John A. Carlos II

Robert L. Caslen is introduced as the twenty-ninth president of the University of South Carolina on July 22, 2019 at the South Carolina School of Law . John A. Carlos II / Special to The Post and Courier

So, when do the morning calisthenics on the Horseshoe start?

The Lexington Police say they are trying to lower their average of 100 car accidents a month, many of which they attribute to distracted driving. How about publishing the number of tickets they write, in these same months, for driving while viewing a cellphone. That number is probably less than double digits, if not zero.

My friend is so big, instead of wearing a tutu, she wears a threethree.

Why is there a kitty cat in the White House?

We who have eyes to see and ears to hear know what the problem is. The electoral college has been rigged and the election is already decided. May God have mercy on their souls.

Hey folks, the question is: What’s the reason Trump does not come to Charleston for a fundraiser? That’s Deep South, deep history, in a red state. Tell me the reason the Trump administration doesn’t come to Charleston.

How can Founders Park be one of the best in the NCAA when you have trouble every ballgame trying to find a place to park?

I have a suggestion to make America great again: Take food out of the mouths of poor people and children and give it to the multi-millionaires. God knows they need those extra few dollars.

All I ask is that you remember one thing when choosing you transportation: Taxi drivers don’t have other jobs to go to. Thanks and have a nice day.

OK, stupid drivers. If it is dark and rainy and you’ve got your windshield wipers on, put your freaking headlights on your vehicle. Dumbasses.

[In reference to Free Times, July 31] Please, Bach Pham, please! Have you ever even tried to make banana pudding? Leave the banana pudding to us Southerners. Just because you looked up some history on Wiki don’t give you no right to print something on one of the most treasured desserts known to mankind. If you don’t know what you’re doing or writing about, leave it alone! Appreciate you trying so hard though. God bless.

I haven’t seen my belt in years.

Hey folks, my dear old dog will go to the back door like he has to go out, and he’s about 10. So, you get off the sofa to go let him out, and then he hops in your seat on the sofa. He’s just playing me, which is OK. Now, in America there was a $1.8 trillion tax cut that benefited a lot of very wealthy people. Helped me a little bit. But the debt ceiling still got raised by $2.3 trillion.

When it comes right down to it people, the rideshares like Uber and Lyft don’t really want more regulation. If they have more regulation, they would lose drivers, because of safety factors. It all comes down to a question of money.

State Highway Patrol is finally doing their job. They’ve got three pulled over in a five-mile stretch on I-26. And, damn, I’m one of them.

A child is left in a car at a gas station, and is taken, along with the car. Another kid crawls on the baggage carousel in the airport, and is eventually injured. And yet the Internet is full of people weeping about animals left alone in cars and other situations. These are probably the same folks leaving their kids unsupervised.

I have a dad bod. I feel like a soft pretzel at the State Fair.

Hey folks, if you’ve ever seen Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives, doesn’t she remind you a lot of Lindsey Graham. Has anybody ever seen Lindsey Graham with a woman?

This is the High Guy, back with another random thought of the day. I feel like eggplant should be included into the debate about whether the chicken or the egg came first. My working theory is that eggplant gave rise to the egg, which then gave rise to chickens. Now I just have to prove it.

Hey, on WIS who’s the new white chick with Dawndy Mercer Plank?

If a juvenile is arrested for murder, rape, drugs, assault and battery, his name and picture should be publicized, no matter what age he is.

This is BG, the Blind Guy. If you want to bring people to my door and say that I can’t say things, I can say what I want, because I have the freedom of speech, mother#!ker.

One more commissioner down. How many more people are going to fall in the state of South Carolina in the corruption of white collar crime, the biggest crime in our country today?

A lot of people have paid their houses off and took trips to Las Vegas.

How come with all these highfalutin restaurants around town there’s not an actual diner anymore? The one on Main Street used to be there, the one on Devine Street used to be there. There’s really no place that’s a real, live diner, unless you want to go somewhere and spend $15 a plate. I’m just wondering where the old fashioned diners went.

When will the Democrats stop wasting taxpayers money. All that money could go into fixing things that are important in the United States.

The Taste Buds ate lunch at Bone-In Barbeque at Segra Park. It was pretty good. I give it seven stars out of 10.

I am truly impressed by the “no concealed weapons” signs on some doors. I have yet to see a concealed weapon pass one. I’ve now decided to protect my family by placing a “no burglars” sign on my door at home, as well as bumper stickers on my car saying “no carjackers.” Now all I have to worry about are illiterate scofflaws.

I take a bath once a week whether I need it or not.

Burger King’s $1 Tacos suck. I wish I could show y’all a photo of the taco sold to me at the drive-thru last week. I didn’t expect it to look like the tacos on their TV commercial, nor did I expect it to be great tasting. I threw it in the trash. I wrote corporate and they wrote back to thank me for contacting them, and said they look forward to serving me again in the near future. Ah, no, not ever.

Too bad Congress is on vacation, those thoughts and prayers they could send to the people shot and killed in Texas and Ohio would sure come in handy right now. LOL. Good work NRA. Good job Moscow Mitch. Good job Lindsey Trump.

[In reference to “What Columbia Arts Need,” July 31] You have explored in-depth the need for diverse arts and artists in Columbia. A high percentage of H-tax funds goes to just a few applicants. If the city wants to support diversification in the arts (like backing more arts venues and organizations), it should revamp the how and where it spends the less than 45 percent of its $12.1 million hospitality tax revenue on the arts.

About the “great economy.” Families are going deeper and deeper in debt to stay in the middle class. Though stock prices are generally up, the stock market has become more volatile and unpredictable than ever before. Stock prices are not a great indicator of economic health anyway, since 46 percent of Americans don’t own stock and billionaire CEOs have sent their jobs to China, Mexico and Taiwan. The deficit is sky rocketing. Tariffs are costing Americans billions. Now the current administration wants to cut social security benefits and make health care less accessible. Is this a greater America?

This is a rave for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. She laid into Sen. Kamala Harris during that CNN debate and exposed Harris’s duplicitous record for all to see. It was an absolute knockout! It’s about time that someone put Harris on blast for her horrendous record as Attorney General and the impact of that record on poor black and brown people in the state of California. #Tulsi2020

Taxi drivers have so much time on their hands, they keep writing into the Rant and Rave about handwritten slips of paper in Uber windows and lies about their drivers being unsafe. Keep on complaining and they’ll keep taking your fares.

Since the folks who run COMET have “disciplined” the driver who parked a bus on Devine Street and blocked a lane of traffic, nearly causing multiple wrecks, how about now you do something about the TWO buses that are parked (no drivers, no passengers) at Main and Hampton every morning during rush hour? Traffic coming up Hampton has to suddenly merge to the left lane, and there have almost been collisions. Not to mention the cars that unintentionally block Assembly Street at the light because traffic quickly backs up. Thanks, COMET!

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