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Rant & Rave: Love for lineman, hate for everyone else

Santee Cooper crews

A Santee Cooper line crew restores power after Hurricane Isaias moved through the Grand Strand in August 2020. File/Provided/Santee Cooper

Why would anyone use a leaf blower to blow leaves from a sidewalk into the street?

I'd like to salute the utility workers who helped restore power in recent outages! 

Thanks to President Biden, my 401(k) is no longer ok.

The adolescent thing to say is I told you so. The Bible says to give up your childish ways. Christmas spending was up 7.6% and the next time somebody says recession with 4% unemployment. You tell them to look up at the stars and walk around and kick them in the butt.

The more conservative one's outlook on life is, the more likely they are to believe in conspiracies to explain things that vex them. Today's conservatism is devolving into paranoid lunacy that treats reality as an option. Shakespeare observed "Tis better to be thought the fool than play the part." Republicans line up three wide for auditions. 

The holiday airline cancellations and delays are a good reason to redevelop train travel. There would be huge pushback from the airlines no doubt.  And there is the problem of insufficient trackage.  It would be nice for people to have the alternative.  Trains are much less susceptible to weather delays.

I saw three people jogging and walking in predawn hours in all black. Can you say death wish?

San Diego still has a football team?

December 26 is Boxing Day in some countries where the emphasis is on taking care of those who have little. In the US it appears to be the beginning of Valentine's Day marketing.

My office did a "team-building" exercise. I said, "I'd like to be traded."

You know, I thank the Lord for good moms.

This is a rave for being in Colmar, France when I was a kid. My dear brother and I would eat pomme frites (or french fries) at the local cafe. It was a franc and you get a great big plate. No ketchup. Around the corner, there's a nice big park...What I'm trying to say is any little kid in Colmar, when you sit down for dinner, don't you dare hand out Coca Cola

I'm trying to do something during the holidays. Maybe I otter visit the zoo

Republicans are red. Democrats are blue. Neither one gives a crap about you.

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