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Rant and Rave: COVID-19 is still on readers' minds and, uh, protein synthesis

Coronavirus with DNA illustration

Red Virus and blue DNA strand - medical 3D illustration with dark blue background

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If you think bucking the health care system in the name of freedom makes you a good American, think again. A good American is one who does what’s best for his country and the people in it, like soldiers and first responders do. What you’re thinking of is asshole, not patriot.

You know, it seems to me that since the middle of January that R&R comments have become much more civil. Almost no name-calling. Still loving the funny punnies.

Can the world be your oyster if you're allergic to shellfish? Yeah.

The three most over-used words in modern American journalism: crisis, outrage, firestorm.

All you progressives should get down on your knees and thank President Donald Trump for Operation Warp Speed which allowed pharmaceuticals companies to develop, and produce the CoVid19, and distribute it all across America! The fact while Donald Trump was President, both Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, many many liberal talking heads, and celebrities said they would be reluctant to take anything that President Trump was responsible for. Now Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris want to mandate that you take President Trump’s vaccine. And if you say no you are a vaccine denier!

Horseshoe theory of LGBT issues. Archetypal “Right” position says gay men and lesbian women women are bad because they immoral or psychologically disordered. Newly emergent “Left” position says homosexuality is bad because you’re “excluding” people from your sexuality. You should be “pansexual” or “queer” instead of gay/lesbian.

It seems we are one of a handful of states that treats the Constitution like it does the Bible-just pick and choose the parts you like. Why not just go ahead and secede-again- and become a third world country. Good luck with climate change though.

I saw a sign that said, 'Don't pretend your racism is patriotism.' How does stuff like that solve anything?

Unfree Times will probably not publish this, per usual, but why do Biden's handlers prevent him from answering reporters' questions? I want to hear every treasonous word that comes out of the doddering old fool's mouth.

Henry McMaster. Do you have such a callous disregard for the health and well-being of South Carolinians just to have your (Trumpian) base vote for you in the Republican primary?

Lo and behold a mechanic, not a preacher, SAVED MY SOUL the other day...he replaced the battery in my KIA...yeah!!!

Friends are like toilet paper? It's good to have extras.

South Carolina lost at home in football to Kentucky. The chicken curse lives on.

Why does quicksand work so slowly?

Every kid should know. Two words, every kid should know protein synthesis. New cells in everybody's body are only made out of protein. Give your kids eggs, meat, milk, fish, eggs, yogurt.

Question. How many times are you willing to get kicked by the boot? You just licked? Seriously? You are pathetic.

Wow, I didn't know that. Anderson County District Five had that much money. Wow. Give out $100 bills to teenagers, if they get permission from the parents, how many forged signatures have you gotten? And how many times has an individual collected a $100 bill for getting a shot? And 3,500 students at $100 apiece. You got a lot of money.

Hey, folks, this is a rave for good teachers. Do everything you can in South Carolina to support good teachers. Do everything you can in South Carolina to support good teachers.

Hey, idiot paper products marketers. Knock it off it’s that asinine 4=8=12 nonsense you use to sell TP and paper towels. The numbers are utterly meaningless, virtually every other company is doing it, and when there’s a shortage it doesn’t matter anyway. People want value, not arithmetic.

This is a rave, r-a-v-e, for discipline. Proverbs in the Bible says do no despite the discipline of the lord. You bring htat down to earth and there’s a whole bunch of people that apparently have never had any discipline. I’ll go right o the fact that from what we’ve seen, some of these folks that invaded the Capitol still live with their parents.

I have a friend named Benjamin Franklin. I always say, why don't you go fly a kite?

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