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Rant and Rave: Darius Rucker, Dan Rather and and getting past a full phone mailbox

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Darius Rucker File/John A. Carlos II/Special to The Post and Courier

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You know, this country is going to hell in a hand basket. If it continues to keep on going this way, I think I’ll move to some foreign country, some place like Alaska, maybe Hawaii.

I thought it was cool when Darius Rucker was interviewed by Dan Rather and said it was one of the best moments of his career. Yeah.

Some neighborhoods (were) not allowing trick or treaters this year because of the virus. That only happens once in a blue moon.

Hey folks, here’s a test question: If the economy was robust, and robust would come back around, explain to me Lindsey Graham wants to cut back on Social Security and Medicare, as he said in his first debate. It wasn’t just a slip of the tongue. I’m a Freudian. I’m a Christian, but I’m a Freudian.

Well, after a week of, uh, “This mailbox is full,” it’s good to get through again. This is the Cameron Curmudgeon. The single sentence of the GOP 2021 platform is not surprisingly different from the German Reichstag vote — whatever the Fuhrer wants, that’s what we want.

Thank you so much Free Times for not wishing my buddy Dwayne a happy 60th birthday. I’m sure it would have made his day to see his name in the Rant and Rave. But just remember you’ll turn 60 one day. Think about it. Happy Birthday, Big D.

I just read in the news where California is saying that all Uber and Lyft drivers are now employees of Uber and Lyft, and are entitled to compensation under the employment law. That’s in California. Don’t you think, Mayor Benjamin and Gov. McMaster, that that should happen here? So all the Uber and Lyft drivers can get a fair shake here in the state of South Carolina? And start earning some real wages?

Now we have Space Force. I guess they're going to space. Why do they make all their rockets look like d#!ks? I understand aliens use other shapes like spinning discs but we can only use dicks.

Lindsey Graham, bless your heart. And thanks for letting black people know where and how they can be in South Carolina. And thanks for letting women know what they need to be and do, to have a future in the USA.

I can't wait till King Trump loses the election and him with his asshole supporters slither away in defeat. hey Don.. you're FIRED!!

During the pandemic, masturbation while quarantining has been classified as ... HOME TOOLING

One thing about the constant political ads, they make the lawyer ads looks a bit more respectable.

Undergrads, wear a damn mask at Soda City market. I know you tell you parents you are being careful and you are not. Grow up a bit, mask up in Five Points. "Does this mask make me look fat?” NO IT MAKES YOU LOOK SMART.

Poor baby Donald. He has already declared that he has ABSOLUTE POWER but he does not. We believe in one person, one vote in the USA. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE. COUNT ALL THE BALLOTS.

I bet the kids in Ireland get pissed at the houses that only hand out the fun sized Jameson for Halloween

The problem with UofSC Gamecocks football sadly is not the coaching. its the fact that very few, if any quality talented players choose to come to a backwater town like Columbia S.C. like a bank account you can only take out what you put in.

Let me ask you a question. Would you be able to leave your children for the weekend if Trump showed up to babysit them.

A poor person voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

In the last week I attended one religious gathering and one large event at a Columbia hotel ballroom. Both gatherings were crowded, and sadly, I was one of few wearing a mask. No one wore masks in song, preaching or prayer during the church. At least at the hotel the fire marshal asked the event promoter to ask attendees to put on masks or it would be shut down. All complied finally. Oh, and these were all adults, not kids or college students at these local events. And we wonder why COVID-19 cases are rising in SC.

I’ve been noticing a lot of yards that have a lot of signs for Republican candidates but not for Trump. What does that tell you?

So lobbyist Jaime Harrison is funding ads heralding Constitution Party candidate Bill Bledsoe who has ended his campaign so as to draw votes away from Lindsey Graham. Jaime, you sure have learned well from “your mentors.” Clinton and Pelosi.

I'm puzzled? if skin color or religion was the major or primary factor in voting for representation. then since white people comprise roughly 75 percent of the population in USA wouldn't it be theoretically impossible for a non white person to be voted into office? ahhh. it must be more than color or religion. it must also be righteousness.

I am antifa, you are antifa, we all must be antifa because no one wants fascism.

Donald Trump supporters call themselves "Q-ANON" appears to me most should be al-anon or AAA. or narc-anon.

It sure will be great if the President gets another term so that the richest people in our country get more tax breaks.

A rich white female Hollywood actor was convicted in a scam that involved half a million dollars. She is going to prison for two months. She can hang out with the women of color who are locked up for five years for two joints or shoplifting an apple.

Nikki Haley called me on the phone. No, no, no. Please do not call me, Nikki. I never want to hear anything from you.

Another election promise that President Trump is fulfilling! I thought all you liberal-progressive peckerheads would be happy! Getting out of a war with no real goal or end in sight! If the Russians want Afghanistan let them have it, they can waste millions of their citizens hard earned money for what! Thanks to President Trump the USA is now energy sufficient, and a world leader in exporting energy!! No need trying to keep peace in the Middle East, we no longer need their oil! TRUMP 2020!

Heard about Trump bragging about how we are rounding the turn on the pandemic the other day. Something sounded SO familiar about it. It finally came to me. Sitting in a barracks, hearing how then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was always talking about how we were turning the corner, coming round the bend, and such about the little disturbance in some little country, what was the name??? Oh, yeah, Vietnam. We rounded the turn so often, we ended up always going backwards, just like now.

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