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Rant and Rave: Christ Complex

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I couldn’t help but notice Chris Trainor’s email handle. He has to have a Christ complex, har har.

Kudos to the churchgoers in Selma, Alabama for turning their backs to Mike Bloomberg. They showed more courage than the African American establishment in SC who support “Uncle Joe.”

Y’all think you are going to see Uncle Joe one more time in SC before the election?

Crabs. Columbia has an infestation of crabs. They are spreading all over town. Wild, krafty, fiery, juicy? What the hell? Someone call the health department.

Some people think Trump colluded with Russia but Bernie Sanders is the one who honeymooned in Moscow. Bernie loves Russia.

When it comes to politics it’s business as usual. The wealthy in business buy the office or influence, and our current president pockets riches and bankrupts our future. Business as usual.

We need a president who will will restore honor, integrity and dignity to the White House and the country. 

What are Irmo police suppose to be SUPERVISING on the roads?

What kind of sick freak blames the Democratic Party for the coronavirus spread? Oh yeah, the president’s son. That sick freak. 

Abortion is not something to celebrate.

Donald Trump, Jr. went on TV and said that Democrats want lots of our citizens to die from Coronavirus in order to make POTUS look bad. This is a new low. I almost threw up when I heard it.  

As one American to another, Ms. Markle, please allow me to give you a tip: The Queen of England is 93 years old. She’s been there and done that and seen it all. Whatever impact you thought you’d bring to the Monarchy, forget it. It’s time for you to realize you are nobody. The Queen is everything. 

Here’s a little info to all the folks that think the Dems are going to turn us into a socialist country. Did you go to public school? Do you go to the library? Do you walk on the sidewalk or drive on the street, bridge, or tunnel? Know anyone that uses the VA? Know anyone that uses Medicare? Do you take your kids to the park or use the park yourself? That’s socialism baby. And don’t forget that social security check when you retire.

I’m appalled at the lack of police presence on the roads in Irmo. In my neighborhood the posted speed limit is 25. Cars routinely go 50-55 mph on the road by our house. We have complained to the Irmo police, as well as to the new mayor, to no avail. It is dangerous to walk your dog in our neighborhood.

You may not realize this, but March is White History Month. This year, two white people are featured who succeeded in overcoming negative racial stereotypes in order to succeed in their fields: Larry Bird and Vanilla Ice. Following the lead of Preach Jacobs [Fight the Power, Feb. 26], this will be a Whitidy-White White History Month. You should boycott all the black stuff Preach Jacobs told you to support, and instead support white entertainment and businesses. Sound racist? My point exactly.

Is it cynical to think that the reason the Democrat condidates (spelling intentional) are advocating forgiveness of student loans is because that would generate huge volumes of immediately taxable income? Have somebody read the tax codes on the taxability of debt forgiveness to you.  

Hey, folks. Everybody says the economy is great. But every week The State paper has a feature with foreclosures. I’m looking at 11 different foreclosures. This is the norm in the paper, all these notices about people’s houses being taken away from them. I’m looking at 11 and this is a weekly thing.

Of course we’ve added two trillion to our debt in two years. Obamacare is a trillion per year by itself

If cigarettes and honey buns were nutritious I’d be the healthiest man on the planet. Hands down.

Trump has put Pence in charge of a task force to combat the coronavirus. Remember, Pence thinks man and dinosaurs walked side by side. My wife and I have just updated our wills and insurance.  

Quick question: For those who don’t live in or frequent the, let’s say, “affluent and/or gentrified neighborhoods,” who do we send the invoices to for all the tires we have to buy cause we’re driving on these shitty roads? My side of Main Street is like going mudding. Without the mud. Or the fun. I see my tire pressure light in my nightmares. 

No matter how many rants you’ll print about how awful Donald Trump is, he still has 10 times a better economy than Obama ever could have, or any other Democrat they could elect.

Will Rogers once said, “I’m not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” Boy, he should see them today.

I saw KISS in concert in 1986. I was 16. They were just here in Columbia in 2020. You do the math. It can’t be a real farewell tour without Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. They started with the group, they should finish with the group. That’s all I’ve got to say. Rock on, brother. Long live KISS.

I went to Target and bought a Wisconsin Badgers onesie for my two-year-old nephew. Yeah.

The Taste Buds and I went to DiPrato’s. The food was excellent and the service was great.

Want to waste your money? Hire a blue ribbon panel from USC.

Hey, folks. Every morning I tell these pups to put their heads down so we can talk to the Lord. Then we say the Lord’s Prayer. Everyday, before they go anywhere, I tell them to put their heads down so we can talk to the Lord, and they do put their heads down.

Our dear president has to buy p#!sy. Again, our president has to buy p#!sy. Now, what Lindsey Graham buys? That’s the question.

This is a big rant to Free Times. I want you to change your publishing company, because they cannot fold your newspaper in half. It’s very aggravating to look at it, because it is not folded correctly.

I like the TV show Cheaters. Now it’s the story of the Houston Astros.

You must exercise care to do what the Lord will appreciate.

What did my friend say when he lost his job at the rubber band factory? Oh, snap.

You know you are getting old when your joints become more accurate than the National Weather Service.

My friend looks like a cross between Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Hart.

We tried to homeschool our 14-year-old son, but he didn’t show up.

I thought the NBA All-Star Game should have ended in a tie, in honor of Kobe Bryant and his daughter.

I’ll be playing the lottery for the next month. Y’all take care.

I took care of a gentleman that was in his 80s. In his heyday, he was a constable for the state of South Carolina. He thought he had some rapport with me, so he told me that when he was a constable, his job was to go around the state and “thump some heads.” He and his buddies went around the state and beat people up, even at the Orangeburg Massacre. Wherever they sent them, they would beat people up.

I think Mr. Barr, who works for Mr. Trump, might trick you. Trump is prone to tricky people. Trump hired him on purpose.

I saw a big, black poodle win a dog contest.

I listened to the best hits of the band Air Supply. It didn’t take long.

I love kale salad so much that I named my son Kale.

When I’m watching television, I’ll eat a whole bag of Chex Mix. I think it’s affecting my colon. Yeah.

I think it is time we get our heads together, if you know what I mean. If a person writes their name where you can’t read it, it’s time to start checking them out.

A gazillion raves for the Bike Collective on Elmwood. They fixed my beloved old mountain bike for $30. Other places in town wanted $120 and $130. The Bike Collective on Elmwood fixed it for $30! I am tough on a bike.

People say they are fired up and ready to go, but I don’t see nothing coming out the tailpipe.

They need some cameras out on Leesburg Road and Garners Ferry Road so we can see who’s going out at night throwing out their garbage. People have to clean that up. Let’s catch them.

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