Rant and Rave: Calling out to Hillary

Hillary Clinton unveils ‘economic revitalization plan’ during Denmark town hall

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a town hall at Denmark-Olar Elementary School on Friday. Post and Courier photo

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Back to basics: Get rid of these Orwellian “No Limits” slogans displayed all over USC’s campus and meditate about the original motto: “Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel.” This is best done in a classroom and not online.

President Trump should have to obey the law, but immigrants should not.

Lindsey Graham is a loser. John McCain would be ashamed. Lindsey, you are a political nightmare. I hope you lose your next election.

Calling all reality TV stars who want to run for president of the USA. No experience in governing needed. No need to know how to read or spell. No need to understand basics of the U.S. Constitution. No need to understand our system of government checks and balances. Anyone can do it!

I just watched Vice. Wow. Even if half on it was true. Can you imagine knowing that your father or grandfather was that twisted and evil? And now we have the orange blob using executive power for the “good’ of the country. Cheney wanted power. What’s Trump want?

It’s old thinking from the mid-20th century that teachers have an easy job. It’s a challenging job and they are underpaid. Push those teacher wages up to what they should be!  

Hi, I was planning on leaving a really nice message, but I had to rush off to the bathroom and take a healthy Biden and wipe with a Pelosi. In case I get backed up, I’m going to need a bunch of Schumer. I’ll call back later. I’ve gotta go!

The Bear doesn’t want to make the Walton family, the owners of Walmart, the richest people in the world. They make $4 million every hour. That’s $70,000 a minute. Next time you need something from the store, use local stores. The Waltons don’t need your money.

People at the State Fair used to say, “Meet me at the rocket.” This year they were saying, “Meet me at the candle.”

I agree, Vladimir. Comrade Trump is good man. Good man.

This is a message from a sad senior. President Trump and Lindsey Graham are saying now that Social Security and Medicare will be reduced for seniors. Particularly if Trump wins the election. So sad. Thanks, bye.

The station WACH 57 is the biggest joke. They need some professional people. I’ve called and complained to them before, told them who was good and who wasn’t good and who needs to go.

I forgot what’s on my mind.

Since when did Free Times get to be such a liberal, dirty newspaper. If that’s what you want to call it. I don’t call it that.

I hope the weather gets better.

I am white trash.

Can’t believe the Houston Rockets are kowtowing to the Chinese. What Colin Kaepernick did was nothing compared to this.

I have now seen it all. Speed limit is 60, and I’m doing 70 in the right lane. A car passes me doing at least 80, gets right back in front of me, then takes the next exit. He must have been in a real hurry.

Yeah, for Rant and Rave it says to call this number, with extension 126. It’s in the paper. You punch 126 and it says Rant isn’t available. Y’all have just moved to a new location. Y’all need to get right.

Ha, it sounds like Rudy Giuliani stepped into a bucket of poo-poo when he decided to be Trump’s personal attorney.

I enjoy going to the shopping mall and organizing a flash mob.

I have a friend, she looks like a troll. Get back under that bridge!

There was a four-car pile-up on I-77 South. Despite the fact there was a fire truck out there and everything else covering most of the right lane, people were still speeding, being very impatient and driving recklessly. I don’t know what the answer is.

I was wondering whatever happened to that guy who supposedly killed his wife’s lover. The one who owned all those San Jose restaurants. Why hasn’t he gone to trial yet? What does he know that we don’t know?

Saturday, Oct. 12, I celebrated my 59th birthday, and I got the most awesome birthday present. The University of South Carolina defeated Georgia between the hedges. They did it just for me, on my birthday.

Sunday morning Billy Graham said to be sure to go to church.

There’s a lady that runs a liquor store out around Sandhills. She’s from Russia. If you’ve got time on your hands, ask her what she thinks of Trump.

To all black youth: Black lives matter. Practice what you preach.

Why are the Dallas Cowboys so bad?

This is Figaro. You’ve got the man calling all nines. He’s dialing all nines, but he kept looking back so many times. You’re making the man look stupid.

So, we started another war, Donald Trump. Don’t worry, Henry McMaster backs you up. So does Joe. Yeah, Joe for Jobs. What a joke.

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.

When my friend Twista eats alphabet soup, he eats it in alphabetical order.

Our Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney acts as ignorant as his boss about the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. While in office, President Trump may not use his position to enrich himself financially. No federal employee may do that. Chief Mulvaney, the “Dems” and the “mainstream media” did not write the U.S. Constitution! Stop blaming them for the G7 meeting next year being hosted somewhere that is not a Trump resort, you idiot.

I just wanted to shout out the great show I saw at the Cola Comedy Festival. Brian Posehn was hilarious! And I found out that the guy who hosted it is local. I liked him A LOT! Funny and cute. Didn’t know who he was. Now I’m a fan. Columbia’s been sleeping on Topher Riddle when I’d rather be sleeping WITH Topher Riddle! Know what I mean? Maybe at the next show I’ll have the nerve to say, “Hi.”

Year after year, decade after decade, there is a USC home game during the State Fair. You would think this was an accident of disastrous planning but it’s not. It’s brought to you by the folks who love traffic gridlock, love to waste gasoline in thousands of idling cars, love to increase air pollution from vehicles that can’t get anywhere and love to lower our quality of life by encouraging this damned hell of a mess!  

I read a book about how to make marriage simple. Experts wrote it. Marriage is so simple that you have to read a whole book to learn about it. Good luck.

Rest in eternal peace Rep. Elijah Cummings.

In case anyone is wondering whether your 30s bring any sort of insight into life: Just know that while you do become somewhat sure of yourself, and aware of who you are for the most part, the good feeling you derive from this is tempered by the crushing awareness of your complete inability to solve your most fundamental character flaws. Adapting to your various shortcomings is essentially what growing up is, boiled down to its essence. Some people adapt more than others, but everyone is dysfunctional on some level. Unless I’m completely wrong about all of this, which I could be. F#!k.

The liberal USC faculty are attacking the president of the United States and the president of the university. Both presidents must be doing a good job!

I think the bone spurs are in his head.

[In reference to Rant and Rave, Oct. 16] Hey someone asked why they don’t have white acts headline New Year’s Eve. If you look who they have had here, besides the weird jazz year, the music was mostly old school. They had the Wallflowers and Elle King. The Wallflowers had maybe two good songs and Elle King, who was she besides Deuce Bigelow’s daughter. So far the acts have headlined have HITS. What good rock act could they get without breaking the bank? Maybe an 80s hair band.  

This is a rant to Bakari Sellers. Your despicable, false assertion on CNN that Tulsi Gabbard is a “puppet for the Russian government” revealed that you are just another vapid, narcissistic shill for the corporatist, warmongering neoliberal Clinton/DNC machine.

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