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Rant and Rave: Biden gets blasted. McMaster, too

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Don't even worry about whether your selfies are properly filtered, colored, lit, edited, photoshopped and posted. Worry about why you're such a dumb piece of crap that you think spending your life taking pictures of yourself is what you should be doing.

Is our SC Legislature planning to concern itself with any important topics this year?

Spring has been real nice. Now let's stop all the hating and stupidity and things will be even better.

Is it just me or have you noticed that all the big old Oaks that were taken out for REI and Starbucks were diseased? Yet all the remaining big old Oaks are just fine. Funny that.

Seems odd. Cop shoots man 8 times in back. Gets 20 years. Then famous high-dollar Charleston lawyer (paid $100,000) says he didn't represent him adequately. Says new trial needed. No. Cop gets life. Lawyer gets a year and 1 day for fraud. Loses law license. Justice served?

Nikki Haley removed the largest donor ($70 million+) in USC's history from the board and replaced her with a male Republican nobody. Henry, reappoint her to the board. Our top-ranked business school is named after her, remember?

"Happiness is a Warm Gun. Bang, Bang. Shoot , shoot."

WIS-Most Watched. Most Trusted. Most lawyer ads per hour.

In reference to the "Great Candy Bar Quandary" (Rant and Rave, April 7) — Circle K vs. Dollar General, perhaps it relates to expiration dates. Older candy with an expired shelf life may be marked down (or perhaps marked UP as "Olde Time" treats, to snag a mullet). P.T. Barnum's alleged quote is appropriate for your confectionery confusion: "There's a sucker born every minute!" But ultimately, it's simply a case of "caveat emptor." What did you buy?

Dear Governor Leghorn — College athletes ARE the business of the NCAA, that’s all they do. I am much more worried about why a bunch of old cis men are so obsessed with the sexuality of young people. It’s creepy.

Dear special interest groups, please refrain from closing our roads for your walks, marches, and bicycle events and from blocking our bridges for your twee photo op dinners. For generations society has managed to raise money for worthy causes w/o hijacking our shared infrastructure.

Hey Rural Lexington resident! Don't say deer are "killers" (Rant and Rave, April 14) — YOU residents are encroaching on THEIR area! I don't blame them for wandering out into the road when someone built that road around THEIR habitat just like I don't blame a shark for for biting someone swimming in THEIR home. Don't start none, won't be none. #FACTS

Biden is withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan after 20 years. Lindsey Graham and his fellow Republicans feel threatened that the Taliban will rise again and threaten America, overlooking the immediate threat of racist and radical American militia groups who want to destroy our democracy, supported by Republican legislators’ continued support of instigator Donald Trump! Hypocrites!

So, USC Board members, was not listening to former major donor Darla Moore two years ago worth appointing Caslen as USC President? You preferred to listen instead to Republican Governor McMaster! Maybe McMaster and his fellow Republican legislators can make up for the loss of a new Business School building and other financial donations! DREAM ON!

How “progressive” of Joe Biden to withdraw troops from Afghanistan that shouldn’t have been there in the first place! Now he can “progressively” get us involved in more wars with nuclear armed countries like Russia and China!

Allow me to give you a three part definition of conservatism. One. The dedication to future ignorance based on previously held beliefs and or faith. Part Two, the refusal to recognize do new data that might conflict with previously said, belief, faith paradigm, three and utter willingness to a band previously said, belief, faith paradigm and the pursuit of power and his retention. This requires the morals of an alley cat and the ethics of a card cheat. That'd be the Trump party now. You're welcome.

My friend's favorite sport is pickleball whatever the heck that is.

Put on your cowboy hats, put on your cowboy boots and your miniskirts. Here comes Nikki Haley, trying to say she could run for president if Donald Trump don't. I guess you've been on your knees for Donald Trump too long.

My wife says I'm in the dark, even when the lights are on. Yeah.

It's good that that ship got freed from the Suez Canal where it was stuck. Those 20,000 containers may be needed on the border.

You know on TV, the defense expert witness testifying in the Chauvin, Minnesota cop case. If you can spot a liar, just mute the TV and watch him. Try to explain this. If you can’t spot a liar, mute your TV and watch him trying to explain this.

I like soccer a lot. I get a kick out of it.

All around the Midlands you see signs that say now hiring. But most these places that are hiring they pay minimum wage. Why should someone go get a job for minimum wage when unemployment pays more?

See Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, each one of the shots. After getting two shots of Moderna and a Pfizer or one shot of Johnson Johnson, you will now have to get those shots between nine months and a year, every year of your life. Whatever happened to eating healthy? Whatever happened to the roots and the herbs that we used to consume? I am not going to get the shot and I refuse to get the shot. If I was to get the shot, I want Sputnik V.

Well there’s a new sheriff in town. Pine Ridge just got themselves a new police chief. Hallelujah. So all you speeders that come through our speed zones and pass through on double yellow lines. That Pine Ridge speed trap is coming back. So put your hands on a speeding ticket, cause you goin’ get it. Amen.

Am I mistaken? Or is every episode of Jerry Springer filmed in South Carolina? Read the fine print in the corner. Is every episode of Jerry Springer filmed in South Carolina?

You know, Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the best women in history. One of the best moms and women in history. And she said, “Do one thing every day that scares you. Do one thing every day scares you. And after a while, nothing scares you.” Here in northeast Columbia, South Carolina. Sometimes we have lizards on the porch on the right outside the kitchen door. Seven, eight inches long. Lizards right outside the door. Instead of freaking out and running in the house. All you have to do is stomp your foot and they take off.

At lunch yesterday, I accidentally rubbed ketchup in my eye. Now I have hindsight. Get it? Yeah.

You know, Pamela Dickinson said, “I can tell you something. But until you turn your brain on and realize that for yourself, I'm just wasting my time.” How many mass shootings have been in America in the last couple months? How many mass shootings have been in America in the last couple months?

I got both my COVID shots now and both my vaccines and all vaccines and both shots I got at CVS. And I'm thinking, you know Walmart, you really screwed up on this one, you should have gotten the initial rights to get all the shots at Walmart, instead of at CVS and Walgreens and etc. Because I didn't buy a single thing at CVS. But who would have been at Walmart? I probably would have spent, not just me, but everybody else would have probably spent thousands of dollars.

Maybe the state's flag should be black, white, red and yellow. Oh, is it? I didn't know that. But the one thing I know is on the Olympic flag. That is the planet Venus. Which people don't realize, comes around every four years. Just like the Olympics and sparkles the sky. These are the things that are natural. Just like that color of somebody's skin. Whether you're white, black, yellow or red, shine like a star. That's who you are.

Hey Melanie, your pseudo fascist uh ...

You know, this is a rave for French cooking. When I was a kid, we actually lived in Colmar, France, the Lorraine district, and I went to school in Switzerland, but the bottom line is, if you go to Julia Child, that dear French chef, she didn't turn obese. The French were really excellent. If you've got french fries, you got them on a side plate.

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