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Rant and Rave: COVID fatigue and other frustrations

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Black businesswoman with protective face mask holding her head in pain.

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We are tired of hearing about COVID and we are damned tired of COVID itself. If our former president had taken an interest in the pandemic and given us some leadership on it, I am sure it would not have been this long and this bad. So many lives have been lost. The blood is on his hands.

What I would like to see in Columbia is a REALLY authentic Italian restaurant. The old Italian standbys have gone American.

Conservative values? What, pray tell, are those?

How can you open schools five days a week without healthy teachers? Low pay, low respect and long hours. Yes, younger teachers are at low risk. But, my in-laws retired rather than taking the risk of the plague. Where you going to get more teachers, Henry? Senator Massey was right. Inoculate teachers first and then me.

It's kinda cute how when Lil Lindsey GrahamCracker feels cornered his lower lip quivers, his baby blue eyes tear up, and he starts grasping at threats.

Have you noticed how politicians only get "mild" cases of COVID-19?

Checklist for Biden/Harris Administration (aka Democratic Socialism): 1. Control healthcare and you control the people. 2. Increase poverty; poor people are easier to control. 3. Increase debt to justify tax increases to produce more poverty. 4. Control guns to create a police state. 5. Control people through Welfare (Food, Housing and Income). 6. Education — control what people read and listen to and what children learn in school. 7. Remove God/Religion from government and schools. 8. Class Warfare — Divide the people. It’s easier to take (tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

I am 66. Give me a vaccine ticket. I can use it. Or ... I can give it to a cop or teacher or a retail person. My choice. My freedom to live with my conscience.

Anyone holding public office should not be allowed to wear face masks with political statements on them. For example: Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I heard that Joe Wilson was escorting pre-rioters around the Capitol on the 5th of January. Getting them ready for the morrow?

It’s 9:45 p.m., February 2, 2021 and U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s ashes have been brought to the Rotunda to be honored by his immediate family, his family of Capitol Police Officers and fellow Americans. Shame on every hypocritical Republican politician who shows up in that hallowed space, knowing that their political party is responsible for Officer Sicknick’s death since they perpetuated THE LIE that brought the rioters to the Capitol to murder Officer Sicknick and injure many other Capitol officers!

That SC AARP director was strident in her displeasure at the COVID vaccine allocation. Thank you, Miz Arnold. Somebody's looking after our interest.

OK, white nationalists. Your birth rate is 1.7 percent. You must hit 2.2 percent just to maintain your numbers. So, am I hearing screams of a dying race in America? Oy!

Listen, dumbasses, wear a mask and wear it properly. If you want to see the pandemic last as long as possible and kill as many people as possible, go around with no mask talking about your personal freedom.

What is wrong with Trump? Can’t he get through his pea-sized brain that he lost a fair election?

I gotta download that "Darth Vader reads the Bible" app. Sorta lends new meaning to the phrase "I am your Father"

You know Trump is a POS when four white trash right wing lawyers fire themselves from his case. Hey Free Times, you might get sued if you print this or the other rant I sent the other day. LOL

Hey, Butch! Take a tip from Rudy: Get paid up front — in cash.

Even if you believe Trump’s policies were beneficial, how can you overlook the fact that he is a self-serving, corrupt liar?

Women will come up with some crazy fashion ideas. Those claw-like fake finger nails are just plain grim. False eyelashes are not attractive. Blue jeans full of holes look like you can’t afford decent clothes. Those shoes that look like tree stumps, well what more can I say? Maybe you ladies need to ask a guy before you go outside like that. Glad I’m not looking for a girlfriend.

In response to the 66-year-old female republican (Rant and Rave, Feb. 3) I would like to say that it amazes me how the republicans lie about voter fraud, lie about the candidate running against them, and then try and overthrow the government by invalidating the election results, as well as rioting at the capital and then they try and take the moral high ground with someone that hates their party with a passion by claiming it is a simple thing of different political views. What a hypocrite. What a fascist.

I was sad to hear about the death of the baseball great Hank Aaron. He did a lot for baseball, and he was a civil rights leader. Amen.

If women are so much smarter than men, how come their clothes button in the back?

2020 was a great year. Not.

You know. Molly Spearman has to know, the lady that runs the schools in South Carolina has to know that right next door in Georgia, three kindergarten teachers, the teachers have died from COVID. At least three kindergarten teachers have died of COVID. And Molly Spearman advocates opening South Carolina schools. Even if these schools were the cream of the crop, you would still scratch your head about that. But South Carolina schools are nothing to be in a hurry to get into.

Now I see why Fort Jackson officers and then COs feed the trainees when they come through the chow line on holidays and so forth. Jesus took the towel and wrapped it around his waste and watched his disciples’ feet. What an example of humility.

February is Black History Month. It needs to be deleted. Banished. There’s black history the whole year long. That’s all we hear about is black history.

Yes, channel 57 Fox weather girl, Marina Newman, the butt lady, I nickname her the butt lady because ever since I’ve been watching her, for about six months, she has always said the word “butt” in her report at least one to six to seven times. That was, like, unbelievable. So the seventh time, the weather was about 80 degrees. But today being real cold, she only said it once. I almost fell over. And said, “Wow, we got a one ‘butt’ day.” So, that’s why it’s cold. Anyway. The butt girl, can you not say the word “butt” in your report?

We should all be nicer to Joe Biden. He is afflicted with a congenital defect. He was born with a wishbone instead of a backbone.

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