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Rant and Rave: Biden won, Trump lost, Lindsey Graham had things to say

John A. Carlos II (copy)

Former Vice President Joe Biden addresses the 2019 S.C. Democratic Party State Convention at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. John A. Carlos II / Special to The Post and Courier

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Before Biden’s inauguration, if possible, Washington, D.C., needs to be fumigated for COVID-19 and TRUMP-45 for the safety of all!

I like to say what I mean and mean what I say. Yeah.

Hey, I just think that I saw that Mr. Biden won the election, and believe me, I voted for Nixon. That was my first vote. And I voted for Mr. Sanford in South Carolina. And I don’t mind telling people that I f#!ked up.

I understand that when the writer of Eclesiastes said, “There is nothing new under the sun,” he was using Oriental hyperbole, but I have heard far greater exaggerations.

Yeah, I’m gonna vote. But my trust ain’t in man. They said, “Cursed is the man that put his trust in man.” My trust is in God. He’s the one that provide for me.

The people have spoken, give it up Lindsey. You won, instead of working to prop up another with a ridiculous donation how 'bout you prop up this state, all this flip flopping isn't saving Parris Island.

Yeah, let me get a large No. 2, no onions, no mayo. A Dr. Pepper with that. And, uh, a large sundae, please.

When I think of Abreva medicine, is Abreva an abbreviation of abbreviation? Yeah. This is the Columbia Yeah Guy. Yeah.

South Carolina lost to Texas A&M 48 to 3. Texas A&M said, “Thank you for the scrimmage.”

The other night I farted in the bathtub and it was a better play call than anything Mike Bobo can come up with.

I've been kind of wondering. Now that Trump is no longer in the White House, will Putin finally allow him to have a downtown Moscow Trump Tower, as he has been trying to get since the collapse of the Soviet Union? Or will Putin just let a partly failed agent hang out to dry, and join Deutsche Bank in calling in the debts on the financing Eric was bragging about?

We got rid of Trump. Can we get rid of Scott Middleton too?

Now that we have a real president with class, can we go back and do a recount on Lindsey Graham and Joe Wilson please?

Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq and supported the Clinton/Obama regime change in Libya. During the October VP debates, Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris bragged about having the endorsement of Bush officials and generals who lied to the public and advocated for the war in Iraq. Tell me again why we are celebrating?

You know you are dealing with radical Alinskyites when they lie and pretend to be all neighborly, then trick you into feeding their cats. They are petty and vindictive people. That's who they are.

There is a saying about "AMERICA, love it or leave it." I prefer a much more intelligent and patriotic version: "AMERICA; LOVE what's right and good, FIX what's wrong!" This election, we got a GREAT start on repairs!

I would like to know why the (Saluda River) has been so nasty for the last several months. It must have to do with the way Dominion Energy operates the hydro dam? Water quality does not seem to be a priority for them because water temps are very high and dissolved oxygen levels are very low and fish will die.

Packed campaign rallies that ignore disease prevention measures are BAD. Strategizing on Zoom and other platforms safely from your basement is GOOD.

You’ve got to give Trump’s lawyers a lot of respect for arguing Trump’s baseless voting fraud allegations before the courts with a straight face, then laughing all the way to the bank depositing their fees from Trump supporters, like Lindsey Graham’s $500,000 contribution! Can you say EASY MONEY?

Okay, now that Election Day is done, could somebody please turn the U.S. Postal Service back on?

A heartfelt shout-out to families who are brave enough to list COVID-19 as the cause of death in their loved one’s published obituary. With COVID denial at an absurdly high level, it shows the world that the demons are real, and should be dealt with.

It’s Thursday, 11/5, and, with tonight’s speech, Trump has out-tantrumed my two year old!

At this point, we'd be better off digging up Reagan and parading him around like Weekend at Bernies.

Donald, you'll be in office a little while longer. Do you have time to make for us the wonderful new, affordable health plan that you promised you would make on DAY ONE of your administration?

One clown gets knocked off the big top. And he feels that nobody wants to see the new clown, Sleepy Joe. They want to see his show. They don’t want to see Sleepy Joe. They want to see his show. He’s the most popular clown. He knows how to make his rounds. So. Sorry. That clown went down. Uh oh. Looks like we got Sleep Joe.

Trump is out and good riddance. But we still have a long way to go. If you listened to Graham’s acceptance speech, he said he “hated” Chuck Schumer and made disparaging remarks about Nancy Pelosi and liberals. You see, he is still in that “us” versus “them” frame of mind which is rotting America. I never heard anything similar from Jaime Harrison who remained a gentleman throughout his campaign including graciously congratulating Graham. Democrats have achieved something Republicans have yet to do: elected an African American president and now a woman vice president.

They’re celebrating in the streets all over America today! I personally like what many TV commentators are saying about the celebrations. In summary, many are celebrating Biden’s declaration by the media as president-elect, but all are celebrating the exit of Donald Trump ahead of January! American democracy works!

Are you fn kidding me? The opposition to the Republican Party for four years has done nothing but trash President Trump calling him a bigot and racist and now you want to build unity. FU!!!

Kids....ruining vaginas since the dawn of time. You gotta love 'em.

Now that Trump is gone, how will Lindsey morph in 2021?

"If you count legal votes, I easily win," Trump said. "(They’re trying to steal an election)," he added, making false assertions about his victory and "illegal" voting, of which there is no explicit publicly documented evidence. So, define “Legal” and “Illegal” votes. Is it as your BFF Vlad Putin, or love note writing Kim Jong Un, would define the terms, “Legal” means voted FOR me, “Illegal" means voted AGAINST me?

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