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Hey folks, teachers need to make more. Teachers shape little kids’ brains.

Many thanks to our teachers!! Too bad they wasted a day screaming in front of the State House.

I'm all for supporting teachers. My wife is one. But next time, can we not use red as the color and the communist-created International Workers day as the gathering time? It's more than a little creepy to be rubbing up to the likes of Stalin and Mao.

What is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and what is it doing in the SC Legislature?

People are getting shot or abducted in Five Points every single weekend it seems, but by all means let’s worry about fining the douchebags blowing Crunch Berry clouds on the Wild Wings patio.

There was a shooting in Five Points. Why don’t we go ahead and close it down after 5 p.m.?

Man there’s some snotty ass people in the Midlands. You ask them if they’re in trouble and need any help and you get cussed out for it.

How many people does it take to destroy Bull Street? Six. The County Council, the mayor and the city manager.

Every morning while driving my preschooler to school on Blossom Street, some person driving faster than the Shandon 25 mph speed limit runs a stop sign in front of us. This occurs between two and five times a week. People need to respect the stop signs. This is a neighborhood.

I saw the Avengers movie. I cried like a baby at the end. Yeah.

The answer is simple here. NO HUNTING ON YAWKEY. Period. There are other places for hunters to take ducks, geese and other feathered fowl. Leave Yawkey alone.

There are currently five different ways to identify your Uber driver. We don't need another way. People need to pay attention when their driver arrives. Simply match the car, driver, license plate and ask them your name. Ten seconds. Done. Samantha made a terrible mistake and now Uber drivers will be paying for it. And no, it's not up to us to provide another form of security.

I usually read Free Times from back to front.

Ray's Diner on Two Notch Road is such a treasure. My girlfriend and I go a couple of times a week for breakfast. We (selfishly) love how Ray's location and exterior tend to dissuade people from checking it out. Were that not the case, a line would be out the door every day. Ray's regulars (we are legion) are diverse and well-mannered, and we simply can't get enough of those mammoth pancakes, super-creamy grits, and cheese-laden veggie omelets.

My chicken has people pox.

When are men going to be walking around town in leggings, showing off every bit of what they've got?

The founding fathers gave us a system of government with three co-equal branches: the judicial, the legislative and the executive. The purpose is for balance and oversight of each other to keep things right. The POTUS doesn't appear to understand how it works. He is obstructing oversight by Congress. Oversight of the President by Congress is fundamental; it is one of the jobs of Congress. Republican legislators are helping him destroy our system that we have relied upon for 242 years.

I will not name my son Archie. If you want to name your son Archie, please go ahead with that. I don't even want to say Archie.

Did you know that practically every cyber security expert and their mom agrees that the touch screen voting machines in use all over South Carolina are highly vulnerable? Not just to Russia but to China, Iran and a large number of other sketchy characters and enemies. Did you also know they all agree with me and my mom and her mom that hand marked paper ballots are the most secure way to go?

Facebook is Face Shook for banning Minister Louis Farrakhan. When did preaching equal justice regardless of creed, class or color become “dangerous”?

Have all the editors at WIS gone on vacation? Online news article: "The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle were not wearing a seat belt." It would not bother me if the writer was just doing this as a hobby, but this person am getting paid to write these articles — all both of them.

Question why do we not have a privet [sic] firm that will audit the spending of our tax dollars? Our roads should be paved in GOLD by now, the sorry Government we have should be sent to Mexico with no chance of returning,

Sigh … and on it goes: The WIS headline read, "Pedestrian Injured ..." The sub-head read, "The Columbia Police Department is investigating a deadly crash ..." Somebody please proof what y'all post on your website. The constant goofs make y'all look like hacks!

I have to consider myself a masochist due to the fact that I intentionally watch WACH Fox news every morning! Hands down the most error filled morning news show in the Southeast! Hard to imagine they are professionals!

Boy I sure couldn’t tell that South Carolina ranks low in education by the billboard near Huger St. that says “We’re GONNA need a bigger zoo.”

Hello Mr. President Trump, if you want to reduce our trade deficit with China, you must stop buying goods from China. You! That MAGA junk is bought from China. Items for the hotels and resorts are bought from China. Trump clothing lines are bought from China. WTH?

How you gonna win when you ain't right within? Lauryn said it.

Per a remark in R&R that Freud was not Swiss, Vladimir Nabokov (yes, that one) called Freud a Viennese quack in his autobiography, Speak, Memory. Now, that is something very true.

Way to go, Oglala Sioux tribe of North Dakota! The tribe told the governor she is not welcome on their reservation. It's about the pipelines. Too many. Too poorly maintained. Threat to fresh water.

The snake crossed the road so it could be the first one I have seen this year. Happy snake summer y'all.

King Rama X of Thailand has been crowned. Since the new king must bear the burdens of his people, they put a 16-pound gold and diamond hat on him as a symbol. Good luck, King Rama X!

Money is like manure. It works best when you spread it around.

In all of the coverage of teachers' complaints about class size, why has there been no discussion of the impact of illegal aliens' children in our schools? I mean, open your damned eyes! Once upon a time, the media competed to get a "scoop." Now, you all compete to look to look the other way.

How could my neighbor have voted for a two-bit con man? She's got plenty of education from South Carolina, but I don't think anyone taught her how to recognize a con man.

Remind me again where in the drivers training manual it says that all slow drivers move to the extreme left lane?

I spoke the truth. And then you blocked my number.

As a former paramedic, I understand why they want moped drivers to wear orange vests. It makes it a lot easier to find the body.

I ate chili the day before having a major operation. Now I know why doctors and nurses wear a mask. Yeah.

My lunch crew and I, the Taste Buds, love Columbia area restaurants. Please send us some coupons. PO Box U812 Columbia SC 29201. Yeah.

This is J. The message is for D. I know that you are a woman but you didn’t back off too far. I’m all man and I’ve been waiting. Wy don’t you come out and let’s prove it together. Thank you.

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