Lowes food meat case

Lowes food meat case

This information comes from local police reports. It does not mean anyone is guilty. This is not a court of law.

All That Meat: Authorities are searching for someone who stole $348 of meat from a grocery store on Sunset Boulevard. The suspect reportedly put it in her shopping cart, packed it in her reusable bags and then walked the f#!k out of the store without paying. Looks like someone had a cookout on the free tip. It is funny that the lady has a reusable bag to save the environment, but right at paying for meat is where her conscience stops.

Cash Box: Cops are searching for two men who robbed a store on Garners Ferry Road. The suspects were caught on camera ramming a box truck into the building, busting a wall down; once inside, they grabbed an ATM machine before driving off. First of all, these guys seemed to be very unprepared, as being loud as hell busting into a store may cause some noise. Secondly, the guys hilariously appeared to struggle with carrying the ATM machine to the truck. I mean come on, you have the box truck but didn’t spend the extra couple of bucks to get that wack ass dolly? Amateurs indeed.

Way of the Gun: Authorities are searching for a 20-year-old man who stole a gun from a man’s home in Irmo. The suspect reportedly connected with the victim online with the purpose of buying a rifle. They decided to meet and the suspect pulled a gun on the victim and stole his gun (isn’t that ironic?) and cell phone. Let’s just say that this thief got off pretty lucky. To run the risk of stealing a gun from a man in his home by pulling another one is a really risky play since there are tons of gun owners that may have more than one. This guy easily could’ve been having a funeral as opposed to a warrant for an arrest.

Cup of No: Cops nabbed a man charged with throwing hot coffee on an employee at a drive-thru. The suspect reportedly demanded free French fries from the employee due to his wait being too long. Somehow, after arguing more, he decided to throw coffee in the face of a teenage employee. Sometimes we wish restaurants and retail outlets could post Yelp reviews of customers.

Tip of the Week: If you think that if the universe made someone crash into the building where you work, that it means a day off, then luckily you don’t work at this following restaurant: Cops nabbed a 26-year-old man after a high-speed chase when he crashed his car into a business. An employee called the cops to say someone had crashed in ... and they stayed open. You have to kind of admire that. Even a dumb DUI dude can’t stop this money from coming in.

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