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Rant and Rave: Do you have no pride?

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South Gregg Street Rosewood Litter Dumping Trash

This stretch of South Gregg Street in the city's Rosewood neighborhood is a frequent dumping site.

Please, please quit littering our roads in Lexington and Columbia. Do you have no pride or self-respect?

Can’t somebody play paintball with Lindsey Graham so he can play out some of his war fantasies?

Richland County School District One needs to hire competent people to run HR. Makes you wonder how the management staff got their jobs. Should be investigated. Terrible customer service. Try getting a job there. Non-responsive or takes forever. 

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Jan. 8] Some genius submits, “If the Democrats in Congress don’t insult your intelligence, you don’t have any.” I believe what he or she meant to write was, “If the Democrats in Congress DO insult your intelligence, you don’t have any.”

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Jan. 8] You're right. We need to keep leaves out of drains and sewers where they clog up the pipes.  But PLEASE DO NOT PUT LEAVES IN PLASTIC BAGS.  NO, NO, NO.  Put leaves in bags that are not plastic. You can buy giant paper bags. Use them for mulch. Pile them in the corner of the yard where they will break down and enrich the soil. Thanks, y'all. 

I got my small grandkids some Sesame Street postage stamps. They said, “Who the heck is Big Bird?” Yeah.

I’m not saying my cousin is fat, but when he gets on the scale, the scale says, “Try the truck weigh station.”

My friend watches The Village People on TV. They sing “YMCA.”

I see a lot of nurses and doctors talk over people’s heads and I think sometimes they do it on purpose.

You know, I get so sick and tired of seeing all these Shriners crying for donations when I can’t even afford to buy another bottle of beer or a bag of weed for myself.

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern passed away. He led the NBA to worldwide fame. Rest in peace, David.

The party of hate, the scallywag party, the Republicans. They have become nothing more than a cult.

Yeah, I’m just wondering why Judi Gatson and Dawndy Mercer Plank at WIS feel it necessary to comment on almost everything they report. Just do your job. Give us the news and stop editorializing.

I was in bed with my wife when those earthquakes came through. I still never had the guts to tell her it wasn’t me who made the earth move for her.

If our behavior fails to reflect the presence of God in our lives, what value is there?

My wife is always buying unnecessary items. The other day she went to Kohl’s and bought magnetic bookmarks.

All this talk about World War III. If we do have a third World War, can we wait until after the Super Bowl? Because after that there’ll be nothing on TV.

Has anybody ever seen The Dead Zone, where Martin Sheen plays the president? Does Trump remind you of him? Especially when he says, “The missiles are flying.” Oh, my. Scary isn’t it?

Has there ever been a time when Iran wasn’t protesting America? Hasn’t been burning the American flag? Hasn’t vowed revenge on Americans? President Trump stood up and did the right thing. Think about it, people.

It’s difficult for Trump to start a war with Iran during an election year, but it would be criminal if he went on to win four more years on the backs of dead service men.

My restaurant crew is called the Taste Buds. I call them my Taste Buddies.

Presidents and Congresses come and go. Time will pass. We will pass. But the Constitution will remain as long as the United States remains one nation, under God.

There is talk about the draft coming back. Can you really see a draft under a five-deferment president?

I was talking about koalas in Australia. For some reason, I called them koala bears. My friend got mad at me.

How could Salt-N-Pepa play at Famously Hot New Year in Columbia and in Hollywood, California the same night?

We have a lot of small towns over here in rural Lexington County.  The ones I know about are run by white people. These are some damned ignorant white people. They are more corrupt than the day is long. They're not ashamed of it either. They think it's great. 

Look out Mitch McConnell, Cardi B may be coming to the Senate to work with you. I believe she'd be a big help to straighten out your nasty, pompous, destructive ass. Go Cardi B!

Wake up, Bernie Sanders and supporters. Elizabeth Warren is running as a Sanders spoiler. She is not your ally. Your ally is the Hawaiian congresswoman who resigned from the DNC to endorse Sanders in 2016. #Tulsi2020

What shame I carry on behalf of our country that President Trump keeps changing his story about why he had the Iranian general murdered. The shifting explanations point to the likelihood that Trump had him killed because he felt like it. President Trump, more and more of us see that you don't appear to know what you're doing. 

Can you believe it? They are finally working on Wilton Road in Springdale, right down from Joe Wilson’s house. Eight to 12 weeks it will be open. So they say.

How to drive in Columbia: Drive a block. Stop. Drive a block. Stop. Drive a block. Red light. Drive a block. Red light. Drive a block. Red light. Drive a block. Red light. Drive a block. Stop. Drive a block. Stop. Drive a block. Stop.

The reason Putin wanted Trump in the White House is because he knew Trump was stupid and could be easily manipulated. He knew Hillary was smart and knew her stuff.

President Trump, please don't get too upset that you did not receive the Nobel Prize. Just make your own, buddy. You are the chosen one and we shall bow down to you as the source of every good accomplishment on planet earth. 

As long as you know I was supposed to receive that Nobel Prize, that is all that matters. Those people have a lot of nerve giving the prize to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, when I was the one who brokered the peace on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia. 

Stock prices, contrary to popular belief, are not a good indicator of economic health.  Forty-eight percent of Americans don’t even own stocks.  But their jobs are being sent overseas by sleaze ball CEOs to increase the bottom line for shareholders who don’t know what it is like to work for minimum wage.  At one time, a CEO’s main concern was for the welfare of the company and its employees. Now a CEO’s main concern is his or her paycheck. 

She works the front desk in a professional office and she cannot stop calling me "hon."  She claims it is "a Southern thing." After I crush your face, hon, let's see how you feel about being rude and disrespectful to me. My family has been in South Carolina for 300 years and we know better than to address strangers as "hon" or "sugar" or "doll baby" or "sweetie pie." 

Nikki Haley states that only the Democrats are “mourning” the death of Iranian General Soleimani. In addition to being a spiteful individual now, it looks like she’s still drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. So sad!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, do not have my respect. They overtook the occasion of the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Brooksbank, in 2018, to announce that they had a baby-on-the-way. Now the Sussex royals have dropped a bombshell on the eve of the birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. No class, Sussex royals.

Lindsey Graham claims that the confidential briefing the Senate members received from Trump’s military and intelligence leaders was, “magical.” Republican Senator Mike Lee stated the Iran briefing was “insulting and demeaning” and “the worst briefing I’ve seen, at least on a military issue.” As American voters, at the next election, let’s perform some “magic” of our own and make embarrassing Senator Graham disappear from the political scene.

According to Forbes magazine, since President Trump has been in office his personal net worth has gone down significantly, almost a billion dollars down! So please explain your silly assed comment about President Trump using his office for financial gain! Plus, each quarter when he gets paid, he donates his salary to various charities. This last quarter he gave his money to help with restoration of military cemeteries. Frosty

Coach overheard in the visitor’s locker room before the Carolina basketball game: “If we can’t beat Carolina, then, at least, no one at Colonial Life goes home with a free Chick-fil-A!”

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