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If you love money, you will become like Trump: a tortured soul. Thank you!

This is a rant in reply to the rant about Harvest Hope. (July 18) You give somebody food and they’ve got the unmitigated gall to complain about it? What the eff?

Rest in Peace, Moffatt Bradford. If there is a heaven, you know they serve handcrafted beer and homemade chili.

It just amazes me that a lot of the schools in Lexington County can put up these huge digital marquees that cost thousands of dollars, but they can’t pay our teachers a decent salary.

I saw where they gave teachers a 1 percent raise. If I were a teacher I’d tell them to stick it up their ass.

How many more issues do we have to look at that golddigger Stormy Daniels?

A lot more people read Free Will Astrology than a lot of things in Free Times. I really do think you should bring it back.

My friends always see the glass half full. I see it half empty. Yeah.

One Love.

IHOP went to IHOB and back to IHOP. Somebody was a marketing genius.

Never go to a Columbia restaurant on payday. Half the waitstaff calls in sick.

Why do people of color keep resisting the police? Just do what they say.

When I was a kid I actually went to school in Switzerland — and edit this out, but to go to that school today is like $113,000 a year — but that was a wonderful school; I loved the Swiss, I loved the French, I loved the British. But all the European leaders are very aware that Mr. Trump is going to go to Putin and spill his guts. You may hate Obama, but he was never a traitor.

Hey President Vladimir Dump: Watch out, it’s Shark Week.

I’m confused. We’re not supposed to mention our past history like Confederate monuments, but it’s OK to mention reparations for slavery?

I had my identity stolen.

Hey Mayor Benjamin, City Council, too busy putting bike lanes in, making it look like friggin’ Thailand around here.

I would like to know what percent of the population of Richland County uses a bicycle for transportation. Seems like we’re spending a lot for a few.

There are no bikes on Farrow Road. No mopeds either. If Teresa Wilson wants to put a bike lane somewhere how about between Lugoff and Elgin?

All you people complain about slavery. What the hell do you think Uber is?

Yes, I keep seeing this commercial by Dominion Power Company. These people doing the commercial, I bet there’s none of them that are SCE&G customers.

I read where in Columbia people have 2.5 children. That’s kind of weird.

I was going to watch the All Star Game, but nowadays, how do you know who plays for what team?

I would like to see one person honestly and intelligently defend Donald Trump after his actions in Helsinki in this forum right here.

Trump gave away the store to North Korea but then he gave away the farm to Putin. Is this going to make America great?

Since when does incompetence become the norm? Seem to me it’s 10 times worse than it ever was.

Yeah, I got a big-ass rant, and that is when you go in the store there’s a sign that says if you are 85 or older you deserve a 1 percent decrease on your sales tax. I got news for you, if you turn 85 or older they should give you the damn thing.

I wonder where is this Me Too movement for male victims like Terry Crews? You bash men saying all men are evil, but you don’t want to call all men victims. Bet y’all won’t print this.

I’m sick and tired of continually hearing the African-American community boasting about certain things they have done or accomplished in this country. Do you mean to tell me there is no Native American history, that they have not contributed to this country? No Asian American history? No Caucasian American history? Quit saying me, me, me. You ain’t the only people that done things great.

Hey Eva, hate to dump on Preach, if it weren’t for the Crime Blotter Preach wouldn’t have anything to do. Forgive me, brother man. You have no law enforcement background.

That Preach Jacobs is a one-trick pony. He can only write about race and crime, which is really the same thing.

Do not take a position at Palmetto State Armory. Run, run, run.

So, the NFL has a very short memory. They think we don’t care about these players who won’t stand for the anthem.

There’s an old saying: A fish and a zebra may fall in love, but they can’t live together.

Do aliens have constipation?

The last time I went to Palmetto Pig, I got a clean plate when I made my second trip to the buffet. I’m proud that I didn’t commit a health code violation.

Hey, this is the High Guy back with another random thought of the day. I wonder if whatever it is Meatloaf can’t do for love is the same thing Hall & Oates can’t go for?

Why don’t prisoners have cell phones? #ThatPrisonLife seems like an untapped market for Instamate or Facecrook. 

The word indescribable is paradoxical when used as an adjective.

Before you harass your neighbor about their grass needing to be cut and lie about other neighbors complaining, make sure your grass, as well as the other neighbors’ grass, has been cut — or shut up!

Mayor Benjamin, I just want to know why you have let all the taxi cab drivers in the City of Columbia down. Answer me that, sir.

Just when I thought television couldn’t get even better, Shaq does Shark Week.

I regret that I voted for Donald Trump. He’s a hatemonger, a racist.

Yes, if you’re an owner of a BMW or a Mercedes Benz and you’ve taken your car to , be real careful. They tell you they’re putting new stuff on your car, and they’re not. They won’t show you the stuff they took off your car.

No rant. Rave. Rave to the Richland County Public Library volunteers for an awesome book sale.

Who is my favorite president? I’ll give it some thought and get back to you. Meanwhile, it’s easy to say who is NOT my favorite president.

We have too many people in positions of power and influence in the US, at all levels of government, who are driven by personal vanity and greed instead of a desire to serve selflessly for the best interests of the nation and, more importantly, all of its citizens.

Trump meets in total secrecy with Putin, an avowed enemy of the US who ordered the cyber attacks on our election, and yet some people are more upset that NFL players might kneel to protest racial injustice. True patriots recognize which is treason, a bigger threat to our nation. 

You can eat beets, carrots or mushrooms, but you cannot eat “healthy.” “Healthy” is an adjective, not a noun. You can only eat nouns.

To the owner of the adult sized women’s panties saturated in blood that was left in the dirt on Blanding Street ... ya nasty.

Passion lingers, exhaustion accrues, steeped endlessly — kept in sublime seclusion, my every longing is now deepest agony.

What is a beach’s favorite snack? A sandwich.

I was just watching a segment on WIS about the City of Columbia trying to combat the mosquito situation. Here’s a solution: Have the herby curbies for trash and recycling redesigned. The tops on these containers allow water to pool on top of them and that is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Duh.

When you get to heaven there’ll be no discriminating, no prejudice. Boy, it’s gonna be a great time, it’s gonna be a great time.

When are they going to fix the roads in the less fortunate neighborhoods? They got money to tear up a bike lane but they can’t fix the potholes in my area?

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