hey, there is a Jimmy Buffett song where Buffett goes, “Let’s go to church.” Don’t you think Ukrainians were listening to Trump’s call from Ukraine’s president?

There is nothing worse than a coward with authority.

What’s wrong with the legislators of South Carolina. Why can’t you make hemp completely legal?

This is BG, the Blind Guy. I have been saying about counties, municipalities, the state and federal government for years that their procurement offices were improper.

This is Figaro. Barnes and Noble chooses the top 10 books. They are mostly white authors.

We’ll see where we get with the financial reports, in about one month, of public money that is electronically transferred to high security areas in South Carolina.

Do any of you youngsters out there watch The Andy Griffith Show? Give it a look; you just might learn something!

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to elect the candidate that Vladimir Putin wants in office? The one that he helped in 2016, the one who has decimated our intelligence agency, the one who attacks our justice system? Do you want to elect the one who wants to be the king/dictator not the president? 

If you don’t honor the pledge you took to protect and defend the Constitution you are not a patriot and you are not a true American. You are Putin’s Patsy.

A form of info-terrorism attacks the human brain and causes difficulty thinking, leads to intellectual paralysis and even death of meaningful political discussions. It is often caused by canned information used beyond its expiration date.

President Trump said at his rally that we should bring back the film Gone with The Wind.  I remember that one.  It's the one featuring the rich white people and their happy black slaves. 

South Carolinians who are not getting exercise and who need to lose weight can help everyone by going on trash walks. Take some bags with you. Clean up our roadsides. Our new slogan is "Beautify Our State and Lose That Weight." 

I catch rainwater in buckets and use it to water plants in my yard.  If I had 100 buckets I could have filled them all with the nonstop rain we've been having. 

Congratulations to Columbia on the new city flag. I like it. 

What's up Post and Courier? Don't yank our chains. Where is News of the Weird?

Here’s a trick from Michael Bloomberg to avoid blowback and accountability for the racially discriminatory stop and frisk policies he oversaw as mayor of New York City: Use your billionaire dollars to buy the support of prominent African American politicians like Stacey Abrams. Newsflash: Bloomberg is worse than Trump. 

CNN said that Trump is now king. If so, why hasn't the border wall been completed?

It's a sure thing that if we have drought this summer, we can remember these days when it doesn’t stop raining.

The backbone of the South was agriculture, especially the cultivation of rice and cotton. Europeans didn't know how to grow rice and cotton. Slaves from Africa were experts at it. The knowledge and the toil of black people built the South.   

This year new $20 bills were to be issued displaying the hero of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman. Now Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says it will have to wait until Trump is gone. Trump says he "loves the blacks" but his actions point to racism over and over again.   

Please, good people, do not be fooled.  The current administration in Washington is loading one trillion dollars onto our national debt each year. The wonderful economy that so many love is an illusion. Debt is debt. Interest rates won't stay low forever. We've got a colossal debt that will have to be paid with OUR MONEY.

To the America hating idiots who think ranting about Trump in a local paper is activism: Enjoy the next four years! Good news: Trump’s policies help all Americans, even commies like y’all. #MAGA

Did you read that Alabama Republicans want to pass a law that all men must have a vasectomy after turning age 50 or after the birth of their third child? I truly believe all rednecks should be neutered upon graduation from middle school or attaining age 18, whichever occurs first.

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