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Rant and Rave: COVID-19 and presidential transition distracts from Gamecock football woes

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Will Muschamp fell to 26-27 overall and 15-19 in the SEC over four-plus years at South Carolina after a 38-14 loss at No. 3 Florida on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020. Provided/South Carolina Athletics

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Good morning, I would like to ask that y’all stop printing the raunchy advertisements next to the Rant and Rave and crossword section. Thank you.

I told my wife I liked her ugly sweater. She said, “Honey, I paid $50 at Target, this is a nice sweater.”

Cocky’s 40 years old. He doesn’t look a day over 39. Yeah.

This is a Bible verse from all us little monsters in (inaudible) that learned to behave when I was a kid in Switzerland. This is First Corinthians: “When I was a child, I spoke as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child. But when I became a man I put away childish things.” Don’t we have a terribly, terribly childish president right now?

You know in the Cooper River Bridge Run, years ago, they gave you a Boeing towel, and I still have it. Even though I’m halfway disgusted with it. Boeing: Why don’t you build a jet in Washington state and put it together in South Carolina? Because at some point you find out that the ass end is too heavy. So the ass end goes down and the front end goes up and the sensors kick in with the stall warning. And they put the nose down. And the pilots are locked out.

Yes, Rant and Rave, this is about the second lockdown, and it’s going to be called “COVID-21, With Agenda 21,” and I want to know what does everybody think about that? About being locked down, told what not to do, and to be forced to be doing things that they don’t want to do, like taking a vaccine that causes autism and Alzheimer’s and so forth? That’s my Rant and Rave. Bye.

Yes, I see where the Carolina players are opting out to go to the NFL. They been opting out all year long, that’s why Coach Muschamp got fired, because they wasn’t playing up to par. Maybe some of those non-starters can get in and win some games for Carolina. Go bench warmers and do your job, they can get playing time now.

Cameron Curmudgeon says to DJT and his rabid supporters: You lost. Get over it. And stop trying to destroy the American small-d democracy. COVID is marching on and denial won’t stop it. A peaceful and coordinated transition will hopefully heal the schism in our divided country. Petulance and bullying does not help.

The 18th Amendment was passed in 1920, giving women the right to vote. Only men could vote on it. How did we blow that?

We paid $800,000 to change Malfunction Junction’s name into what’s called the Crossroads. But news agencies, like Fox 57 and others, they keep calling it Malfunction Junction. As a taxpayer, start calling its real name. Because, you know, Malfunction Junction makes me feel like I’ve been ripped off out of my taxes.

So, apparently a day or two ago, in an interview, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said that the administration is working on mass distribution of the virus. Now, was that a slip of the tongue, and he meant VACCINE, or was he doing something extremely RARE in this administration, and TELLING THE TRUTH? Considering that Trump is quite fixated on getting back at people, and the fact that the MAJORITY of American legal voters AGAIN voted en masse against him, which version do YOU believe?

It seems inconceivable that someone like Hitler could have ever come to power. But the more I see of Trump the more I understand.

So, the EARTHEN Old Mill Dam in Lexington, destroyed by the flooding in 2015, is being rebuilt as an EARTHEN dam again, this time for six million dollars! What’s wrong with this EARTHEN damn picture?

Did anyone notice how Lindsey Graham looked as orange as Trump when he got busted for calling Georgia and asking them to throw votes away. And this prick got re-elected. Way to go to South Carolina. Trump sprays on his real color. Graham was born that way. What a dick.

What kind of man is Donald Trump? I'd say that he's arrogant, bullyish, conceited, dishonest, envious, flip-flopping, grandiose, hateful, immature, judgmental, knot-headed, lying, malicious, narcissistic, obnoxious, petulant, quarrelsome, racist, shallow, treacherous, unmannerly, vain, whiny, xenophobic, yammering, and zany. Plus, he wears heavy "clown-face" makeup. These are some of the reasons that most Americans don't like him.

Why I like President Trump! President Trump lowered everyone’s taxes, a family of four which earned $70,000 paid $4,000 less in taxes! Trump grew our economy to new records, the stock markets were at all time highs! Unemployment was at an all time low across all ethnic groups, and wages for all groups rose! Trump made our country energy independent as well as the No. 1 exporter of energy to the world! He built a wall on our southern border to stop illegal aliens, drugs, and human traffickers from entering the United States.

Curious to learn more about COVID rampaging in South Carolina, I made phone calls. I talked with DHEC, the Governor's office and several local law enforcement agents. I learned that our state has put out a WELCOME mat for COVID. At the helm is Governor McMaster, who has declined to seize his leadership position to chase COVID away. How stupid are we in South Carolina?

Poor Baby Donald and his worshippers keep charging that dead people voted. How cool is that? I had not thought of it but now I plan to vote after I die.

I have been a loyal Gamecock fan for over 50 years and it has taken until now to solve our decades old problem of overpaying and underachieving. It’s simple. Drop Gamecock Football and Men’s Basketball from our athletic programs and funnel that money to the National Championship Baseball and Ladies Basketball program where we have learned to compete. After hundreds of long walks back to the car I am done with it. Forever to Thee no more. I’m ready for Forever to Me.

Trump derangement syndrome is a very serious disorder, and, if not treated, can be accompanied by rapid onset neoliberal amnesia syndrome. Symptoms may include apologetics for endless wars and drone strikes, shilling for Wall Street, rapid upward redistribution of wealth, manufactured race war, anti-Russia conspiracy theories, and electing racist warmongers to the presidency. Ask your provider about being black-pilled today!

While many states are still struggling to count all their absentee and mail-in ballots, South Carolina managed to count ours within three hours of the polls closing. I call bulls#!t on that one.

So Richland County increased my property taxes but decreased my homes value. So is it more valuable or not???

Since the election, watching the news media report on your re-elected Lindsey Graham make a laughing stock of himself trying to support Trump’s claims that he won the 2020 Presidential campaign, today interfering with the Georgia voting results! Didn’t he say that he would be working harder for South Carolinians? He’s still working harder for Trump, the Republican Party and Lindsey Graham, not South Carolina! South Carolina, you really screwed up!

This rant is the news I been reading on WIS TV, it seems a lot of people are being arrested for taxes and being posted as news, but who's under arrest for 40 million misspent dollars in penny tax money in Richland County. Seems to me government has their own set of rules, you owe $8,500 in taxes your arrested and humiliated and your evading. Government does way more and no one in jail. Plus its COVID rise sending someone to jail on a non violent charge is possibly murder.

My older brother is 69, has diabetes and cannot turn his neck to the left or right. Someone stole his motorcycle. Every once in a while a thief does something good.

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