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Rant and Rave: A message from the big pothole at Kilbourne and Devereaux

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Pot Hole

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Hello this is the big pothole at Kilbourne and Devereaux, I need more of your cars to come into my pothole and visit me so you will get flat tires and your vehicle will all be screwed up and you will be ticked off. So come on by and visit, thank you.

My friend the other day was dehydrated, that seems weird, he drives a water truck, yeah.

What do you call a reindeer that smokes marijuana? Rudolph the Red Eyed Reindeer.

For my wife’s birthday I bought a three pack of edible underwear, I ate two on the way home ahaha.

Imagine you robbed a bank with Donald Trump. He can’t keep a secret and he’s a buffoon, now what’s Mr. Putin thinking, oh my god he has not endorsed Biden at all. There’s no open arms with Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin. You’ve robbed a bank with buffoon that can’t keep a secret and that’s why Mr. Flynn walked, even though he plead guilty twice. If I plead guilty to running a stop sign twice, do you think the cops would let me go?

Yeah you know, everybody in America is so smart, but the bible says there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. These preachers just pull you in. All these people love Trump, that’s fine. You just let these people drown. But where are your kids going to end up? No health care, no social security, another pandemic wipes out the stock market, but tell me today, be a badass, tell me today what the national debt is. Be a badass, text me.

If American politics doesn't give you the blues, I hate to think what it would take.

You know I wanted to pass this on, that comedy movie "Airplane." Leslie Nielsen is the doctor and the comedy airplane, the bible says there’s nothing new under the sun. If you go back in time or you can google it, the zero hour, z-e-r-o hour, is where that script came from.

Watching this special on Todd Kohlhepp, he killed these people in Chesnee, and his mom is on tv trying to cry and there’s not a tear on her face. Sometimes these people cover their face, because they know there’s no tears. Don't you dare forget that white trash moms make white trash kids. Don’t you dare forget what state you’re in. This is South Carolina. Thank you!

*Phone static*

So this is Blind Dog saying to Senator Katrina Shealy and Harpootlian, guess what, we killed your bill. S1017, so what are you going to do, a rewrite? And spend the taxpayers money? And try to take jobs away from the blind? Hey darling Graham, now you should support what the law reads. Unless we take you to court.

All these boneheads say they work day and night to still support Donald Trump as they call my house, I sit on a do not call list, and it doesn't matter, they call day and night. Look, I won't even give money to Sleepy Joe, let alone Bonehead Trump and his bonehead party, these two parties are so corrupt, they give illegal permits to private vendors and companies that they support out of their own pocket. And they fill the pockets because they get the kickback. Isn’t that just so scrumptious?

You know a lot of people think doctors are smart, but I think musicians are smart. James Taylor, they put music together with instrumentation. The Eagles make music and all these fantastic artists, um Alicia Keys, honest to goodness, my dear cousin, she can put music together and sit down and play a piano and play an organ. I send her a flute and these people are just incredibly talented. But the forefathers that put this country together worried about the day when people cared more about the party than the country.

You had an article on the Good Cheer Fund, with a man working who loves his job, his bicycle was stolen. I called this number, I left a message, I have a nice bicycle practically new that I would be glad to donate to this individual. I have received zero response. This makes it pretty obvious to me that the only thing you’re concerned with this Good Cheer Fund is the money and not the people you write these articles about. That’s pretty disturbing to me.

Ex coach Lou Holtz said on TV a second ago that Donald Trump is the greatest president in his lifetime. The chances are, is Mr. Holtz a racist or does he have dementia?

Uh I tried to call Amazon and talk to a person about a package, talk about mission impossible.

Hey Dano's on Rosewood! This rant comes from a regular every Thursday delivery orderer ..... If you're going to charge a Delivery Charge AND a Delivery Surcharge AND a Covid Fee the least you can do is get the order RIGHT!!! And we order the exact same thing EVERY TIME.

Fake News is anything the Prez doesn't want to hear and the Deep State is anyone the Prez doesn't like.

SC Governor Henry McMaster is not a friend of the USA. Rather than condemn the preposterous charges about the election that are causing chaos and danger in our country, he is supporting the crap being slung around by the Orange One. C'mon Henry, get a clue and get a spine and speak out. We need to calm down this situation.

Trump and the Banana Republicans have mounted a propaganda campaign to try to convince people that the election was rigged. The result of a successful propaganda campaign is orchestrated ignorance on a mass scale. And since the election Trump has conned his base into contributing over 160 million to his personal slush fund.

Trump supporters just payed three million dollars for a partial recount of two counties in the Wisconsin election and gained 45 more votes for Trump! YEA! Biden supporters payed nothing and gained 132 more votes, increasing the Democratic lead by 87 votes! THANK YOU!

So, Biden’s recent foot injury requires Biden to wear a big walking boot the next few weeks. Perfect for booting out Trump from the White House!

Since the USC women basketball players sat during the national anthem, I am no longer their fan.

Notice all the people in places requiring masks who do not realize or care that masks are to cover one's nose too? I see it even with pharmacists! Some still-lesser types seem to feel that covering the chin and not even the mouth is sufficient. Trump voters I suppose.

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