Five Points parking and mural

A colorful mural celebrates some of the historic and current highlights of the Five Points district.

I’m really disappointed in the lack, nay, the gobsmacking absence of coverage regarding SC Black Pride in the Free Times. For all the ink that’s (appropriately) spilled gushing over the partially public (read City of Columbia) funded SC Pride every year, not a peep is mentioned about SC Black Pride which just celebrated it’s 13th year and works to promote, support and inform queer communities of color.

God bless the students as they settle into the new semester. Work hard, students, and learn something today!

Vegetables make us healthy. Unfortunately, at the stores in my area the cashiers cannot tell a cucumber from a zucchini, cannot tell a head of cabbage from a head of lettuce, cannot tell a turnip from a rutabaga and heaven forbid I try to buy a poblano pepper. What is it? It must have arrived in the produce section from outer space!

If you don’t listen to the MSM you are uninformed, if you listen to them you are misinformed. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News are not news. They are propaganda of the elites. Their purpose is to divide us as a country to boost their ratings. Truth be damned.

These bloodsucking mother#!kers that work at Dominion and SCE&G can suck my d#!k and kiss my ass. You are going to send me a $46 check? Y’all are greedy bastards. I hope you burn in hell.

Don’t wait for holidays to celebrate life.

Heart histories are very telling. Mr. Trump is destroying all these families along the southern border. But don’t you dare forget that he’s on his third marriage.

It seems like the Mexicans have leverage now. Anybody with information about Epstein in Mexico now has leverage. Step up, stand out and speak.

Last week Donald Trump marketed one of his Florida properties to the G7 nations as a site for their next meeting. He is not subtle, cautious or underhanded in using the office of the President of the United States for his personal financial gain. Why should he be? He said he would do it and he has been doing it and we are allowing him to do it.

What did the buffalo say to his son who’s going to college? “Bye, son.”

So far, he hasn’t returned my call seeking his comment. But I imagine Donald Trump is feeling more at ease with Jeffrey Epstein dead.

Looks like the priority laws for public buildings for blind people to work in is going to have a change. So, look out Lexington County and Richland County and the City of Columbia. Your illegal vending in your building is going to end and you might have to pay us. What about reparations for blind people?

Did someone have Epstein assassinated so he would not name names?

[In Reference to “Best of Rant & Rave, Vol. 8,” Aug. 14] Unfortunately what you printed likely is the best. Charitably maybe one in ten shows any imagination or creativity. Can’t you find something else to print, or just cancel that incredibly stupid page?

Fellow citizens, please answer a burning question for me. When was America great? Yes, in WWII the U.S. had a common cause. But, if you are/were poor, black, brown, yellow, uneducated, LGBTQ, female, immigrant, disabled, mentally impaired, wrong religion, landless, conscientious objector ... you get my drift. I have asked the red hat folks and no one can give me a time frame. I make this request civilly. Looking forward to hearing from you in R & R. Thanks.

My friend Twista is the man. Just ask him.

If you think I should get T-shirts for the Taste Buds, call U812.

My friend Aziz came back from Morocco and taught me the Moroccan dance.

Cameron Curmudgeon wonders if any of the people in Washington, namely the banana Republicans, have the cojones to tell Mr. Donald that his trade deals will cause a worldwide recession. The citizens of the nations that the tariffs are against do not pay the tariffs, the people that buy pay the tariffs.

OK, USC students, school is back. Make sure you check your Uber driver. Make sure you get in the right car and with the right person. And if you get tired of all that crap, just call a taxi.

Hey folks, before Mr. Trump came into office I put everything into cash because I didn’t trust him. Now, everybody who voted for him, ask them, “How’s your 401K doing?”

When I put $200 in my savings account, the bank said they detected suspicious activity.

Hey, does anybody know what ever happened to Undefined magazine? Did it get replaced by Jasper? Or did they get so elitist that they just evaporated into the atmosphere?

Who’s idea was it that DeVry was such a major school that we had to take Bob Caslen at the University of South Carolina before DeVry? I mean, come on. The flagship state university was afraid DeVry would give him a job? That’s crazy.

Hispanic people are aliens? They are saturated with Native American blood. I guess it is only a matter of time before we start sending all those pesky Indians back across the strait.

Yeah, all these mass shootings that are happening, the police should learn to shoot to wound the suspect, instead of shooting to kill. That way they can find out more information on why the person did it.


Hey would y’all give a South Carolina shout out right here in print to my Westminster, Maryland pal Tim Chairuttini? Grassy ass, amigos

Dominion is just as bad as SCE&G. After examining my bill I realized that I was billed for 33 days last billing cycle. “So what?,” you say. By billing me for over 30 days they were able to charge a higher rate per kw hour for anything over 800 KW. If it were for just 31 or 30 days I would not have been above 800 KW and they would not have charged a higher rate. How many people did they pull this stunt on? They probably made millions extra on this little scam. If you are billed monthly, the it should be for the number of days in the month. Right wing pro business PSC most likely lets them get away with this crap.

Why do so many people now expect everything to be free? Who raised these people?

Trump is destroying us. If you can’t see it, you are ignorant. And you are letting it happen.

So, if I want to buy a car or truck, you’ll sell me a car or truck, s#!t for brains. That’s kind of how business works. Is that REALLY your best sales pitch? Judging from that dopey grin on your face at the end of the commercial, I think I know the answer.

My kid told me that although marijuana is legal where he lives, it is not legal to drive if you have indulged in it. How can the cops know if someone is driving under the influence of pot, I wanted to know. He said they pull over all drivers who are going way slower than the speed limit and stopping at green lights. There you have it.

Good grief. I am listening to the evening news. I am shocked by how few people understand singular and multiple antecedents. If you are referring to single person, he or she is not a “them, they or their.”

I’m not saying that everyone who supports the current president is a white nationalist, but rather that everyone who is a white nationalist supports the current president. Even if you are not a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, anti-Semitic white nationalist, doesn’t it bother you at all that you support the same man they do? Those who lie down with dogs rise up with fleas.

I returned to Columbia five months ago after 15 years back home up in New England. I love the north for all kinds of reasons but when I returned to this area I was amazed by just how friendly people are, with most everyone offering a “Have a good day” or a hello or wishes for a “Blessed day” or, even just a nod.  It wasn’t UNFRIENDLY up north, just not this level of friendly. I absolutely love it. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to be kind to people passing by! You never know what a difference it might make to them in their life.

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